Essay on Why I want to Become Police Officer

Police is an interesting profession and our Indian movies and cinemas have played a very important role in making them our heroes. They ensure our security and work day and night for us.

Short and Long Essays on Why I want to Become a Police Officer in English

We have brought here some long and short essays on Police and their importance in society, hope you will like them.

Why I want to Become a Police Officer Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Since childhood I have a dream to become a police officer.

2) Police are the real heroes of our country.

3) I want to end crime in my country.

4) I also want to exercise the power that a police officer gets.

5) By becoming a police officer I want to ensure the security of my people.

6) Their duty and uniform inspire me for this job.

7) I want to help people by becoming trustworthy police.

8) The news of the increasing crime rate prompts me to become a cop.

9) Whenever I see any police officer, my dream gets stronger.

10) I want to become a police officer because I want to make a safe and peaceful country.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I want to Become Police


Our society needs a doctor to treat people, an engineer to build buildings similarly we also need police to maintain harmony and peace in the locality. Different types of people live together in a society and this can also raise conflict among them. So, it’s the duty of our police to maintain peace and stop any kind of crime in society.

Some Major Qualities of Police

Police are the most trusted authorities of society. They help others without thinking about their life. They have to face different problems while helping us still, they never hesitate and this encourages me to be a police officer. Some major qualities of police are;

  • They help everyone either someone is rich, poor. They never discriminate against people for money.
  • They have the power to catch the criminals and this develops a positive attitude in society because people fear of being caught when they do something wrong or illegal.
  • They never hesitate to handle any case because they are brave and courageous.
  • Although helping people is their duty, still sometimes they work overtime for people without thinking about themselves and their family.


I would really want to become a police officer and want to help the nation. I am also strong and will not allow any thief or criminal left outside. Our sisters and mothers will feel safe on the road and the crime rates will decrease. I really want to do something for our society as well as the nation, and becoming a police officer is one of the best ways to help others.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How Police Officer Helps Us


Every country has its own rules and regulations and these rules are made to maintain harmony in the country. Sometimes people neglect the rule and do some unwanted things and others get disturbed. So, to have an eye on the society government made police. Police are the government bodies that maintain peace in society. They help people in different ways and never let people face any difficulty.

How Police Helps People

I don’t think I can mention all of their duties and work in a small essay but I will try my best to show the responsibilities of the police.

  • There are different police stations made in every locality and they always be to hear from you. Sometimes we can face some difficulties like troubling neighbours, any kind of theft, land issue, etc. So, we can visit a nearby police station and they will help you.
  • They work 24×7 for you and make sure you are safe on the road, in your home, etc.
  • They solve various unsolved cases and help the law to bring the real thief into the jail.
  • Police also provide information, for example in the Corona epidemic; I have seen police announcing various information.
  • They always ensure your safety and will always protect you. Although it’s their duty they treat people like their family.
  • They feel it’s their duty to protect the entire nation and they play their role very well.
  • They are also clever at the same time and can easily solve any issue with the help of their social power and some brain work.

Police: the Real Heroes

There are many cases that clearly show how brave our police officers are. There are many movies made on these real-life warriors. Really it needs lots of courage to choose police as a profession. Who would like to stay away from his/her family for many days, just to solve a case? They inspire us and are the real heroes of our society as well as our nation.

They have a positive image in the society and most of us want to become like them. They never leave any criminal and thieves. They always make sure that their people are safe. They also worked like a warrior in the corona epidemic. Really, we should respect them and their work.


If you are in trouble and luckily you hear the siren of police, literally it will bring tears in your eyes. Their siren itself makes sure that they are coming to help you. Police make us feel safe and safety is something you cannot trust others. You cannot be sure that your servant will always be loyal to you, but you can be sure about the police. I also want to become a police officer and want to help people.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Importance of Police Officer in Our Society


Police are the government authorities build in our cities and societies, to decrease the crime rates. They perform their duty and check if ever thing ok in the locality. They are of different types, some of them handle the criminals, whereas some of them check the license. You would have seen some police officers checking your driving license and other important things on the road. On the other side, you would also have seen some police officers solving a case and taking the thief or criminal to jail. All together maintain the harmony in our country.

Importance of a Police Officer

A police officer has many responsibilities, one side they have to maintain peace in the society and the other side they also have to catch the criminals. If the crime rate increases in a particular area then they have to answer the higher authorities. Police are not those who remain in a police station and write your report. They also have to solve many cases and some unsolved murder mysteries.

They have to be smart, brave, clever, and focused at the same time because a single mistake can keep the matter unsolved. Really, they are the real heroes. Many of us say, that it’s a duty of the police to maintain peace in society and decrease the crime rates. But in my opinion, one should also try his best and cooperate with the police officers. Because we live in society and one should always keep his eyes open when he/she is out from home.

How to Cooperate with Police

  • When you step out of the house always be careful. Sometimes a chain snatcher or a purse snatcher can attack you. So, instead of cursing the police one should be alert on road. Because the police cannot be present everywhere, there are more than 135 crore people in India and it is not possible to provide security to each and every one.
  • Sometimes police can stop you and ask you a few things, so never hinder their work and cooperate with them, because sometimes it is necessary to have some details regarding any case. So, rather misbehaving and arguing, respect them and answer them.
  • One of the most important things is to follow the rules, if the government has made certain rule please follow. You never know how difficult and annoying it is for the police, to always make sure that you are wearing a helmet. It is just for your safety; they make sure that everyone follows the rule.
  • Be a true citizen, suppose you see someone doing anything wrong just knock them. Being a citizen of the country, you also have equal rights to raise your voice against anything wrong. Nowadays people wait for the police and start making videos. Instead of making videos and posting it on social media, help others and also the police at your level.


Many of us curse the police for even a small incident, without thinking about the mental and physical pressure that they daily. It is possible for us to be stressed sometimes but you have no idea how much stress they handle daily. Respect them and appreciate their work. In the COVID epidemic, apart from the hospital staff and the other warriors were the police officers. They worked 24×7 without thinking about their own life and they really need a heartily salute and lots of wishes. They inspired many of us and I am one of them. I want to be a police officer and protect my country; it will be a matter of pride for me.

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