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Gratitude is the feeling that compels you to return a favour and express gratefulness. It could arise for anyone – God, society, persons, animals, etc. In the essays below we will cover various topics on gratitude to help you understand the subject deeply.

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Gratitude Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) When people help us, the return thankful feeling for them is called gratitude.

2) “Gratus” is the root origin of the word gratitude which means thankful.

3) Gratitude helps in maintaining a good relationship.

4) Accepting and giving gratitude both make people happy.

5) Gratitude can be shown to family, friends, instructors, nature, animals, or God.

6) Gratitude encourages the helping nature in society.

7) Gratitude creates peace, unity, and harmony in society.

8) Gratitude helps us to remain happy by improving our quality of living.

9) Helping is a positive quality of humans that needs to be appreciated through gratitude.

10) Humans should always be grateful for life, resources, and help.

Essay on Gratitude 1 (250 Words) – Meaning and Importance of Gratitude


We all hear the word ‘gratitude’ too often in normal conversations or while reading a book, etc. In this essay, we will discuss the definition of gratitude and its importance.

What is Gratitude

In a lay man’s term, gratitude is the quality of expressing gratefulness to someone for an act of kindness or help. It is the same quality that lets you remember the kindness someone has shown for you and urges you to return the favour.

If you feel an urge to help back someone who has helped you; this feeling or longing is nothing but gratitude. It is only gratitude that compels you to say thank you or send a thank you note to your teacher.

Gratitude can be expressed to living beings as well as to God and nature. We can express our gratitude to the nature for providing us so many essential things – water, air, food, etc.

Importance of Gratitude

Gratitude is a very important quality that improves the quality of life, making the existence more sensible. It establishes social harmony and induces an environment where everyone is appreciating each other and providing support.

It also improves the quality of our personal lives and strengthens our bonds with family and friends. In a family where everyone is grateful to everyone, has a deep emotional attachment.


Gratitude is the best way to return the favor to society, nature, God, friends, relatives, and relatives for thousands of good things all of them have done to us.

Essay on Gratitude 2 (400 Words) – Advantages of Gratitude and How to Practice It


Gratitude is the feeling to be grateful for an act of kindness done onto you by someone. Being grateful also means that you should be willing to return the favour in whatever way possible. In the essay below we will go through some of the benefits of gratitude and the ways to practice it.

Advantages of Gratitude

Gratitude has several benefits on your personal as well as social life. I have listed below some of the important benefits of gratitude for your knowledge :

1) Strengthens Relationship

Gratitude strengthens your relationship with others. Being thankful is a wonderful feeling and an experience that strengthens the bonds between both the parties. It improves the trust factor and the feeling of being respected and acknowledged.

2) Makes You Happy

The quality of gratitude also makes you feel happy. When you express gratitude or receive it from someone, in both cases you feel happy for doing something good or for something good that has been done to you. Persons with gratitude are known to have reduced stress.

3) Makes the Society Sensible

A society that expresses gratitude for each other is the happiest and sensible society. People are considerate and never leave a chance to be thankful for others. A sensible society is bound to make progress in the right way.

4) Reduces Comparisons and Promote Acknowledgement

When you are thankful for others you don’t compare them on the basis of their financial status or other factors. You are just thankful to everyone and appreciate their achievements.

How to Practice Gratitude

There are some effective ways to practice gratitude that I will list below-

  • Make note of every good thing that happens to you every day and who was responsible for it.
  • Plan to return the favour at an appropriate time.
  • Appreciate everything – nature, animals, and plants around us and acknowledge their importance.
  • Say thanks to various community helpers – washerman, gardener, policeman, sweepers, etc, whenever possible.
  • While waking up every day, thank God for such a beautiful day.
  • Thank God again for all the day’s ordeals that have made you wiser and stronger.
  • Refrain from complaining about something or someone.


Gratitude is a wonderful and the most beautiful feeling that strengthens human psychology and society as well. A society where everyone is grateful is the happiest and the loveliest of all.

Essay on Gratitude

Essay on Gratitude 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Types of Gratitude and Their Use


Gratitude is that quality in you that lets you be thankful to someone for help. Showing gratitude means showing appreciation to the person who has helped you and be kind in return. It is a very important quality of humans and is essential when it comes to social recognition and harmony.

Types of Gratitude

There could be different types of gratitude depending on to whom it is expressed and for what; however, the basic feeling behind gratitude is the same in most cases and it is to be thankful.  Below I have mentioned some types of gratitude to the best of my understanding.

1) Gratitude Expressed to a Person

This is the gratitude that you express in your everyday interaction with others. We do a number of activities every day and interact with several people – colleagues, co-passengers, community helpers, etc. We interact with several parsons in a day and sometimes couldn’t even recall the nature of it. Many persons might be doing a simple act of kindness on us for which we should be thankful.

You should be thankful to that co-passenger of yours who shifted his/her seat so that you don’t have to travel standing or that vegetable vendor who just gave you extra vegetable; or a colleague who helped you in a critical meeting. These all are examples of simple acts of kindness that we should be grateful for. A simple thank you in return will do but what is more important is that you should remember their kindness and spread it.

2) Gratitude to the Almighty

This type of gratitude is expressed to God for all the good things happening in your life and the abundance of life providing elements around you. We should be thankful to the almighty for everything he has given us – food, water, air, soil, mountains, flowers, animals, waterfalls, clouds, etc the list could go on and on.

The point is that we should be thankful to God for giving us such a beautiful planet that abounds in food and beauty. We can express our gratitude to God by thanking him with folded hands before every meal or trying not to damage the beautiful earth or to harm any of the creatures that the almighty has created for us. We need to understand that the more we will be grateful to nature and God, the more they will shower us with abundance.

3) Gratitude to Family and Friends

This kind of gratitude is expressed to the closest people around you – family, friends, etc. They play an essential role in your life by giving love and support. It wouldn’t be able to go through the ups and downs of life, without the support of your family and friends. We should always keep this in mind and be grateful to our close ones.

Though they might not help us every day, they sure help us at times when we need help the most. We must always keep this in mind and be willing to return the gratitude when time demands. Sometimes, our physical presence and guidance, suggestions, etc might just be enough to return the favor. Being grateful to family and friends is an act that strengthens not only your personal relationship but also results in a happy and content society.


Gratitude is the most important human expression that proves that humans are sensible and have emotions. Not only humans but sometimes animals are also seen as expressing gratitude and returning a favor, which is as beautiful as it is surprising. We must always express gratitude whenever required and must also return the gesture whenever the opportunity arises.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is gratitude in simple words?

Ans. Gratitude is the value that makes us feel thankful to others for their help.

Q.2 Why is gratitude a unique quality?

Ans. Gratitude is a unique quality because it fills us with positivity and makes us happy.

Q.3 What can we do to thank our nature and god?

Ans. We can express our gratitude to thank god and nature for providing us everything we need.

Q.4 Why is gratitude a powerful quality?

Ans. Gratitude is a powerful quality as it helps in strengthening the bond of relationships.

Q.5 How is gratitude a secret of happiness?

Ans. Gratitude has the power to turn every refusal to approval and therefore is a secret of happiness.

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