Essay on Why I should Become a Good Fellow

All of us have some people around us who are so good that we want to be like them. We also like their company and they are also famous for their behaviour. One should always learn either it is in terms of behaviour or knowledge because good knowledge can give you a good carrier whereas good behaviour can make a great society.

Short and Long Essays on why I should Become a Good Fellow in English

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Why I should Become a Good Fellow Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) A friend who accompanies another most of the time is considered a fellow.

2) A good fellow is a good person by heart.

3) Being a good fellow generates good habits.

4) By being a good fellow we can help others.

5) A good fellow is loved and respected by all.

6) Sharing and caring is a good habit that makes you a good fellow.

7) Being a good fellow helps in winning trust.

8) A good fellowship quality strengthens relations.

9) Brave, humble, honest, motivating, etc are the characteristics of a good fellow.

10) Everyone should try to develop the quality of a good fellow.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I should Become a Good Fellow


A person who lives with you for a few hours every day and knows you very well can be your fellow. They are the people who spend more time with you and help you most of the time. Similarly, we also play the same role and the way we behave tells a lot about us.

Importance of Good Fellow

A person who reads with you or shares the same desk is one who helps you the most. He can also be your colleague. And when we find someone who does a lot for us or thinks like us, they just become our friends.

We should always learn good habits because these habits help us to be a good person. Everyone likes the company of good people and they are always admired everywhere.

Helping others is one of the best charities and most of us never forget such people. I also have many friends who love me and I also like being with them. My teachers, as well as parents, always inspire me to be a good person and I obey them.


It is a matter of choice, either you want to develop some good habits or not. My parents always teach me to be a good person. Most of us focus on our good career but no one cares about what behaviour or mentality we are developing with. So, for the betterment of the world as well as society one should also focus on their behaviour.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How I can be a Good Fellow?


We have many people around us and love being with them, have you ever noticed what you like about them. Sometimes it is their behaviour that attracts us. Helping nature and a kind heart always attract people. When we like something in others why can’t we try the same and learn from them?

What are Good Habits

Those habits which make others feel good. Suppose if you are having a chocolate and another child is sitting aside. What you can do? If you will share your chocolate, the child will feel happy. Similarly, there are many things that can bring a lot of difference in your personality.

  • Always be loyal to your friend. The first-ever rule of being a good person is one should be loyal. Actually, your friend can share some of his secrets and if you tell his secrets to others, then this is bad behaviour.
  • Learn helping others, when we are in a problem, we really need someone. A person can suffer physically or mentally. Understating the need, we can help them. Suppose your friend met an accident then you should report your teachers or elders as soon as possible and, in this way, you can help them.
  • Sharing is caring, suppose your friend forgot to bring his lunch you can share your lunch. Trust me these small things can make a lot of difference in your life and people will start loving your company.

How to Learn to be a Good Person

There is no rocket science behind learning good habits which further develops as a good person. It is quite true that your heart never ditches you so, whenever you see anything unusual, just ask yourself either you can do something? If your answer is yes, then go for it.

Developing good habits doesn’t mean to help only those you know. Actually, a good person treats everyone in a very good way.

Suppose you saw a poor old woman and she was asking for some money for food. Then it is quite oblivious to help her and your heart will also say a yes. So, this type of small steps can make you a better person as well.


There is no age of learning and if you have some bad habits of abusing others or anything else, just change it and because it will not only trouble others but will also trouble you in future.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Qualities of a Good Fellow


Every day we meet many people and some of them can be your known one and a few can be new a face for you. What we generally observe in a person? That is how he behaves, how he interacts and we judge them. When we find someone like us, we like them and want to be with them and in this way, we develop new friends.

Some Qualities of a Good Fellow

Brave: A good person is the one who is brave and a brave person always makes brave decisions and can help you too. They also help others and motive for opting this behaviour. Bravery is something that always helps us in our life.  

Humble: Either you are humble or not but will always like a person who is humble with you. So, we can say that a good person is always humble to everyone. When we have such type of classmate or colleague, we like being with them and we should also learn from them.

A Good Listener: Listening to someone is one of the best qualities of a good person. They have patience and they listen to everyone carefully. They will always give you time and this is something all of us want. All of us need a person who can listen to us.

Honest: A good person is someone very honest. We share everything with our friends and he should definitely be honest. If you think carefully you will notice that people who are commonly known for their good behaviour are also those who less believe in gossip and exchanging information.

Motivate You: A good friend or a good person will always motivate you as well as others. They are so good and positive in their life that they will always inspire you. They can bring your negative points and will help you to improve. There are many successful people who call their friends the reason behind their success.

Wise: Wise does not only mean to be knowledgeable but also indicates to be clever and have good decision-making power. A wise man will always give you a good decision because they analyse a situation very carefully. So, you should also learn this.

Have Helping Nature: Suppose you are working on a project and it is a team of 5. All of you have different abilities but if one of them does not want to share his information. So, is it possible for either him or the remaining people to complete the project? Of course, it will be no. So, I can say that helping nature is something that makes us successful and is also a sign of good people.

They won’t Change: Usually many people change when they get success or achieve something. But a good person will be the same and will always be down to earth. This is the best quality and there are very few people who have this.


There are many things which can make you a good person. Just be kind to everyone and do what you feel is good. Always behave in the same way you like others behave with you. The way you don’t like people talking something wrong, don’t even you do this with others. A good person always wants to bring in his society and his deeds always make him famous. Be kind and help everyone because this is the biggest humanity and will always help you in your life.

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