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If I ask who makes buildings and houses, then you will surely reply constructors. Also if I ask who make weapons, one can reply blacksmiths. Absolutely true! But have you ever wondered who was responsible for building the incredible palaces of god? Who constructed hell and heaven? Do constructors exist at that time? Myth says that Vishwakarma made the whole world, including the earth and heaven. Vishwakarma is the one who was responsible for making the Vajra and other weapons of god. Vishwakarma is seen as the best worker of all time, the personification of greatness and superiority in work. To celebrate the god of architect, we celebrate Vishwakarma Puja. Today, we will discuss Vishwakarma Puja in detail.

Vishwakarma Puja Essay in English

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10 Lines Essay on Vishwakarma Puja (100-150 Words)

1) Vishwakarma Puja is a Hindu festival celebrated in India.

2) It is celebrated to honor Vishwakarma, the divine architect and craftsman.

3) Vishwakarma is believed to be the creator of machines and tools.

4) The festival falls on the 17th or 18th day of the month of Bhadra (August-September).

5) The puja is observed by artisans, craftsmen, engineers, and industrial workers.

6) The puja involves the worship of tools and machinery used in various professions.

7) Many factories, workshops, and offices remain closed on this day to celebrate the puja.

8) People offer flowers, fruits, sweets, and incense sticks to Vishwakarma.

9) This celebration is mostly popular in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Rajasthan.

10) Vishwakarma Puja is said to bring good luck and prosperity.

Essay on Vishwakarma Puja (250-300 Words)


Vishwakarma Puja is an auspicious festival celebrated by the Hindu community in India. This festival, dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma (the divine architect and engineer of the gods), is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country.

A Look at Vishwakarma Jayanti

Vishwakarma Jayanti, also known as Vishwakarma Puja, is celebrated on the tentative dates of September every year. It is believed that Lord Vishwakarma was born on this auspicious day. The celebrations begin early in the morning with people gathering at temples to offer prayers to Lord Vishwakarma. Devotees also worship their tools and instruments used for their professions during this festival. During the celebration, workplaces are cleaned and decorated with flowers. New tools and machinery are bought to inaugurate new projects and seek blessings for their successful completion.

Why Vishwakarma Puja is Celebrated?

Vishwakarma Puja holds significant importance in the lives of craftsmen and architects. It is believed that Lord Vishwakarma possesses extraordinary skills and blessings. On this day, workers place their tools and instruments in front of the deity and worship them. They seek the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma to bless their equipment with longevity and efficiency.Vishwakarma Puja is not only celebrated in factories and workshops but also in educational institutions, offices, and even homes.


Vishwakarma Puja is an important Hindu festive that honors Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect and creator. The puja is done to pray for blessings for business success and to recognize the hard work and skill of workers. It brings people together, strengthens social bonds, and shows how important it is to work hard, be creative, and be dedicated to your job.

Long Essay on Vishwakarma Puja (500 Words)


Vishwakarma Puja is a significant festival celebrated in various parts of India, especially among the Hindu community. It is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect and the creator of the universe. He is revered as the supreme craftsman and engineer, responsible for designing and constructing magnificent structures and machinery.

Vishwakarma: The Lord of Architecture

Lord Vishwakarma is considered the architect of gods and the principal deity of all craftsmen and engineers. According to Hindu mythology, he is said to have created several marvels, including the holy city of Dwarka, the majestic palace of Lord Indra in heaven, and the divine weapons wielded by the gods. He is often depicted as a four-armed deity holding a variety of tools in his hands, symbolizing his role as the creator and designer.

History Behind Vishwakarma Puja

The history behind Vishwakarma Puja dates back to ancient times. It is believed to have originated from the Rig Veda, one of the oldest Hindu scriptures. Lord Vishwakarma is mentioned in this sacred text, highlighting his extraordinary skills and contributions to the world. Over time, the puja gained popularity, and people began to worship the lord to seek his blessings for successful ventures and prosperity in their respective crafts or professions.

When Vishwakarma Puja is Celebrated?

Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated annually on the last day of the month, Bhadra, which usually falls in September. This day is also known as “Vishwakarma Jayanti” and is observed with great enthusiasm and devotion. The puja is predominantly celebrated in states like West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, and parts of Assam, where it holds immense cultural significance.

Significance/Importance of Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma Puja holds immense importance for artisans, craftsmen, and engineers as they seek the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma to enhance their skills and ensure the success of their creations. It is believed that by worshipping Lord Vishwakarma, one can gain divine guidance and inspiration for innovative and flawless craftsmanship. The puja is also an occasion to express gratitude to the tools and machinery that play a critical role in various professions.

Celebrations of Vishwakarma Puja

The preparations for Vishwakarma Puja begin days in advance. Workshops, factories, industries, and even households are cleaned and decorated. Artisans and craftsmen set up their tools and machinery in front of beautifully embellished idols of Lord Vishwakarma. The puja starts with a traditional call to the god, which is followed by prayers, mantra chanting, and the giving of flowers, fruits, and sweets. Workers take a break from their daily routines and indulge in festive activities. Many industries and factories remain closed on this day, showing reverence to Lord Vishwakarma.


Vishwakarma Puja is not just a religious celebration but also a tribute to the skill and craftsmanship that exists in the world. It honors the creativity and ingenuity of artisans, craftsmen, and engineers. This festival serves as a reminder of the significance of embracing innovation and excellence in every field of work. By seeking the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma, people hope to achieve success, prosperity, and divine guidance in their respective crafts and professions.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Vishwakarma Puja

Q.1 What is Vishwakarma Puja also known as?

Ans. Vishwakarma Puja is also known as Vishwakarma Jayanti or Vishwakarma Day. This festival is held to honor the God who is known as the architect and who created both the universe and Earth.

Q.2 What is the symbol of Lord Vishwakarma?

Ans. The most common image shows him as an old, wise man with four arms. His white beard and vahana, hamsa (goose or swan), indicate his connection with Brahma. Usually, he sits on a throne with his sons standing near him.

Q.3 Who are the 5 sons of Vishwakarma?

Ans. The five sons of Vishwakarma, according to Hindu mythology, are: 1. Manu, the progenitor of mankind and the first human being. 2. Maya , the master architect. 3. Tvastar, a divine craftsman and inventor. 4. Shilpi and 5. Visvajna.

Q.4 Is Govardhan Puja and Vishwakarma Puja same?

Ans. Yes, Govardhan Puja has different names in different parts of the country. In some parts of India, this day is also known as Vishwakarma Day or Vishwakarma Puja.

Q.5 Why is Lord Vishwakarma important?

Ans. According to Hindus, Vishwakarma is seen as Swayambhu and the maker of the world. Vishwakarma puja is a time for all the workers and artists to make vows to be more productive and get blessings from God.