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We know that winter anywhere is the coldest month of the year. Winter months and duration varies widely from place to place throughout the globe.

Short and Long Essays on Winter Season in English

I have given below three essays of different word lengths like 100 – 120 Words, 250 Words, 500 Words and 600 Words limit on the winter season for my readers.

Winter Season Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The winter season is the coldest one of all the seasons.

2) We all wear warm clothes in winter.

3) In India, November to January is considered cold months.

4) In winter, nights are longer and days are shorter.

5) The Hindu calendar includes the months of Kartik to Paush as winter months.

6) We can see lots of rare migratory birds in winter.

7) In winter, people can find snow on the hills.

8) The winter months are a period of hibernation for many animals.

9) Many healthy fruits and vegetables are available in winter.

10) Children can enjoy holidays like Christmas and New Year in winter.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Temperature Variances and Preparations


Winter is the coldest month in the year. In India it usually ranges for around three months from December to February. Though, the temperature varies from place to place within the country and some places have the lowest while others the highest winter temperatures.

Temperature Variances

Temperatures in India are the coldest in northern parts than in the central of southern. For example, Dras, in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir is the coldest place during winters. It lies on the trek to Amarnath and is often referred to as the second coldest place on the planet. The winter temperature at Dras stoops as low as minus 45°C. In the winter of 1995, the winter temperature here was recorded to be minus 60°C, which is the record lowest to date.

On the other hand, Sriganganagar in the state of Rajasthan that lies in western parts of India records the highest temperature even in winters. The temperature is recorded to be around 40-50°C even during the coldest winter months.

Winter Preparations

Getting ready for winter requires some proactive measures to face the chill. There is a need to accumulate food items and vegetables before the advent of winter, as it would be difficult to procure them in winter. Also, there is a need to buy extra warm clothes to keep the body temperature normal and higher than the atmospheric temperature.


India’s climate is as diverse as its culture. Even during the winters, there are places that are sweltering hot.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How Does Winter Season Affects Normal Life


Winter season is the coldest season of the year. Typically the average temperature during the winter season is below 10°C, at times and places, often reaching below 5°C, sometimes stooping lower 0°C.

Winter in India

Winter season in India occurs typically in the months of December to February. Temperature in India during winter is comparatively lower in the north, the Himalayas being the lowest.

Due to snowfall and chilling rain in the southern Himalayan region, cold waves are generated and propagate through the plains, sending the temperature to chilling levels.

Even during the coldest winter months, many parts of northern and central India don’t receive snow falls; although, the temperature sometimes fall below zero degrees, that too only for a couple of days.

However, fog is the most common occurrence all throughout the country during winters. At places, it disrupts normal life and impedes the movement of services.

Also, the southern states of India like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, have comfortable temperatures during the winters, unlike the northern states that are uncomfortably cooler.

How Does Winter Season Affect Normal Life

Winter affects the normal life and everyday activities, mainly in the northern parts of the country.

1) Lesser work hours

During the winter the days become shorter, thereby reducing the normal business hours by around two hours. Shorter days hamper the efficiency of businesses and individuals up to some extent.

2) Obstructed vision

Fog is a common occurrence during winter. Sometimes the visibility is so low that it is impossible to see beyond couple of meters. In India, dense fog is infamous for delaying trains and flights for hours, every year. Often the fog is so dense that the trains or the flights have to be cancelled. This causes a lot of discomfort to the unsuspecting passengers.

3) Law and Order

Thieves and other notorious elements become active, trying to take advantage of fog and empty roads. It is difficult to spot a crime when the visibility is low and makes it easy for the culprits to escape. Therefore, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that petty crimes do increase during the winters.


Winter season, however harsh it may be, has its own advantages. It gives us a chance to preserve our energy for the coming summer months, when we would be working effectively and efficiently. Though there are some disadvantages associated with the season, never the less, its advantages are more and prominent.

Essay on Winter Season

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Favorite Season ‘Winter Season’


Winter season is characteristically identified by low temperature. It is indeed the coldest season of the year. The season typically occurs when earth’s axis moves away from the Sun. Winter season appears alternately in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, that is, when there is summer in Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

My Favorite Season Winter

Winter is my favorite season for several reasons. Firstly, with the advent of winter season starts the long winter vacations that children love. Also, there are festivals like Christmas that are celebrated during the winter season.

Secondly, besides the holiday and festivals, there are so many things that I like about winter. Fruits and vegetables produced during winter are healthy and a delicacy to eat. Grape, carrot, pomegranate are some of my favorite winter fruits.

Apart from the fruits I also love the mist and fog that continuously hangs in the atmosphere, giving the atmosphere a cool and mystic appearance.

Advantages of Winter Season

There are several advantages of winter season that we will discuss below –

1) No more sweating under the sun

The day’s temperature during the winter season is considerably cooler and pleasant. Though often it gets too cool to comfortably be outside, still there is no harsh heat of the Sun to face and if you are wearing warm clothes, you are good to enjoy the climate.

2) Preserving energy for harsh summers

Days in winters are shorter and nights longer. This reduces our working hours and let us to preserve energy so that we can deal with the winter as well as preserve sufficient energy, gaining health to face the summers.

3) Beneficial to Plants and Animals

The shorter days, lesser sunlight and cool temperature during the winter is specifically suitable for some plants like Calendula, Hollyhock, etc. The season benefits the plants metabolism and helps them grow. Several animals and reptiles like bear and snakes hibernate during the winter, thereby preserving energy to face the summers.

Disadvantages of Winter Season

Apart from the advantages, the winter season has its own disadvantages as well. Below given are some of the prominent disadvantages of the winter season.

1) Health Issues

Winter season, due to cold climate, might trigger certain health issues in people suffering from specific medical conditions. Senior citizens suffering from arthritis, experience aggravated pain due to colder temperature. Also, people suffering from asthma become sensitive during winters.

2) Restricted Movement

Winters season restricts the movement of the general populace due to cold temperature. It could be uncomfortable to roam outside even when you are appropriately dressed for the chill. Roads are often empty during winter. Due to shorter days, people have a tendency to leave early for home, which also reduces productivity.

3) Requires Extra Preparations

Facing the chill requires some special preparations beforehand. People start purchasing for warm clothes and make necessary in-house arrangements to face the lower temperatures and to keep their surrounding temperature normal. Sweaters, jackets, quilts need to be purchased before the arrival of winter.

4) Scant Sunlight

Another significant disadvantage of winter is scant sunlight. There is hardly any sunlight available in winters, which is not a good thing. Sunlight is very important for our health as well as to carry out several daily activities. It is an essential source of Vitamin D which is good for bones, teeth and the calcium content in our body.


Despite being uncomfortable in a way of low temperature, winter is a pleasant season with an unprecedented calmness. It also plays an essential part in maintaining the ecological balance, like all the other seasons.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which place on earth experiences winter throughout the year?

Ans. Antarctica experiences winter and snow throughout the year.

Q.2 What do we love to drink in the winter season?

Ans. We love to drink hot drinks like tea, coffee, and chocolate in the winter season.

Q.3 What are the fun activities that can be done in the winter season?

Ans. The activities like skiing, ice skating, building a snowman, snowboarding are the activities enjoyed by people in the winter season.

Q.4 Which sweet delicacy is specially prepared in the winter season?

Ans. Gajar ka Halwa is a sweet delicacy that is prepared in the winter season.

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