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The word ‘Holiday’ catches the fancy of everyone, be she/he related to any walk of life. Professional love it and children pray for it. When it comes to holiday every grown up and working person becomes a child. Tell them that the holiday has been cancelled and they will be as sad as a child who just broke a toy. It the below essays on holiday you will learn a lot of things related to holiday.

Short and Long Essay on Holiday in English

Essay on Holiday for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Holiday essay 10 lines.

Holiday Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Holidays are days for which everyone eagerly waits.

2) A holiday is a break from daily hectic routines.

3) Holidays are necessary to feel relaxed and free.

4) Most people enjoy their holidays with friends while some choose to relax at home.

5) The holiday allows you to spend time with your loved ones.

6) Children love the holiday because they are free from school and homework.

7) Professionals love holidays because they get time to relax at home.

8) Holidays are important for your mental health.

9) Most of the holidays are given at the time of occasions and festivals.

10) The national holiday, gazette holidays, public holidays, etc are some types of holidays.

Short Essay on Holiday (200 – 250 Words)


Holiday is a day or few days off from routine everyday schedule. It is equally loved by students as well as working people. Holidays could be beneficial to us in several ways when they are spent in good activities.

Why are Holidays Good for Us?

Holidays are natural stress relievers. If you are stressed out due to routine school schedule or office assignments, a holiday comes as a big relief. It relaxes your mind and body, giving much needed rest.

It also gives you time to spend with your family and friends, something which isn’t possible on normal working days. Spending quality time with your loved ones and close friends, revive your bonding and improves mutual understanding.

A holiday also helps you to regain energy for working days ahead. You are reenergized to rejoin school or office, in a more positive and happy mood.

How to Spend Holidays?

There are lots of things that could be done on a holiday, depending on its duration. If the holiday is short, that is, suppose for a day, you can plan a trip with your family nearby or watch a movie. If the holiday is longer, you can plan to visit your distant cousins or could go to your paternal or maternal grandparents.


It is undoubtedly clear that we all love holidays, irrespective of our age or profession. Everyone should agree that the best day of the week is Sunday. There is no one who could deny that. The point of concern is that whether Sunday or any other holiday, you should spend it in such a way so that it makes you and your family and friends happier and reenergized.

Essay 2 (400 Words)


The word ‘Holiday’ fills our heart with joy and pleasure. We all want a holiday to arrive as soon as possible so that we get time to relax and play. In the essay, we will discuss about why we love holidays and how can we spend it?

Why do we Love Holidays?

We love holidays because we get time free from homework and deadlines and do whatever we want to do. Everyone, whether young or old, likes to have time to relax and enjoy it. This makes holidays the most loved and rather celebrated days on the calendar.

Everyone loves holidays for his/her own reasons. Students love holidays because they get time to play with friends or go on a picnic with the family. Father, in the house loves holidays as he gets free time from a boring routine office job. Housewives love holidays because they get to see their family together and spend time with them. Grandparents also love holidays as they get time to play with and tell; stories to their beloved grandchildren. Everyone has one reason or the other to love holidays.

How to Spend Holidays at Home

Well you can plan a lot of outdoor activities on a holiday, like playing an outdoor game or a picnic or a visit to the market. But, for some reason you can’t leave home, don’t get disheartened. There are several things that you can still do inside the house to spend your holiday. There are several indoor games like ludo, chess, and carom that you can play with your family members. It will give you time to enjoy and also sharp your brain, making you wiser.

You can simply sit down and relax with other family members. Listen to the stories told by your grandparents. You are lucky if they stay with you and you must respect them and give time to them. Moreover, you can also help your mother in the kitchen or water the plants. Though, they are small acts, they will make you content and happy in the end. It is not necessary that one spends the holiday celebrating big; even small things done within the confines of your house will make you happy.


Holidays are the most loves and important events in a person’s life. It is a very important and refreshing in its own way for everyone. Whatever you do on a holiday, you should do it with happiness and joy not to mention respect for your elders.

Essay 3 (600 Words)


We all love holidays irrespective of whether it is a long vacation or a short holiday. It gives us some time at our leisure and away from the boring everyday schedule of work and deadlines. Whether students or working professionals, holidays are welcomed by everyone and are equally important for all.

Importance of Holidays for Students

We all know that students have to cope with a lot of competition these days. They barely get any time to play and have a lot of homework and assignments to complete every day. Routine tests and exams don’t leave enough time for other extracurricular activities.

It is true that studies are important; nevertheless, play and social interaction is as much important for the students. Sadly, students don’t get to spend enough time with their family and friends, forget the play. A holiday is a time when students can relax and spend time with their family. They can also go on a picnic, watch a movie or do whatever they want. If anyone doesn’t want to move out, they can at least stay home with their parents and siblings and discuss about their studies and other issues.

It is also time to round up your friends and play with them for longer hours than usual. During a holiday you get to play more than other days as you don’t have to go to school or do homework.

Importance of Holidays for Working Professionals

Working professionals also love holidays as much as the students do. Life at the office is stressful and demands a dedicated work for at least eight to nine hours or sometimes even more than that. This is common with most of the offices. After office hours, people get so much tired that they barely manage to take dinner and go to sleep. Worse, the same cycle of events continues for weeks over weeks with just one exception – Sunday.

It’s not hard to guess how much important a Sunday or any other holiday, for that matter, is for someone who has to follow strict office routine and meet deadlines, six days a week. Sunday is the most awaited day of the week by every office goer. They get the time to spend with their family, with their children, go on a picnic with them or just take them to a local market. There are hundreds of things that professionals dream of doing in one single day. Like a Sunday any other holiday is also most welcomed and awaited.

Benefits of Holidays

Following are the benefits of holidays on a person be it student or working professional or businessman alike.

  • Holidays act as natural stress busters.
  • Provide a free time to spend with your family and friends.
  • Children get a free time to play and celebrate.
  • Give you time to read the book you have wanted to read.
  • If you like you can also complete any pending work either of school or office.
  • Gives time to chat with old friends over phone.
  • You play and stay happy which is good for health.
  • A time to make future plans and start implementing them.
  • Socialize by visiting friends and relatives.
  • Watch your favorite movie with family and friends.
  • Holidays recharge you for oncoming working days.


Holiday is your own time that you can spend the way you want. Whether you want to spend it on partying and playing or by reading a book; the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, is that, everyone whether students or professionals, love holidays for more than one good reason.

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