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Life is essential for a flourishing ecosystem. Wherever there is life, there has to be a healthy ecosystem, conducive of growth. In the essays below we will go through different aspects of life, looking at it from different perspectives.

Short and Long Essays on Life in English

I have provided following essays about life under words limit of 100 words, 250 words, 500 words and 600 words so that you can find here all the aspects of life:

Life Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Human life is significant and precious.

2) One should spend his life in good deeds.

3) Human life is full of opportunities.

4) Every life has a specific purpose on this Earth.

5) Life becomes beautiful when you help others.

6) Life is a precious and beautiful gift given by God.

7) Every human has a different life.

8) Life is also a good teacher that teaches us real values.

9) Making life meaningful relies on our hands.

10) Life is full of happiness, sorrow, laughter, pain, success, failure, etc.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Beauty of Life and its Importance


Something that could grow and can multiply is considered to be living. We are surrounded by varieties of lives, but the human life is the most prominent and the most virtuous of them all. Humans have the power to impact other lives on the planet.

What is the Beauty of Life?

The true beauty of life lies in how much value does it holds for the others. A life spent in helping others has more value than a life spent solitarily. True beauty of life lies in how it is spent in helping and caring for others. The more love a life transcends, the more beautiful it becomes.

The life of a tree that stands erect, facing the elements of nature and shelter birds and passersby, is more beautiful than a man who is living alone turning a blind eye to the sufferings of others around him.

Why is Life Important?

Each and every life is important and interlinked with each other. Every species, be it humans, animals, or birds, serve their purpose in this world and impact each other, either directly or indirectly.

Even if one tiny species is extinguished from this planet, it affects others as well. If deer is gone so would the tiger, initiating a chain process that would make the planet lifeless one day.


It is therefore in the best interest of all of us to value all life forms and consider each one an important asset of the planet and long to protect it.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Life is a Beautiful Gift and Journey


The philosophical definition of life differs widely from its biological definition. Biology considers the physical aspects of life while philosophy considers the virtues that make the life more worthy for others. In this essay we will try to understand life, both from the biological and philosophical points of view.

Life is a Beautiful Gift

The majority of us would agree on life being a beautiful gift. The reason why life is considered a beautiful gift is because of its value for others. Every life form on the planet has a specific purpose. The trees, the animals, birds, humans, insects, all contribute to the growth of the planet and other lives, in their own way.

Moreover, human life is a greater gift as it is the most powerful of the existing life forms. Humans have exceptional ability to dream, work and achieve, like no other species on the planet. Besides, humans can impact each and every life on the planet for either good or bad reasons. Human life is a gift because it could save and protect other vulnerable and weaker lives.

That was the philosophical beauty of life. Now let’s look into the physical beauty of life. Humans are gifted with exceptionally dexterous limbs and an efficient brain, giving them superiority over others. The real beauty of these powers however lies in how many lives they impact for all the good reasons.

Life is a Journey

One of the prerequisite of life is growth. Wherever there is life, there is growth. Growth has stages, similarly as a journey has. Let us consider the example of human life. When a child is born, he/she is small and not physically or mentally evolved, but as time progresses, the child grows. The same is also relatable to other species as well.

With time, the life grows and becomes more prominent. Babies grow wiser and bigger with each passing year, growing up quickly in smart adults. This is the same with other life forms as well.  

There are so many new things, experiences that one learns as he/she grows. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that life is a journey of growth and experiences and all about becoming wiser and more valuable.


It must be kept in mind that each life is a valuable gift, but not only human life. Even the life of the weakest of species is valuable as is the life of a wisest of sages.

Essay on Life

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – True Values of Life


Anything that grows and has a metabolism of its own is considered to be living. Humans, animals, insects, microbes, plants, all are living. There is life in abundance on the planet, but what matters is the quality of it. The quality of life is characteristically identified by various senses as we will know in this essay.

True Values of Life

We are surrounded by various kinds of lives around us. There are billions of other species including plants, animals, insects, birds, amphibians, etc. Each and every life, no matter how minuscule it is, is important, having its own value and contributes to the ecosystem in its own way. But, human life is considered more valuable than others, because of some distinct qualities that add value to existence.

To understand the true worth of human existence we should look at life from a different perspective, other than just eating, working, and living. The true value of life lies in protecting others and helping them. Fortunately, humans are gifted with exceptional intellect and brain along with dexterity, like no other creature on the planet. Only humans have the ability to help each other as well as other living creatures, in times of need. This is the greatest value that human life holds.

In other words, the true value of life lies in how much value does it holds for others. Consider the example of a tree that has been sheltering way farers from sun and rain for decades. The life of that tree is certainly valuable. Similarly, our life also gains more value if it is spent like the tree, in the service of others and spreading love and care.

How to Add Value to Life?

Now that we know what the true worth of life is, we will now discuss the changes that we could adopt to make our lives more valuable. Adding value to life is nothing but a change of attitude – you just have to change the way you look at others and perceive things. Below are some changes that you can adopt to add value to your life.

1) Become an Extrovert

Don’t just keep up to yourself, rather reach out to others. Connect with them and know their problems, aspirations, etc. Talk to your neighbors and socialize. The more you socialize the more value will be added to your existence.

2) Give Respect

Another way to make your life more valuable is to give respect to everyone – young or old, rich or poor, strong or weak. When you treat everyone with respect, you will not only make your life worth for them but also earn respect from others.

3) Be Considerate and Supportive

You should always be considerate towards the suffering and needs of others; not only humans but animals as well. Help them, support them, and be compassionate towards their problems.

4) Value Other Lives as Well

The more you value other lives, the more value will be added to your own. It is a give and take relationship. From other lives I mean, all other life forms including humans, animals, plants, birds, etc.

5) Become Courageous

A courageous person can stand up and speak up for his own life and others’ as well. On the contrary, lack of courage means a life spend in despair and fear. Such a life will have no value for itself or for others.


The definition of life is very vast and may differ from person to person, but the bottom line is that – ‘life must not be judged on how long it is, but on how valuable it is’.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What do we call the study of life?

Ans. The study of life is referred to as Biology.

Q.2 When did life begin on earth?

Ans. The evidence of life on earth has been found about 4.5 billion years ago.

Q.3 What was the first form of life on earth?

Ans. The first form of life on earth was the microscopic organisms called ‘prokaryotes’.

Q.4 Why is water essential for life?

Ans. Water is important for life because it helps in carrying out chemical reactions in plant and animal cells.

Q.5 How long human beings have been on earth?

Ans. Human beings have evolved on earth about six million years ago.

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