Essay on Why I Want to Become an IAS Officer

Every year thousands of aspirants qualify this exam and become an IAS, IPS, and IES. They make their parents, teachers as well as society proud of them and inspire others to be like them. Really the post fascinates and encourages our youth to work hard.

Short and Long Essays Why I Want to Become an IAS Officer in English

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Why I Want to Become an IAS Officer Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) It is my childhood dream to be an IAS officer.

2) I love to serve my country and my people.

3) By using my power for good, I want to change my society.

4) By becoming an IAS officer I want my parents to feel proud of me.

5) I want a country with no corruption and no poverty.

6) I want to make my country crime and criminal-free.

7) My uncle who is an IAS officer inspires me to be one of those.

8) An IAS officer possesses several legitimate powers.

9) I love IAS officers because they are respected by everyone.

10) I want to become IAS because their uniform attracts me.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What are the Duties of an IAS Officer


Every child has an aim and wants to achieve it; similarly, I want to become an IAS officer. All of see dreams and it was my father who encouraged me and told the benefits and its importance. I really liked it, because I myself want to do something for my nation. I will be an IAS officer one day because I have a true determination.

Duties of an IAS Officer

It is not only a job profile; it’s a kind of responsibility and one should really be capable of bearing those duties. They have the responsibility as per the area they choose. But their main motive is social reformation and development. Either it is the development of a society, a group of people, school, etc.

An IAS officer can make new rules for a certain area for its development. Suppose you feel there should be a school nearby, you can suggest the government and can help people. Similarly, it depends on the area you are posted. If it is a public sector then you will get the opportunity of social work; whereas if it is at the central level, one has to work with the government in making new rules and policies. Different ministers have a group of IAS officers under them, and these officers advise them. And they play a very important role in the development of the nation.


It is not a post it’s a responsibility and one should be ready mentally, that’s why the IAS exams are so tough. Because they really have to deal with different types of situations and have to get a solution at any cost. If you really have that X-factor to bring change in your society, it is not a big deal for you.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Why I Want to Become an IAS Officer?


It is a dream of many of us to become an IAS officer. It sounds so good and brings goosebumps when I think about it. I know it needs lots of preparation and focuses to be so but I have a strong determination and it’s my dream and one day it will definitely come true. Even my parents feel proud when I say I want to become an IAS. My teachers and classmates believe that I am crazy about my carrier and this will definitely make me successful one day.

My Inspiration

I am an average student still; I want to become an IAS just because of the person I inspired from. In my primary classes, I use to come to school on a rickshaw. The rikshaw uncle was not very old but it was his food and financial condition that made him looks more aged. He had a son who was not a very bright student. But, he completed his studies and cleared his entrance and got a scholarship for his further studies at Delhi University.

Till now he was an average student and after completing his graduation, he prepared for Civil services for 2 years. And I have seen the struggle and hard work he did. After 2 years he successfully qualified his IAS exams with a very good rank.

I use to think IAS aspirants have a special brain and some super memory, but I was wrong. Actually, after getting into the job people get money and they start concentrating on their health as well as looks. So, they look so good and I use to think they are born with special features and looks. But the fact is, they maintain after getting into the job and I learned this from the live example I had.

Really all we need inspiration in our life and it can change your life, way of thinking, and many other things. If an average Rikshaw owner’s son can be an IAS, then why can’t I. I also learned that anyone can crack this exam with work hard.


Kudos to the people who have cracked this exam and inspire us to be like them. I really want to make my parents feel proud and it’s a parent’s dream to see his children successful. This is one of the most highly admired professions in India.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – How to Become an IAS Officer


There are different types of professions and jobs around us. Some of us prepare for government jobs whereas some simply opt for a private one. Government bodies are those which lie under either state government or central. IAS is one of the highest government posts in India. Every year thousands of students take part in this exam and try their luck. The aristocratic post fascinates everyone, and people want to become an IAS. Indian Administrative Services has been marked as one of the toughest exams in India.

Eligibility of an IAS Officer

  • The very first thing is the candidate should be graduate and have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Depending on the stream, if a candidate completes his Bachelor’s in Arts stream, will have to qualify IAS. Whereas those who have completed Engineering have to qualify IES. And if someone wants to serve as a police officer, should qualify IPS. All are the same depending on your interest and qualification.

How to Become an IAS Officer

  • The exam one should qualify to be an IAS Officer is Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Exam (UPSC). It is conducted in two parts, the first one is named as Prelims and mains followed by an Interview.
  • Both the papers have a different syllabus, and 2 hrs time is allotted for both separately. 
  • The first paper covers different topics like general knowledge, current affairs, geography, history, etc. Whereas the second paper covers comprehension passages and essay writing. They check both the abilities and writing as well as mental capability.
  • One should prefer reading NCERT books for better results and focus on detailed studies. 
  • Always make sure that whatever topic you choose, should be clear in every way.
  • Apart from reading and preparation, one should also focus on personal development. Personal development is something about your body language. You should practice office etiquette because sometimes your body language speaks more than your words.
  • It is a myth that an IAS aspirant should read for continuous 24 hours, it is all up to you and your capability. Some students have cleared the exam just by reading 5 hours a day. All you need is concentration. Focus on quality than quantity.
  • Always keep yourself motivated and have a learning attitude, this will definitely help you and make you successful.

Fix Your Aim

Once you make sure that you want to prepare for Civils you should be clear about it. You should not change your aim as per time, because it is possible that you can fail in your first attempt, but one should never leave. It is all practice makes a man perfect, and believe me, there are many aspirants who cleared in their exam in the 6th attempt. So, don’t give up or change your failure. Practice, improvement, and retry are the three keys for qualifying an IAS exam.

Secondly have some people who inspire you, because motivation fades away but the inspiration remains. So, search for inspiration, and believe, it will definitely help you.


The main duty of an IAS officer is to serve the nation with their mental ability. They are enough capable of dealing with different problems and finding a perfect solution for the needy. The needy can be the government itself as well as people, depending on the posting of these officers. They are posted either in villages as a DM or can also be posted in offices under different ministries. Social welfare should be their main motive and should focus on the betterment of the nation. Really it is an interesting profile and one should definitely try his/her best.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Why I Want to Become an IAS Officer

Q.1 Who was the first IAS officer of independent India?

Ans. Anna Rajam Malhotra (1927-2018) was the first IAS officer of independent India.

Q.2 What is the maximum age limit for the IAS exam?

Ans. The maximum age limit for IAS is 32 years for General, 32+3 for OBC, and 32+5 for SC/ST with a minimum age of 21.

Q.3 Who is the chairman of UPSC?

Ans. Manoj Soni is the current chairman of UPSC.

Q.4 Which exam is required to become an IAS?

Ans. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts a civil service examination every year. One can become IAS by clearing CSE (Civil Service Exam).

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