Essay on Why I want to Become a Social Worker

Social work is something that satisfies our soul and many of us want to become a social worker. It is up to us and our power, how much we can do? It is not necessary to always help people with money; all you need is a pure heart and a helping soul.

Short and Long Essays on Why I want to Become a Social Worker in English

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Why I want to Become a Social Worker Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Every time I see needy people, I eagerly want to help them.

2) My grandfather says, if God made you capable, you should help needy ones.

3) My grandfather is an inspiration for me, he serves for humanity that I love the most.

4) I cannot see any person in trouble.

5) Helping others let me feel a different type of relaxation.

6) Once I read about Mother Teresa that influenced me a lot.

7) Since childhood I aim to remove poverty from my country.

8) I like the kind-heartedness of the social workers.

9) I like how social workers are respected and loved by all.

10) Social working is a very self-satisfactory and soulful service.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I want to Become a Social Worker?


Social work is something that gives me happiness and a kind of satisfaction. The importance of charity has been mentioned in our ancient mythological books. But there are very few who follow. Some of us just do charity to get someplace in heaven. But Social work or charity is something that should be done by heart and only by those who really want to help others.

My Inspiration

All of us just need one reason to love any work and my reason is my mother. I learned from her and I want to be like her. I have seen her feeding beggars and poor, who were unable. No one uses to go hungry from our door. All these things inspired me a lot and I also want to contribute myself as a social worker.

My mother is a homemaker, so; she cannot travel across the city and do charity on a large scale. She also has to take care of us as well as our pets. But I have decided to help her once I complete my school. I want to arrange different stalls in the different corners of the city. In this way, every needy can easily get food and no one will be hungry in my city. I have also decided to open an NGO. Where I can also provide other basic things like cloth, free education for children, etc, and help everyone. Really it feels fantastic when we help someone.


All of us should spare some time in helping the society because there are people who are unable to buy everything. You can help in many ways, depending on your abilities. It gives an amazing satisfaction and believes me you will love it.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Qualities of a Social Worker


Charity somewhere called “Daan” in Hindi that people do for the poor. It has a vast meaning, and it can be of any type. Charity does not only mean donating money. It can be any help as per your power and ability. There are some people who do charity throughout their life and are called social workers. They are people who live for the sake of society and the needy.

Some Unique Qualities of Social Workers

There are people who live for others and the whole nation as well the world is their family. They live for them and do each and everything for others. They like helping others and making others happy, they fight for others’ rights and bring justice to them. Some qualities of these life-changing warriors are;

  • They never hesitate of taking risk; they do everything for helping others and are always ready to take risks. Sometimes a group of people fights against a government or a big organization, but these warriors do everything and support people for justice. We can also call them brave.
  • They are kind-hearted, it is their kind heart that melts them and encourages them to help others. They can feel the pain of the poor and they do everything they can.
  • A social worker should be intelligent because sometimes people also fool them, so they should do charity but at the same time should have a sharp mind to analyze the truth and take further actions.
  • They should really have good communication skills because it is not everyone who can share his problems. But these warriors know how to communicate and make others feel safe with them.
  • Apart from the above qualities a social worker should also be loyal, should have good tolerating power, should have patience, etc.


It is our duty to help the needy but most of us skip. Develop a positive attitude and it will definitely help you. Charity is not only a word but also a kind of devotion. There are many NGOs in our country still we can see many poor children on the road. Now it’s time and we have to become active and our single step can change the nation. The only thing we have to do is, take the needy to the required place for example if you see any old age person on the road you can take them to the old age home. If you find any kind of domestic violence in your neighboring, you can complain. This is also a kind of social work.

Essay on Why I want to Become a Social Worker

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – How can I Become a Social Worker?


If you are able to help someone in any way, then believe me you are blessed. Not everyone has the courage to help or give something. Either you offer water to the strangers in the hot summer, or you feed the poor. All are different types of social work. Apart from this if you raise your voice against any social issues or a group of people and help them. Then this is also a kind of social work. I can define social work as a kind of work where you get satisfaction and blessings in return.

Different Types of Social Workers

Depending on their personal interest people do various types of social work, I have differentiated them into various groups;

  • Working for a certain Community or Organization: They work for a community or organization; they advocate them or raise their voice against any kind of issue in these communities. Sometimes they also have to fight against the government and a social worker supports them for justice.
  • Social Help for Old Age: There are some organizations as well as people who ensure that there is no old person sleeping on the road due to lack of shelter. Sometimes people throw their parents away from their home, although it is an inhuman act, still every year many old aged people are found on the road. This type of social worker enforces their powers for their development.
  • Social Workers for Children: Children are not safe everywhere, there are some people who perform some inhuman act and do not allow children to get their basic rights. These kinds of social workers ensure the safety of children and whenever they feel or see something fishy, they take action or inform the police.
  • Women and Physically Disabled: Whenever someone is in trouble, there are many NGOs and people, always ready to help them. But very few of us know about it. These social workers have an eye and whenever they feel anything uncommon, they provide help. Similarly, there are people and organizations that work for women as well as physically disabled people.

How to be a Social Worker

The very first thing required to be a social worker is the inner determination and will power to do anything for others. Once you make sure about helping others you can follow the below steps;

  • One should complete his graduation from Social Work or Sociology as a subject.
  • Can also have a master’s degree for more knowledge.
  • There are many certificate courses available for this and one should also apply for a license for running an NGO or being a certified social worker.
  • Apart from these educational backgrounds, one should also have some qualities like one should be sensitive, kind, helping nature, polite in behaviour, loyal, etc.
  • Suppose you don’t have any degree and want to do something for your society, you can simply help others the way you like. If you have enough money you can donate, if you have the power you can benefit others, if you have physical strength you can help the poor in different ways. Depending on your ability you can also be a social worker.


Sometimes people badly need help and when someone helps them, they just feel as if God has sent someone for their help. Their happiness cannot be expressed in words. Really it is a great job and if you are able please help others. In Indian mythologies, it has been mentioned that God has made both rich as well as poor. And if someone is rich; he should take care of the poor and in this way a society develops. If you develop alone your country or city will not be called developed. Until and unless each and every person meets his basic needs.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When was social work first time stated as a profession?

Ans. Social work was started as a profession for the first time in the 19th century.

Q.2 What is meant by a social worker?

Ans. A social worker is a person who helps in solving different issues of people.

Q.3 Is social worker a good carrier opportunity?

Ans. Yes, it is a good carrier choice as there are several opportunities in this field.

Q.4 Who is known as the Father of social work?

Ans. Thounaojam Iboyaima is regarded as the father of social work.

Q.5 When did Social Work Education begin in India?

Ans. Social Work Education begins in India in 1936 after the establishment of Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work in Mumbai.

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