Essay on Why I want to become an Entrepreneur

One of the most adopted professions and people want to learn the new techniques and strategies to be a good business person. Nowadays, people want to do something big and they are ready to take risks and want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Short and Long Essays on Why I want to become an Entrepreneur in English

Essay on Why I want to become an Entrepreneur for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Why I want to become an Entrepreneur essay 10 lines.

Why I want to become an Entrepreneur Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) People can become engineers, teachers, or doctors, but I want to become an entrepreneur.

2) I want to be the boss of my own business.

3) I want to become an entrepreneur because I want to experience all the power in my hand.

4) By being an entrepreneur, I can represent my creativity and hard work.

5) I want to become an entrepreneur to provide job opportunities to many people.

6) By being an entrepreneur, I can do a job of my choice.

7) I can enhance my skills and experience by being an entrepreneur.

8) I want to become an entrepreneur because I don’t want a boring 9 to 5 job.

9) It is a proud feeling that you can take all the big decisions.

10) I want to become an entrepreneur because I dare to take risks and have good leadership qualities.  

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I want to become an Entrepreneur


Life is not the same for all of us; some of us like to be in our comfort zones whereas some of us want to do something daring. Depending on our interests, we also choose our profession. I want to make money and want to do something big. To do something big, one should be ready for taking risk and therefore I want to be an Entrepreneur.

Why do I Want to be an Entrepreneur?

My father is a small-scale business man and he sells Banarasi saris. It is our family business but I don’t want to follow that old tradition. I don’t want to keep my business within the four walls. I have some big ideas and want to expand it.

Simply following a family business is an easy thing but being an entrepreneur adds another level of excitement to it. I have a big plan to sell my saris in the international market. I will build an online portal and an app. This will help me to connect with people easily and will also deal with different fashion industries.

All these things are totally new, even for me and also for my family, but I want to make my parents proud and see me successful. I am not afraid of taking risks but I am also determined.


It needs guts to take risks one should believe in himself and should be ready for every situation. Have patience, because it is not necessary that every time a person will be successful. Just work hard and believe in yourself, you will definitely be a successful entrepreneur one day.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How to be a Successful Entrepreneur


If you are daring and never hesitate to take risks, you should try this profession. It is not so easy to be an entrepreneur but not even impossible. The day you have born you have continuously tried new things, and being an entrepreneur can be one of them.

Qualities of an Entrepreneur

  • A business person is an average person like you and me if something makes them different is their idea. Something that makes them successful is their idea and way of working. I have discussed some of the best qualities of a successful entrepreneur and hope will help you.
  • An entrepreneur should always have a learning attitude. Learning is a key to success does not matter what profession you choose. If you always learn and want to know more, it will definitely benefit you. Suppose today’s new market is the internet and if you have an offline business then your success rate can lack behind. Because there are thousands of competitors in today’s world. So, your learning attitude can help you in this way.
  • Have a deep survey, actually one should start his or her business after having a deep observation of the society as well in the market. Suppose you are planning a software business, then you should know what people really need nowadays. Have time to time survey to grow your business. You can simply put an opinion poll on your website, in this way it will help you to know what people want and what you can add.
  • Trust is one of the biggest success factors, many new entrepreneurs quit just because of a lack of trust in them. Trust yourself because there is no one going to praise you or know you until and unless you are successful. Everyone is having a competition and the only person who can help you is “you”. Trust yourself that you can do it. Believe me, you will do it. A positive attitude somewhere attracts positive powers. So, always trust yourself.
  • One of the most important things is “discipline”, it does not matter that it’s your own business and you can do it whenever you want. Do it at the right time and be honest with yourself as well as with your business.


People won’t succeed at a time, many of the famous business persons failed for more than 40 times. So, never be depressed about your failure, just woke up with more power and keep on working hard. There will be a day when you will see the past and feel proud.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Being an Entrepreneur


Choosing a profession is not a small thing for someone. They have many options and apart from their academic studies if a child chooses to be an entrepreneur, he/she have to face a lot of questions. Not every family support being an entrepreneur because most of us believe in the traditional job pattern. So, if you choose to be an entrepreneur, you should be courageous and should be able to face people.

Difficulties of Being an Entrepreneur

Every profession has some risk factors similarly; there are some difficulties of being an entrepreneur too.

  • An entrepreneur should always be ready to face any kind of loss because business is something unpredictable. Therefore, people should always have a learning attitude and have different case studies. Case studies help people to analyze their situation.
  • Until and unless an entrepreneur is successful, people feel they are wasting their time as well as money. So, never get depressed about what others say. Have your own plan and strategy, don’t follow others, follow your rules and plans. It can take some time but will be successful someday. Just keep on updating your ideas.
  • It is not always planned that, ‘A’ will make you successful, so always be ready with plan ‘B’ and ‘C’. One should always be ready for anything and any situation.

Success Stories of Some Entrepreneurs

Mark Zuckerberg: I don’t think his name needs any more introductions. He is the founder of Facebook and one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs. He started from a zero, and today is a billionaire. His story inspires everyone and helps us to try something new.

Jack Ma: He tries more than 30 times and was rejected every time and finally when he was 35, he got successful just because of Alibaba. His story is really inspiring and was hard for him to arrange his bread. But today the world knows him.

Falguni Nayar: A female entrepreneur and she started “Nykaa” in the year 2012 and today, she doesn’t even need an introduction. Her work speaks louder than her words. Being a woman, it was not so easy for her to achieve this, still, her believe and hard work bought fame and money both for her.

Bill Gates: He was a college dropout but his dreams and ideas never stopped him and today he is marked as one of the richest people of the world. His company Microsoft is still one of the top leading software companies.

Sachin Bansal: It was 2007 when he started Flipkart and hardly very few knew about it. It was his hard work as well as a success plan that he is known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in our country.

Best Qualities of Entrepreneurs

  • They work hard silently and their success makes noise, it is a truth that every successful businessman has a business secret. Just try to find out yours.
  • Believe in your ideas because people do not digest new things easily, but once you become successful, they will invite your ideas. So, rather clarifying others focus on your ideas and believe in yourself. Your self-confidence can make you successful.
  • Be honest with yourself as well as with your profession. A wrong method can make you successful very soon but this type of success does not last. So, always be very honest with your profession.
  • Learn from everyone because no one is small, even an ant can teach you how to try again and again. Develop a positive attitude and this will definitely make you successful.


An entrepreneur can also help others in their business and make them successful. A correct plan and strategy are key to success. If you fail once, think twice and restart with double power and with new ideas. Business is all about selling your idea. Your product is your idea and when people love your idea, they will automatically buy it. The focus of proper advertisement and good business strategy, one day you will be definitely successful.

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