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Games and sports are an important part of our life. They are not only confined to entertainment purposes. They are a good way to represent their country and make its people proud. Many players of India have won different national and international honors in different sports. Likewise, one of the famous players who is winning several hearts by representing India in javelin throw is Neeraj Chopra. To know more about this boy and his achievements, let us discuss about Neeraj Chopra in detail.

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10 Lines Essay on Neeraj Chopra (120-150 Words)

1) Neeraj Chopra is an Indian athlete.

2) He is known for his excellence in javelin throwing.

3) He was born on December 24, 1997, in Panipat, Haryana.

4) He has won several medals in national and international competitions.

5) Neeraj became the first Indian Asian Games javelin throw gold medalist in 2018.

6) He also represented India in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and won a gold medal.

7) His dedication and hard work have contributed to his success as an athlete.

8) He is the first athlete from India to win gold at the 2023 Senior World Championships.

9) Neeraj Chopra holds the men’s javelin throw national record of 89.94m.

10)He got Arjuna Award, Major Dhyan Chand KhelRatna Award, and Padma Shri Award.

Essay on Neeraj Chopra (250-300 Words)


Neeraj Chopra is an Indian athlete who has gained widespread recognition and acclaim for his outstanding achievements in javelin throwing. Neeraj comes from a humble background and has overcome numerous hurdles to become India’s emerging athlete star.

Neeraj Chopra: India’s Emerging Athlete Star

Neeraj Chopra was born on December 24, 1997. He has two sisters, and his family is mostly involved in farming. He got his degree from Chandigarh’s Dayanand Anglo Vedic College. He is going to Lovely Professional University, LPU, in Jalandhar, Punjab, to get a Bachelor of Arts. Neeraj Chopra gained prominence when he won the gold medal in the javelin throw event at the 2016 South Asian Games at the tender age of 18. This victory marked the beginning of a remarkable journey for Neeraj, who then went on to make a significant impact in international competitions.

Awards and Medals of Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra’s career is adorned with several prestigious awards and medals. One of the significant achievements came in 2018 when he received the Arjuna Award.Another remarkable achievement for Neeraj Chopra was his gold medal at the Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Neeraj won India’s first track and field gold medal at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. He also won gold at World Athletics Championship 2023 with 88.17 m throw. Neeraj is the second Indian athlete after AbhinavBindra to win gold in an individual event.


Neeraj Chopra’s remarkable journey from a small town in Haryana to becoming a national and international sensation is truly inspiring. His dedication, hard work, and remarkable talent have earned attention and respect from athletes and people around the world.

Long Essay on Neeraj Chopra (500 Words)


Neeraj Chopra, an Indian javelin thrower, has already made a name for himself in the pages of history despite his young years. In the category of men’s javelin throw, he holds the world number one spot. The renowned athlete is very concerned with bringing honor to India. Neeraj has become a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes in India. His journey from a small village to the Olympic gold medal is nothing short of extraordinary.

Early Life

Neeraj Chopra hails from a farming family. The 24th of December, 1997 marks the birth date of Neeraj Chopra. He was born in Khandra, Panipat, Haryana, to a family of Haryanvi Rors. He studied from Chandigarh’s Dayanand Anglo Vedic College. He is pursuing Bachelor of Arts at Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Jalandhar, Punjab. His parents, Satish Kumar and Saroj Devi, encouraged him to pursue sports from a young age. Neeraj was always a sporty child and showed great interest in athletics.

Athletic Journey of Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj’s athletic journey has been filled with dedication, hard work, and resilience. When his interest in Javelin began to grow, he was only 11 years old. JaiveerChoudhary was a javelin thrower who was impressed by Neeraj’s throw of 40 meters without training. He became Neeraj’s first teacher. Later, Neeraj attended the Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex in Panchkula, Haryana, where he received professional training and guidance.Over the years, Neeraj participated in various national and international competitions, including the Asian Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games.However, his breakthrough came in javelin throwing when he won the gold medal at the World Youth Championships in 2016.

Major Achievements of Neeraj Chopra

In 2018, Neeraj Chopra etched his name in history by becoming the first Indian javelin thrower to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.Also, Neeraj won the gold medal at the Asian Games in August 2018.Neeraj Chopra’s most notable achievement came in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when he won the gold medal in the javelin throw with a throw of 87.58 meters. Neeraj was the second person from India to win gold in an individual event after AbhinavBindra. At the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, he won first place, making him India’s first-ever world winner in any type of athletics.

In 2018, Neeraj Chopra was given the Arjuna Award for Sports. In 2021, he was given the Major Dhyan Chand KhelRatna Award again. Neeraj was also given the Padma Shri Award in 2022.The Indian Army was impressed by his performance in several tournaments, so they gave him a job as a “NaibSubedar” in the Rjputana Rifles.


Neeraj Chopra’s journey from a humble village to becoming an Olympic gold medalist is an inspiration to athletes across the globe. His story teaches us that with passion, perseverance, and the right support, one can achieve great heights. His dedication, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence have earned him numerous accolades and put Indian athletics on the global map. He will forever be remembered as an icon in the world of Indian sports.

I hope the above provided essay on Neeraj Chopra will be helpful in understanding his journey and achievements in life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Neeraj Chopra

Q.1 When did Neeraj Chopra start javelin?

Ans. At 11, he became interested in javelin. He started throwing javelins after seeing some at Shivaji Stadium in Panipat. Jaiveer was a Haryana javelin athlete who practiced at Panipat Stadium. Neeraj’s 40-meter throw without training attracted Jaiveer, who became his first coach.

Q.2 Is Neeraj Chopra still in army?

Ans. After Neeraj Chopra won gold at the Junior World Championships and the South Asian Games in the same year. In December 2016, Neeraj Chopra joined the 4 Rajputana Rifles as a Junior Commissioned Officer, or Naib Subedar.

Q.3 What is Neeraj Chopra’s best throw?

Ans. Neeraj Chopra has a national record for his best throw, which is 89.94m. On June 30, 2022, he did this at the Stockholm Diamond League in Sweden.

Q.4 Who trained Neeraj Chopra?

Ans. Dr. Klaus Bartonietz, a German sports expert, had a big impact on Neeraj’s rise from a potential javelin thrower to a legend in the sport. He started teaching Chopra at the end of 2019, taking over for Uwe Hohn, another famous German javelin thrower.