Essay on Why I Want to Become a Chef

Cooking is something that makes me happy and I love cooking for others. I always wanted to be a chef and I really worked hard. It is a very nice profession where you can learn new things daily. When I serve a bowl of a recipe, it contains my love, hard work, and passion for my profession. I have brought here some essays on the different aspects of being a chef. Hope you will like it and will be helpful for you.

Short and Long Essays on Why I Want to Become a Chef in English

Essay on Why I Want to Become a Chef for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Why I Want to Become a Chef essay 10 lines.

Why I Want to Become a Chef Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) I believe in choosing my passion as a profession and hence want to become a chef.

2) I love cooking from my childhood.

3) I’m a foodie and that encourages me to try making new dishes.

4) I want to be a chef because cooking increases my creativity.

5) Experimenting with new recipes and when they turn out delicious, makes me so happy.

6) I enjoy inviting people and serving them food cooked by me.

7) When people praise me for my food, my love for this profession increases.

8) Cooking is an art and by becoming a chef I want to show my talent to the world.

9) Chefs get high salaries and a luxurious working environment.

10) I also have a dream to open a restaurant for which I want to be a good chef.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I Want to Become a Chef?


I have seen my mother, grandmother cooking every day for us. They never hesitated to cook anything for me and they loved it when I use to ask another chapati. Actually, it was their love which I use to get through food. I use to love watching them and wanted to learn from a very small age.

Why I want to be a Chef

There are multiple reasons to be a chef for me and the very first one is I just love cooking. I know it is quite common to cook but I just love it and it keeps me happy. One should do what makes them happy and I really like experimenting with new recipes too.

Apart from my love for cooking, another most important thing is I am a glutton. Every day, I just think about food and what the next that I can try. Sometimes my parents just don’t allow me to have street food at that time my cooking abilities help me and I really want to learn more, so that I can cook some five-star hotels recipes at home.

The third reason behind loving this profession is I love serving others. I like to invite people and cooking something they like. It gives me immense pleasure and my love for this profession increases more and more.


I love to eat, to serve as well as to cook, which means I am totally suitable for being a chef. So, I want to be a chef and I believe that I can really do something extraordinary in this field. Always do something you love the most, this will help you to love your profession. When someone loves his profession, life seems more meaningful and interesting to them.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How to be a Good Chef?


Food is something that gives us nutrition and all of us know that we know how nutritious it is to have bitter gourd. But there are very few of us who like it and most of the children run away when their mother cooks bitter gourd. So, how can a mother convince them to eat, all she can do is cook it in such a way that their child would love to eat it. It is not less than magic to turn the bitter gourd into a delicious recipe. And this chef is a person who has can have a perfect solution for this.

Qualities of a Chef

  • A chef should be really passionate because when you choose a profession just for earning, you can soon lose your interest and will feel like a burden. It can directly affect your taste. So, a chef should be passionate about his profession.
  • They should be multitasking, actually, a chef not only have to work in the kitchen but should also able to organize a table or a party menu. And they are specified as per their specialty but a pastry chef should also know to cook meat. So, they should be multitasking.
  • Somehow a chef should be creative; no one can have the same dish every time, so they should keep on developing new recipes. Apart from making a recipe they also have to present their recipe and it is a belief that presentation speaks more about a recipe. It is quite true when something looks good people wished to try. So, they should be creative.
  • They also have to face criticism sometimes, because we are human and it is possible that we could not serve the same taste every time, so they should also be ready for that. Or it is not everyone has the same taste as yours, so they may not like your recipe. So, a chef should be enough polite to handle such a situation.
  • Apart from the above qualities, a chef should never be stressed and should have a learning attitude. This will help them everywhere and will also help them to become a successful chef.


Apart from the educational records if someone has the above qualities, then definitely he/she can be a good chef. Perfection, learning quality, creativity, patience, will always help you everywhere in life. So, whatever profession you choose just work hard. Believe me, this will make you not only successful but will also help you to be a good person.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Chef is an Interesting Profession


Cooking is something we see every day. Food can be cooked in various ways and this really excites me. I love this profession and use to watch cooking shows when I was just 10. Generally, children of my age use to watch cartoons but my interest was somewhere else. After watching these videos, I use to assist my mother and use it to enjoy new recipes. Really it was so interesting.

A Good Carrier

Nowadays it is one of the most liked professions and the increase in the number of hotels has also increased the demand for good chefs in the market. If you love cooking or serving others, you should definitely try this profession.

  • Indian recipes are getting so famous that not only Indian hotels but across the sea countries, companies are hiring authentic chefs to get that authentic taste. This is one of the new strategies for attracting tourists.
  • Chefs also get the opportunity to live in the luxurious environment of hotels and meet new costumers. They also get many facilities.
  • Apart from cooking they also get a chance to plan a menu for a party, to organize an event, discover new recipes, etc.

Salary and Growth of a Chef

They get a handsome salary depending on the stars of the hotel. They also get increments at frequent intervals. Being a chef is a reputed job and they have a lot of options. There are many hotels across the world and the rapid increase of this industry has also bought a lot of expectations for chefs.

Another benefit of being a chef is you never have to arrange a cook on small occasions at home. You can arrange the party, menu, everything easily.

Different Types of Chefs

People confuse at a point when a chef says he does not know how to cook a certain meal. But very few of us know that they are differentiated into different professions. As there are different types of cooking like baking, steaming, etc. Most of the chefs are specialists in a certain field.

Some of them are good for making dessert whereas some are best at baking. Their different types are Roast chef, pastry chef, meat chef, vegetable chef, etc.

Their Working Environment

They have to work in the kitchen of luxurious hotels and they get different types of facilities. It is an interesting profession. There are very few professions where you are free to work in your own way and the chef is one of those. The only thing they have to take care of is time. They have a time foundation and should practice completing a less time taking recipe with taste.

They have different time schedule depending on the hotel, they don’t have to work 9 to 6. They are scheduled weekly as if they have to work 40 hours a week. Now it depends on them how they manage.


Life is all about learning and carrier is something about perfection. The more experienced you will be the more perfect you will be. Similarly, chefs continuously work and discover new recipes that satisfy our taste buds. They develop their signature recipes and become very famous sometimes. One of the most famous examples is KFC. Colonel Harland Sanders who was a chef and after his 70’s he got viral and eared new fame which he never dreamed. It was his hard work and dedication for his work that he got successful in making something like KFC. So, always love your profession and it will bring everything for you.

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