Why I Want to Become a Teacher Essay

Teachers are our future builders and they work very hard for the success of their students. They inspire us, make us clear of many topics, and also scold us. But it is necessary sometimes and they try their best to develop new ideas and thoughts within us.

Short and Long Essays on Why I Want to Become a Teacher in English

Essay on Why I Want to Become a Teacher for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Why I Want to Become a Teacher essay 10 lines.

Why I Want to Become a Teacher Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) I want to become a teacher because I love this profession.

2) I would really love to teach others.

3) I want to educate each and every citizen of my country.

4) Teaching is a high-paid job with flexible working days.

5) My mother is a teacher and she inspires me for this profession.

6) Education is necessary and by being a teacher I want to educate the poor without a fee.

7) After parents, a teacher is responsible for giving us a better future.

8) I want to be a teacher because a teacher is respected everywhere.

9) Behind every successful student, the hard work of a teacher is also reflected.

10) I want to become a teacher to bring a positive change in society.

Essay 1 (400 Words) – Why I want to Become a Teacher


Teachers are one of the most important pillars of our society. There are different professions like doctors who treat their patients, engineers build buildings, and similarly, teachers play a very important role in building a mannerly society. They not only teach us manners but also show the path of success. Really a society is incomplete without gentle people.

My Favourite Teacher

My favourite teacher is Ashwani ma’am, she teaches us Maths. I like her and want to become like her. She is unique in her own way; she never gets hesitated of my questions and tells me even 10 times. Actually, I do not like Maths but her patience and way of teaching really inspires me. I would like to say that, all teachers work very hard so that we can get good marks. I love my teachers and want to really thank them for their efforts.

Why I want to Become a Teacher

All of us want to become something in our future and we server our nation in different ways. Similarly, I want to become a teacher and want to make studies easier for students. I want to make a school where I can educate the poor free of cost. I have seen some children on the street; they beg and do dirty jobs. Children are the future of any nation, so we should handle them with care.

We learn different things from different places and one of the most common places in our school. Teachers are not only those who teach us at school, they can be anyone who teaches you. They can either give you bookish knowledge or some moral and social knowledge. Some life coaches and motivational speakers are also teachers. People who take you out from darkness are teachers and I really want to become one of them.


All teachers do a great job and the teaching profession is a kind of social work. I wish all of us should spare some time in teaching students of their locality so that they can make sure that no child left without education. Teachers are not only those who teach us at school, it can be anyone who wants to educate society. My teachers always teach me to become a good human first that’s why they teach us good manners first because a gentleman can only make a better society.

Why I Want to Become a Teacher Essay 2 – (250 Words)


All of us go to school to learn new things and develop good habits, although we learn these things at home too. So, I can say my mother is my first teacher. Then when I visited my school, it was my primary miss; she was just a wonderful person. Teachers always want their students to learn more and more. They like it when a student asks questions and wants to learn more. There are only two people in this world who feel happy in answering my silly questions. One is my mother and the other one is my school teacher.

Who is My Favourite Teacher?

I cannot mention a name here because I love all of my teachers. They work very hard; at home, it is my mother. When it is my exam, she looks more tensed and worried. At school, my subject teachers give their best and revise many times, so that we could get more marks. If I will get good marks, it will be my marks. There will be my name written on the scorecard.

My teachers and mother never get credit and the examiners never praise them, still, they struggle for us. They bring the best study material for us; they draw the best of best examples which makes it easy to understand. It is not so easy to give instant examples, one should prepare for it. Really hats off to my teachers and their dedication.


Respect your teachers because you are really lucky to have them. In a very famous quote by Kabir Das Ji, he explained that “it was my teacher who told me about God, so when I meet both God and Teacher at the same time, I will honour my teacher first”.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Teachers: The Builder of Our Society


Teachers also called “Guru” hold a special place in our hearts as well as society. In the ancient Indian society knowledge used to be reciprocated in vocal form. Our gurus use to memorize different types of Veda and other mythological books. Students at the age of 8 were sent to ashrams and use to return after acquiring all knowledge. The main motive of education was to build a knowledgeable and gentle society so that they can live peacefully in society.

How Teachers Build a Society

Apart from ancient gurus all of us have a primary teacher at our home. Yes, it is our parents and they teach us how to speak, walk, and many other circular activities. Our parents make us able to build some good habits and these habits are helpful for us in many ways. These habits make us able to acquire higher education because if a child cannot talk it is very difficult for him to learn anything at school. So, we can say our parents are our first teachers and they teach us some basic things.

When we visit our school, we meet some other teachers, who teach us various subjects. This schoolish knowledge helps us to choose a better carrier. It helps us to know our interest and know our potential.

In this way, a school teacher helps us to select our carrier. In this way, some of us become doctors, whereas some become pilots. This together makes a mannered and peaceful society. When there will be education, there will be less crime. In this way, I can say that all credit goes to a teacher to build a mannered society.

They Polish our Skills

Some of us are born brilliant, whereas some are born singers. Still, they cannot do anything of their own; they need a coach who can teach them the correct technique and style to deal with their abilities.

A teacher always wants his students to shine and become more able. They equally work hard with you; you would have seen your teachers taking an extra class before your examination. They can quietly sit aside and let you perform as per your knowledge, but they won’t. They always want each and every child of the class to perform his best and they help us in doing so.

Whatever carrier you would choose, you always need a good teacher and a good teacher can completely change your life. I really feel blessed to have such teachers in my life.

Some Famous Teachers

  • One of the most important names from the history of teachers is Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and on the 5th of October, we celebrate Teachers day in India. It was Radhakrishnan’s birthday and he wished to celebrate his birthday as a teacher’s day. He himself was a teacher and inspired people and became a role model for teachers.

One of his famous quotes “A true teachers are those who help us to think for ourselves”.

  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was another gem who thought us many things. He was such a gentle and nobleman that he had zero haters and was an amazing youth icon. His name itself is an inspiration for many of us.

In one of his famous quotes, he said that “I believe there is no other profession in the world that is more important to society than that of a teacher”. Apart from this, there are many famous names and teachers who inspired their students to perform best and develop new ideas for the development of the nation as well as society.


Teachers always hold a special place and respect in our society. I can proudly say that being a teacher is one of the best professions. Always listen to your teachers and make them proud of your performance because they get nothing in return. But if their students succeed, they feel satisfied. A teacher not only builds a society but also builds a nation.

Essay on Why I Want to Become a Teacher
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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by a teacher?

Ans. A teacher is a person who aids the students in the process of learning.

Q.2 Who said that ‘Teaching is a noble profession’?

Ans. Our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam said that teaching is a noble profession.

Q.3 Who is a good teacher?

Ans. Teachers who do not work for their selfish motives and are ready to help students are good teachers.

Q.4 What do we celebrate every year on the 5th of September?

Ans. We celebrate teacher’s day every year on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan i.e. on the 5th of September.

Q.5 What is the purpose of celebrating teacher’s day?

Ans. Teacher’s day is celebrated to pay our gratitude to all the teachers for their important contribution in shaping the life of students.

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