Essay on Why I want to become a Pilot

Essay on Why I want to become a Pilot

We all dream of becoming something in our life. Some want to become engineers and serve the nation while others see themselves as future doctors, dancers, actors, etc. The jobs we think of doing are related to our dreams. These dreams are only our goals in life. The people who run after their dreams make them come true. I had always dreamt of becoming a pilot. I have provided a long essay on why I want to become a pilot.

Short and Long Essay on Why I want to become a Pilot in English

10 Lines Essay on Why I want to become a Pilot (100 – 120 Words)

1) I have internal desire to become a pilot since my childhood.

2) I feel pilot is a smarter profession than others.

3) When I first traveled on the airplane, I decided that one day I will fly this plane.

4) I want to fly high in the sky and thus want to be a pilot.

5) I want to feel the mesmerizing view every day which is possible only by being a pilot.

6) The work of a pilot is filled with adventure and I’m excited about this adventurous job.

7) Traveling to different locations is another reason for loving this profession.

8) I want to be a pilot because it is a reputed and high-paying job.

9) The job of a pilot is full of responsibilities and I want to be a responsible guy.

10) The traveling discounts for family and friends also attract me to this profession.

Short Essay on Why I want to become a Pilot (250 Words)


The charm of loving any profession and desiring to be in the same profession makes us ambitious. Ambition brings us great zeal and enthusiasm for accomplishing our goals. It keeps us motivating to us till we achieve the goal of our life.

Passion for working in the aviation sector

My love for aircraft and my passion for working in the aviation sector from childhood attracted me to this profession. I had a great desire to fly the aircraft in reality and that could only be possible if I become a pilot. This will also enable me to feel the beauty of flying in the air like birds.

The life of a pilot is very adventurous as they get opportunities to visit different places in the world and that would be really exciting for me. The job of a pilot is full of different types of challenges. It is interesting to be in a profession that offers us different challenges. It will help me in learning new things regularly. I love traveling therefore the job of the pilot would greatly benefit me in traveling to different locations through clouds.

The elegance of the profession

I love the way the pilots along with their team goes towards the aircraft for flying it. People have great respect for them and consider it as a profession that has a good reputation. It requires hard labor and regular practice in studies to qualify for this profession. Pilots also get a very handsome salary that is desired by everyone at present. As a pilot, I would also be able to live an interesting and disciplined life.


It is important for us to see dreams and do efforts to turn those dreams into reality. This will give great pleasure to us and make our life a meaningful one for us.

What do you want to become in your life and why? What is the aim of your life? Why did you choose to become (aim)? This is a commonly asked topic in the examination. I have shared my own ambition and reason for having that aim. I hope this might be helpful to all students in getting an idea to write an essay on this topic.

Long Essay on Why I want to become a Pilot (1000 Words)


We all have some passion from childhood onwards. It can be simply an attraction for some while for some it could be an ambition. It is necessary to have ambition in life. Our ambition makes us crazy. It is our ambition that keeps on driving us towards our goal till we achieve the same in our life. Life becomes more interesting when we have a particular goal or ambition in it.

My Ambition in Life

When we are very small in age we start loving and getting attracted to any profession or thing. Later we decide to become the same in our future. In the same way, I use to become fascinated by different professions. When I was very in LKG I dreamt of becoming a teacher. Later I decided to become a doctor. My ambition kept on changing till I became sensible. I hope this might would have happened with many of you. Isn’t it true? Finally, I have decided my ambition and I want to become a pilot.

My cousin brother is also a pilot and I love his work and his brave attitude. I have a great passion for working in the aviation sector and therefore I decided to become a pilot. Moreover, I always dream of flying freely like birds in the sky. This can only be possible if I would become a pilot in the future. I always have a passion to do something different and thus I chose to become a pilot.

I have revealed my ambition to my friends and relatives too. Some appreciate me for this while others say that it is not a safe job. They warn me that the job of a pilot is risky and full of mishaps and hardships. They also suggested me drop the decision of becoming a pilot but I am happy that my family is happy with my decision.

Reasons for deciding to become a Pilot

We all have different ambitions in life. We decide our ambition according to our capabilities and desires. In the same way, I chose to become a pilot as my ambition in life. There might be many reasons behind deciding what you want to become in life. Here are few reasons that will state my love for becoming a pilot.

  • Desire to see the whole world – I love traveling and exploring new places. As a pilot, I will get a chance to fly to different places in the world. As a result, I would be able to see the glory of the whole world. I would also be able to see that how the world looks from such a height. It will be in my daily job to see these things every day. I don’t think there can be any other profession other than a pilot for making life full of adventures.
  • Ready to accept challenges in life – The job of a pilot is not as easy as it seems. It is full of challenges and risks. The pilot is ready to accept those challenging situations in life. I hate living a life that is too easy or free of risks of challenges. According to me, challenges provides us opportunities to learn several new things in our life.
  • Decision-making capability – There are many situations where a pilot has to make quick decisions. I have the capability of making a quick decision. I think this quality is a plus point for my ambition.
  • Opportunity to meet some other crazy people like me – As a pilot, I will get an opportunity to meet many people like me. I really think that people who decide to become a pilot are unique. They have the capability to do something extraordinary in their life. After I become a pilot I will be a part of that family and can learn several new things from my seniors.
  • Great desire to fly an aircraft – Whenever I see an aircraft I always think that the people who fly this are really lucky. I always desired to sit in the cockpit and drive the grand plane. I want to bring my imagination into reality so I decided to become a pilot. I believe that nothing in this world is impossible if you work hard for it. I would be most lucky if I would get a chance to serve my nation as a pilot in defense.

Why it is Important to have an Ambition in Life?

Ambition in our life is like a hope that makes us active and enables us to work hard for achieving the same. Life without ambition is like a bird without feathers. When we have an ambition in life we have a purpose of living. It is only the thing that differentiates us from animals. Animals just spend their maximum time foraging for food and taking rest. We are human beings and have been blessed by unique talents and brains. We need to recognize our capabilities and have a goal in life.

People who have the goal of life work hard for fulfilling the same. It can be said that they have a purpose in life and live for the same. Having no aim in life makes us lazy and idle. The aimless people do not have any aim in life and therefore they waste their precious time sitting idly. Ambition in life helps you from getting bored as you have something in life to work upon it. Moreover, it helps us in living a disciplined life. Therefore we all must have a goal in life and do a sincere effort to achieve our goal.


Ambitions are not granted as gifts after birth but we decide it after we understand about our choices. I want to become a pilot and therefore I will have to do hard work for making my dream to come into reality. I hope that my sincere effort will surely help me in accomplishing my ambition of becoming a pilot.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by ambition?

Ans. It is the strong motive of accomplishing what we desire in life.

Q.2 How many pilots are there in a plane?

Ans. There are 2-3 pilots in a plane.

Q.3 What is the essential qualification for becoming a pilot?

Ans. The candidates must have minimum qualification of 12th (HSC) with science stream.

Q.4 Why is pilot an interesting profession?

Ans. Pilot is an interesting profession because as a pilot we do those adventurous things that we have never done in life.

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