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Gone are the days when we had to stand for hours in a queue to get our documents, bank works, pay bills, etc everything like ordering food, getting our documents, studying, traveling, paying our bills, etc is possible in seconds. We can do all these activities without going anywhere and sitting at our home or offices. The concept of digitalization has changed the way of working. Today we can get things done in the spark of time without wasting our time, effort, and money. Many online applications are running in a synchronized manner to run the concept and make it easy for the people.

Short and Long Essay on Digital India in English

The details about the topic have been presented in form of a long essay that might be helpful to the students and readers.

Digital India Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi enforced the ‘Digital India’ campaign.

2) In 2015, this famous campaign came into existence.

3) This campaign promotes more and more adoption of digital technology.

4) Digital India is empowering the country with technologies.

5) Digital India is making it easier for government to supply its services to all the people.

6) Under this campaign, many fields are now making use of digital means.

7) This campaign helped in reducing corruption to some extent.

8) Many rural people have benefitted from this campaign.

9) The main motive is to use the Internet for bringing a positive change in the country.

10) BHIM, Agrimarket app, e-Pathshala, etc are the services provided under Digital India.

Short Essay on Digital India (250 words) – Essay 1

Digital India is a campaign that had been launched by the Indian government in 2015. This was a great initiative of the Government with a vision of making the people of India more convenient with technology. The main aim of the mission was to focus on improving online infrastructure in every part of the nation. The increased internet connectivity can only help in connecting people from rural and urban areas.

Impact of the Mission

Digital India campaign has been able to change the lives of many people living in rural as well as urban areas. This has made government services easily available to the people by the online medium. People can directly avail of banking, healthcare, education, transaction, etc services whenever they require. It has also brought a major change in the process of teaching and learning. The campaign is effective both socially and economically.

The increase in the number of mobile and internet users has lead to an increase in the economic status of the nation. Moreover, has helped in generating employment and reduction in corruption and the flow of black money. It has also helped in increasing the efficiency of the work by reducing the wastage of paper, time, and money. The mission has also helped in connecting more than 2 lakhs villages in the nation.

Is Digital India Campaign Successful or Failure?

The Digital India campaign has brought many changes to the nation. It has been able to transform the lives of many people in India. Some issues like poverty, illiteracy, unawareness, weak online infrastructure are hindering the success of this campaign. We can say that campaign has been able in bringing the change but five years are not enough for making this project successful. It is necessary to end all the problems to make this project successful in a real sense and that needs much time.

Core Components and Services Provided Under Digital India (600 Words) – Essay 2


Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to make various government services electronically available to the masses. The government plans to achieve this by strengthening the infrastructure for internet connectivity in the rural and urban areas of the country. The Digital India campaign was launched by the then Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015.

Core Components

The Digital India campaign consists of three core components as listed below-​​​​​

  1. Digital Infrastructure to be made available as a core utility to every citizen

This component has several objectives as listed below-

  • Providing high-speed internet to the citizens to avail of government services.
  • Providing every citizen a lifelong and unique digital identity.
  • Ensuring the participation of citizens in financial space through bank accounts and mobile phones.
  • Establishing easily assessable Common Service Center (CSC) to address citizens’ issues.

2. Delivering government services digitally on demand

The prime objectives as stated by the government under this component are listed below-

  • Integrating all the government departments, on the digital platform to provide services.
  • Real-time availability of services.
  • Making digital services assessable to every citizen.
  • Promoting digital and cashless financial transactions.

3. Digital empowerment of citizens

The component of the digital empowerment of citizens has the following objectives-

  • Making every citizen digitally literate.
  • Making digital resources universally available.
  • Making the digital services available in regional languages.
  • Making all the parties a part of the digital platform.
  • Discouraging physical submission of documents by the citizens.

Services Provided Under Digital India

The government has assigned Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) as the project custodian of Digital India. The following major services are provided to the citizens by the Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) under Digital India.

  • Accessible India Campaign and Mobile App

Also known as Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan, its main objective is to make all the services available to people with disabilities.

  • Agrimarket App

Introduced with an objective to make the crop prices available to the farmers and discourage them from selling in haste.

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Ensuring the welfare and nurturing a girl child and also making sure that every girl child goes to school.

  • Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM)

It uses Unified Payment Interface (UPI), to make payments quick, easy and simple. It also enables the bank to bank instant payment and collection of money using mobile numbers.

  • Crop Insurance Mobile App

Used for calculation of insurance premium for crops based on several parameters of area or loan amount, in case if the loan is availed.

  • E-Hospital

It is a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) for internal workflows and processes of hospitals.

  • E-Pathshala

It is developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for making all the educational resources like books, videos, etc, available online.

  • EPFO Web Portal and Mobile App

Enable employees to check their provident fund balance through an e-passbook, which is an exact online version of a physical passbook.

  • Startup India Portal and Mobile App

It is an initiative by the government of India to promote a startup in the country to make the economy grow sustainably.


The Digital India campaign is an ambitious campaign by the Government of India towards a paperless society. It also aims for providing several government services to the citizens with ease of accessibility. The campaign not only seeks to strengthen the infrastructure but also to digitally empower the citizens. Digital India plays a vital role in enabling the citizens to avail them of several government services.

Digital India Essay

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How is digital India helpful to students?

Ans. Access to several E-books, Swayam, learning aids, and experiments through phones and television are beneficial for students.

Q.2 Who launched Digital India?

Ans. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015.

Q.3 Who is regarded as the father of Digital India?

Ans. Satyan Pitroda born in Titlagarh, Odisha is known as the Father of Digital India.

Q.4 Why is Digital India application designed?

Ans. It was designed so that people can obtain information about the digital India Programme and technology.

Q.5 Which country in the world is highly digitalized?

Ans. The USA ranks first in the world as the most digitalized country in the world.

Q.6 Who is appointed as the brand ambassador of Digital India?

Ans. Ankit Fadia, Satwat Jagwani, Krati Tiwari and Pranav Mishra were appointed by the government as the brand ambassadors for one year during the Digital India week in 2015 and no one is appointed afterward.

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