Essay on Why I Want to Become a Nurse

Nursing is not only a profession but it also connects you with people. When you are sick, there is only one person who takes care of you and that is a nurse. They treat you like their own child and make sure you feel safe and good.

Short and Long Essays on Why I Want to Become a Nurse in English

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Why I Want to Become a Nurse Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Since childhood I want to grow up as a nurse.

2) I want to become a nurse because of their selfless care for every patient.

3) Whenever we get injured, a nurse is always ready to help us.

4) By being a nurse I want to help and take care of every people.

5) The work of nurses during the corona pandemic inspired me for this profession.

6) Nurses are brave and strong and I also want to be like them.

7) Their white uniform gives me the courage to choose this profession.

8) The polite behavior of nurses toward their patients attracts me the most.

9) Their hard work and dedication motivate me for this job.

10) By being a nurse I want to make all the people free from pain.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I Want to Become a Nurse?


Many of us just fear of an injection, but have you ever thought if all of us will behave in the same way, then who will treat us. Who will give us medicines and who will take care of our wounds? Really it is a nurse who does everything for us when we are in a hospital. I have met the different nurse and all of them were alike. Their main aim is to serve the patient and treat them in the absence of the doctor.

What Inspires me to be a Nurse?

There are many reasons to be a nurse and the very first one is:

  • They are brave and I have seen a live example in this corona epidemic. Even our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi praised the medical staff. I have seen nurses treating small infants who were away from their mothers. They treated everyone and set a new image in the society.
  • My second inspiration is a nurse themselves because they get a chance to take care of people. It is very virtuous to help someone when they are not well. When we are in pain, we need someone and it is one of the best ways to help others. But not all of us get a chance to do so. So, I want to become a nurse.


There are some positive aspects of every profession. Being a nurse is a matter of pride and I want to become a nurse. They always motivate their patient and make sure they will be fine soon. We sleep but they stay awaken whole night to take care of us. Really, they are the real heroes and it is very seldom they get recognition.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Nursing is a Beautiful Profession


It is true that none of us has seen God, but have seen people helping in such a way that we feel like God has sent them especially for us. The same feeling, we have when we are sick and our doctors and nurse take care of us. Doctors visit us only from time to time, whereas nurses take care of us the entire day as well as night. They stay awaken so that we can sleep peacefully.

History of the Nursing Profession

It was ‘Florence Nightingale’ the first nurse of the world and was from a British family. Once in her cultural visit to Egypt, she visited a hospital and orphanage and decided to become a doctor. Although her family never allowed her to do so, she chose nursing as a profession.

She also won the title of ‘a lady with the lamp’; she wrote many books on nursing and was also awarded the Royal Red Cross from the Queen. Every year we celebrate the International nursing day which is held on the 12th of May. It is her birthday.

There is another famous name is of Mother Teresa, she devoted her life to nursing and helped the poor. She was also awarded the Noble Peace prize for her extraordinary work in the year 1979 for her care towards society. She helped everyone like a mother and people started calling her, ‘Mother Teresa’. She was an amazing personality and lived in India. She was a saint and a strong supporter of Christianity as well as humanity.

How to be a Nurse?

  • For choosing a nursing profession one should have to take Biology in their school and should pursue their further studies in the same subject.
  • After completing academics, one should complete B.Sc. nursing. It is a 4 years graduation program. Both males, as well as female candidates, can have this course.
  • After completing their graduation one can also complete their M.Sc. and simultaneously can also start an internship program.
  • There are some other courses like General Nursing Midwifery and Auxiliary Nurse and Midwifery also available for the nursing profession. But there are some terms and conditions for these courses.
  • After completing these studies one can apply for various requirements and start nursing as a profession.


If you are really passionate, you will definitely be a nurse someday. It is a matter of pride to help the helpless and a nurse get this chance every day. Really, they should be appreciated for their hard work and determination. Generally, we mention a particular doctor or a hospital, but very few of us talk about hospitality. We should also praise them and thank them for their job.

Essay on Why I Want to Become a Nurse

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Nursing is Another Name of Care


If you are one of those who believe in charity and really want to do something for people at your own end. You can choose this profession. A nurse is someone who takes care of you. When we are sick, we feel lifeless and energy less and are not able to do anything on our own. It is a nurse who takes care of us and also provides us each and every medicine on time. They also clean your wounds and helps you in every way.

How Does a Nurse help us?

  • There is a time in life when all of us need help and if you have a family you are lucky. But it is not possible to stay in a hospital every time. If someone remains then it is a nurse. They take care of you and provide you medicines on time.
  • Sometimes people hire a nurse at their home so that they can have someone to take care of them for 24 hours.
  • A nurse not only treats the patients but also motivates them and has polite behavior. It is very tough to give medicine to a child, but they have special qualities and they easily convince children for medicine.
  • They work for us without thinking about themselves. Sometimes a contaminated disease can also make them sick; still, they won’t stop and always be present for you at every circumstance.
  • In the corona epidemic when there were no family members with a corona patient, these nurses served their best. It was so dangerous but they worked on a very high risk for us.

Special Qualities of a Nurse

  • They are the most caring creatures on the earth. When you met an accident and bleed badly, they do your dressing. When you go through an operation and feel painful, they provide you medicine and take care of your comfort. Really, they are very caring and help you a lot to be fit and fine again.
  • They are brave! yes, they are. It needs guts to dress a wound; it needs the courage to inject someone. They do all these jobs easily. Either it is a severe burn or a cut, they never hesitate.
  • They have excellent communication skills. You would have noticed, that whenever we meet a nurse, they make us feel comfortable and can easily convince us. Many children just run-away from medicines but they easily convince them.

Not only children people from old age also get frustrated very soon and behave like a child. A nurse handles them very nicely and they also like their company. They establish a bond of trust and make people feel safe with them.

  • A nurse not only injects us but if needed they also prove us some basic treatments. Suppose a patient suddenly starts vomiting at night. Then they don’t wait for the doctor to come and suggest medicine. Sometimes after analyzing the situation they also give some medicines and treat the patient.
  • Nurses become strong, mentally as well as physically. Sometimes they have to work for many continuous hours. So, they also have good physical stamina.


One should respect his/her profession and should work wholeheartedly. This will not only improve their performance but will also help them to learn more. Whatever profession we choose we should keep on learning. Nursing is not only a profession but is also a kind of social work. If possible, please serve a day in a hospital and you will realize how difficult it is. So, respect everyone and help others because no profession is small or big. Either you are a millionaire or a poor, all of us get sick and need a nurse’s help from time to time in life.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is a Nursing profession?

Ans. The nursing profession in the healthcare sector is related to serving and caring for sick people.

Q.2 When did modern Nursing start?

Ans. Modern nursing emerged in the mid of 19th century in Britain and Germany.

Q.3 Who was the first nurse in the world?

Ans. Florence Nightingale is regarded as the first nurse in the world.

Q.4 What is meant by the wet nurse?

Ans. A wet nurse is one who takes care and breastfeeds the child in case of the death of the mother.

Q.5 What is the name of the first nursing school in the world?

Ans. ‘Nightingale Nursing School’ established by Florence nightingale in 1860 was the first nursing school in the world.

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