Essay on Why I want to Become a Pharmacist

A person who knows about different types of drugs and also knows its composition is a pharmacist. A doctor prescribes you medicine but a pharmacist is a person who makes it as well as makes it available for you.

Short and Long Essays on Why I want to Become a Pharmacist in English

Read some essays of 100 – 120 Words, 250 Words, 500 Words and 600 Words limit here to know more about a pharmacist and also, why I want to become a Pharmacist.

Why I want to Become a Pharmacist Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Everyone decides what to do in the future and I want to become a pharmacist.

2) Since childhood I want to be in the healthcare sector.

3) I like researching diseases and medicines.

4) By being a pharmacist I want to help people by developing new medicines.

5) I want to develop my country in the medicinal area.

6) The high-paying salary attracts me to this job.

7) This profession provides various growth opportunities.

8) I am keenly interested in the chemical compounds of drugs.

9) The flexibility and stability in this job are other advantages.

10) I want to make medicines available to people in all corners of the world.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I want to Become a Pharmacist


It is a very good profession and one has to study a lot to be a pharmacist. They deal with the chemical and compounds to deal with a disease. They are really geniuses because they protect us from various diseases. There are different institutes available for perusing pharmacy.

Why I want to become a Pharmacist

All of us have various reasons to choose our carrier; similarly, I want to become a pharmacist just because of an incident.

A year before my grandmother left me just because of cancer. Although there is treatment available, it is not a panacea. Drugs have different effects on different people. Not only my grandmother but I also lost one of my friends.

These two incidents affected me a lot and I decided to make a medicine that can cure-all. The treatment is very costly and many of us can’t afford it. So, I want to make it available at a low cost and also want to have a campaign. There are very few NGOs that provide information and spreads awareness. Once I will become a licensed pharmacist, I can also organize a campaign for poor people.

There is a stage of life when we feel helpless and I have faced it. So, I want to become a pharmacist and help others.


If your ideas are pure and you are determined you can do anything. Similarly, I will also be a pharmacist someday. After being a pharmacist, I can also develop new medicines and do research on various diseases.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Pharmacy: a Good Profession


Different spices have different tastes; similarly, different people have different choice and they choose their profession accordingly. I have my interest in the medical field, but at the same time, I also fear of injection. So, how can I contribute to this field? You can be a pharmacist; he is a person who deals with medicines and its production. They have to maintain the records and they also perform various researches to bring the correct medicine for you. They are also trained to give injections, but they have to deal very little with it.

What Does a Pharmacist do?

They perform deep research in mixing various components and chemical compositions to make the correct drug. Whenever you feel fever and also have a headache at the same time you prefer having a Paracetamol. Have you ever wondered where this medicine came from? Thanks to our pharmacists who work continuously to provide us such medicines.

Similarly, there are many diseases and the live example is COVID-19, pharmacists are still performing various researches in different parts of the world to get that proper composition of components; so that they could develop medicine as well as the vaccine.

Apar from this for ages we have faced various death-causing diseases and it’s our pharmacy team that always brings a cure. We have overcome many diseases like polio, plague, etc and these are some examples of the great job done by our pharmacist.

Educational Qualification of a Pharmacist

  • There are different ways to get Pharmaceutical education in India, starting from the school days, one should take science stream.
  • They have to take either Maths or Bio as additional subjects or its better to take both of them.
  • There is a 4 years Bachelor’s degree as well as a 2 years Diploma course available, you can choose any of them as per your interest.
  • You can also go for M.Pharm as well as Post-Baccalaureate accordingly.
  • You have to choose your subject in Masters like a pharmacy in Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Quality Assurance, etc.


If you are really good at chemistry you should go to this field. It is a good profession with a handsome salary. There are many pharmacies where you can easily be recruited and will be given a chance to try your luck. It is really a kind of social work because a pharmacist works for people and their betterment. Sometimes they also visit hospitals to analyze a case and start their research.

Essay on Why I want to Become a Pharmacist

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – How to Become a Good Pharmacist?


Most of us like a profession in which we can be free to do anything in case of creativity. Where we can use our own ideas or skills and pharmacy is something alike. Actually, in this field, one should deal with different diseases and get some remedy. They have to experiment with different solutions and find a new combination for a certain disease. Really it needs lots of patience. Apart from educational qualification, a good pharmacist should have some special qualities.

Special Qualities of a Pharmacist

Must be Patient

I think being patient is one of the most important qualities of a pharmacist because Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, we cannot find medicine of a certain disease in a day. It takes time and sometimes years. For example, there is no specific drug for dengue yet. It has been years still our medical team is working on it.

So, a pharmacist should have a lot of patience and should be ready with the same enthusiasm every time, although it is his 100th attempt.

Should be Focused

It needs lots of care and focus to develop a drug so a pharmacist should be focused. Generally, we stop caring once we start facing continuous failures. But to be a scientist or a pharmacist one should really be focused. It does not matter how many times they failed but each time when they start new, they have to notice everything and write each and every information.

We eat small tablets and it contains lots of things. All these require lots of effort and detailed things together and the small change in quantity can cause an overdose. Therefore, it needs lots of focus to be a pharmacist.


Everyone has his personal as well as professional life and they have to make a balance in between. But a research pharmacist can’t think about himself alone. Sometimes they have to work extra hours just waiting to see the results. They are goal-oriented and need to finish their task at any cost.

Suppose in research you have to add another compound after 6 hours, so it does not matter either it is 12 at night or 5 in the morning. You have to stay and complete the task otherwise the entire research will go in vain.

Should be Knowledgeable

Knowledge is something that will make you successful in this area. The more you will read about various medicines the more updated you will be. This will also help you to perform your activities in the right direction. Also, reading a case study can help to increase your knowledge and knowledge will give you accuracy.

Should be Good at Management

A pharmacist should have good management skills. They have to research on a particular thing at the same time; they also have to manage many other things. If you are working in a team then you should know how to manage and co-operate. A team under good management always wins. So, always make sure about the list of the ingredients a day before and also take care of other small things of your team members; this will definitely make you a good manager.


A pharmacist is not only someone who always performs various researches but he should also be capable of doing other tasks like, they should know about different medicines and their compositions. If needed they can also work in a chemist shop and help people to get the right medicine. They can also work as keeping records of various medicine and their manufacturing and expiring dates. They should be good at computer knowledge. All these things can make you multitasking.


Nowadays you would have heard people focusing to choose a carrier of your interest, just because to maintain your interest. Suppose you became a pharmacist as per your father’s request and once you get into this field, you have to perform various tasks and researches. You will get bored within a few months and your works will nothing more than a burden for you. This will never help you to succeed in life. So, chose your profession carefully.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When was the first college of Pharmacy established?

Ans. The first college of Pharmacy was established in 1821 in the United States.

Q.2 Who is regarded as the Father of American Pharmacy?

Ans. William Procter Jr. is regarded as the Father of American Pharmacy.

Q.3 Who is the richest Pharmacist in India?

Ans. Dilip Shanghvi the founder of Sun Pharmaceuticals is the richest pharmacist in India.

Q.4 What does the pharmacy abbreviation ‘cib’ means?

Ans. The pharmacy abbreviation ‘cib’ refers to food.

Q.5 When was the profession of pharmacy introduced in India?

Ans. The profession of pharmacy initiated in India in 1932.

Q.6 What is the International symbol of pharmacy?

Ans. ‘Bowl of Hygieia’ is the international symbol of pharmacy.

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