Speech on Gandhi Jayanti

Every year on the 2nd of October India celebrates the birthday of one of its greatest freedom fighters – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi. He is still referred to as ‘Bapu’ in India. His exclusive connection with the masses had earned him the sobriquet – ‘Father of the nation’. I have given below three Speeches on Gandhi Jayanti for my readers.

Short and Long Speech on Gandhi Jayanti

Speech on Gandhi Jayanti – 2 Minutes Speech

Good Morning my dear friends, Principal Sir, teachers, and all other non-teaching staff presents here. As you all know that today is 2nd October and we are here to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti.

Before we go for the celebrations, I would like to say a few words in the honor of Mahatma Gandhi and to recollect his teachings and works, lest we forget it.

Everyone knows how great was his contribution to the freedom struggle. He was a mass leader in a true sense, on whose call, millions stepped out of their houses and jumped in the fight.

His whole life – the way he lived like a saint, the way he cared for the poor and fought for their rights, his protest against the oppression of farmers, is an inspiration to behold.

Bapu taught us that true strength lies in following your principles and ideologies with resilience. If you believe in truth, then how formidable the enemy might be; you will always emerge victorious in the end.

Let us today pay our deepest regard to Bapu from our heart and pledge to follow his ideals in life. I think that it would be the most suitable way to celebrate his anniversary. Thank You!!

Speech on Gandhi Jayanti – 3 Minutes Speech

Good morning my dear colleagues, respected seniors, and guests. Today is 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti when the nation celebrates the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also fondly called ‘Bapu’ by millions of Indians.

The contribution of Mahatma Gandhi or let me say Gandhiji to the freedom struggle was incomparable to anyone else. The protests that he led have changed the course of history and delivered a damaging blow to the oppressive regime of the British.

But, what made Gandhi so popular from others? What were the qualities of him that made him almost a revered God-like figure for the people of India. Today, my dear friend apart from the celebrations is also a day to find answers to these questions.

Bapu, as I must call him, wore all his life, nothing more than a simple loin cloth that we know as ‘dhoti’. He survived on a simple diet, abstaining from any materialistic possessions. His simple lifestyle made him instantly the champion of the poor of India – farmers, small traders, and laborers.

He began his stint in the Indian freedom struggle, with fighting for the rights of farmers and poor. They considered him a God figure, who can single-handedly pull the nation out of misery and tyranny.

Today we celebrate Bapu’s birth anniversary and it’s an occasion to not only garland his statues but also to follow his ideals. Throughout his life, Bapu had professed truth and non-violence as humanity’s most potent weapons.

Let us today remember the noble soul and try to follow his footsteps. This way we would be taking our nation on the path of progress and also promoting brotherhood among ourselves. This would be the only greatest tribute to the father of the nation.

With this, I would end my speech! Thank You! Jai Hind!

Speech on Gandhi Jayanti – 6 Minutes Speech

Good Morning everyone! I hope to find you all in the high spirited mood today. I convey my special greeting to our dear Principal Sir and other teachers. I am here to give a speech on a very special occasion of national importance.

Yes, my dear friends, today is 2nd October and the day when the nation commemorates its greatest freedom fighter, the man who was solely responsible to show us the path to freedom. I am talking about Mahatma Gandhi, whose spiritual connection with the people of India, had been so deep, that it has earned him the sobriquet – “Father of the Nation”.

Gandhiji was among a few of those personalities whose aura transcended beyond geographical boundaries. His fight for the rights of the oppressed and the poor had earned him admirers and followers from different corners of the world.

For 21 years that he had spent in South Africa, he tirelessly fought for the rights of migrant Indians and also for the franchisee rights of black Africans. Isn’t it amazing that Gandhi Jayanti is an annual celebration in some parts of South Africa.

The man’s contribution to India’s freedom struggle was none the less. He had to lead many significant reforms like – the Champaran Satyagraha, non-cooperation movement, Dandi march or salt march, etc. These reforms have played a crucial role in the freedom struggle and persuading British out of India.

For India, Gandhiji was like a father figure. Politicians, freedom fighters, common public, farmers, poor, all followed his instructions and respected or even worshipped him. They just so loved him because his saintly living style makes them believe that he is one of their own.

Gandhiji was the one who showed us the path to freedom and also guided us on it. He was a link between Indians and British rulers.

He is, till today, remembered for his policy of truth and non-violence. His ways of experimenting with truth are known to all of us. By introducing non-violent protests, Gandhiji gave a new weapon to the world, which wasn’t experimented before. The non-cooperation movement was introduced by him was a part of non-violent protests and was a great hit among the masses. It gave even the weak, the feeble, and the poor, an opportunity to take part in the freedom struggle.

The day calls for celebrating the father of the nation and remembering his teachings. Friend, we must honor Bapu by felicitating his statues and garlanding them, but let’s not forget that a true tribute to him would be when we follow his policy on truth and non-violence.

India of Gandhiji’s dreams is a place where people from different religions and communities live in peace and harmony. He wanted Hindus and Muslims to live in brotherhood and had also tried his best to prevent Indo-Pak division.

Let us pledge, on this auspicious occasion, to follow the ideals of non-violence and brotherhood as Gandhiji had insisted. Let us pledge today that we will not become a part of hatred or communalism and would rather work fearlessly for promoting brotherhood.

Gandhiji will be happier if we are able to follow his ideas and create an India of his dreams. With this, I would like to end my speech and request all present here to observe two minutes of silence in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. After that, we would be having a series of programs hosted in his memory and to honor him.

There had been very few men who have changed the course of history and Mahatma Gandhi was surely one of them. Thank you very much!

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