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The way of living that includes you dressing, accessories, arranging your home, owning things, etc, all are different branches of fashion. It is an important part of life and one should never neglect it. I have brought some essays on the importance of fashion below and hope it will be helpful for you.

Short and Long Essays on Is Fashion Important in English

Essay on Is Fashion Important for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Is Fashion Important essay 10 lines.

Is Fashion Important Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The trendy style at a particular time is referred to as fashion.

2) We need to accommodate with the changing fashion.

3) Following the trend gives you a new look.

4) Fashion is important to improve our living standards.

5) Tuning with fashion help us to show off.

6) It shows that you are updated with the time.

7) Following the trend attracts people’s attention towards us.

8) Good fashion gives you confidence.

9) Fashion really matters because it is the first thing people notice.

10) Fashion is important to reflect our personality.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Is Fashion Important?


All of us are born to live on this earth but our way of living makes a difference. We prefer to look at the best and dress according to fashion. Fashion is something that adds meaning to life. Many of us go for shopping when we feel bored and it makes us happy just because of the colourful and fashionable things. Fashion is an important part of life and you cannot neglect it.

Meaning of Fashion

Nowadays people only include clothing in fashion, but the real meaning of fashion is a bit vast. It also includes your way of carrying accessories, way of talking, footwear, education, etc.

Actually, fashion teaches us to live and improves our standard of living. The way we behave, the gadgets we carry, all we choose as per the current fashion.

All of us earn but have you ever thought where we spend most of our money? We spend most of our money in fashion, like shopping, having good things, having food in a restaurant. Most of us will not consider eating outside is a part of fashion, but it is. We enjoy outside and post pictures which become a trend and finally, others start following us.

Fashion is something that inspires us to earn more so that we could spend it on our commodities. Fashion helps us to hide our physical flaws and helps us to look attractive. Suppose a girl has lots of spots on her face, then with the help of fashion using makeup she can look beautiful. I can confidently say fashion adds confidence.


Fashion is a trend and people follow it to look their best. Nice clothes, decent hairstyle, good makeup, and some trendy accessories can definitely help you to look fashionable. It is really important nowadays and one should accept it.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – What Really Fashion is?


Yes, fashion is an important part of life and all of us want to look good, want to be praised for our looks. We look the same every time but sometimes we are noticed, whereas sometimes we are not. It is all because of our sense of fashion. Fashion helps us to look different. You would have seen old pictures of your parent as well as of grandparents. All of them use to look totally different, their sense of dressing, their hairstyle, choice of colours, all were different just because of the fashion in that era.

Fashion Brings Difference

  • It is our choice of what we like to wear or how we want to represent ourselves. Fashion is something that adds a wow fact in your looks. Nowadays especially youth is very concern about fashion and they never fail to follow the trend.
  • When we wear something good it automatically adds confidence in us and we start feeling good. The beautiful colours of different dress attract us and also change our mood.
  • All of us get bored with the same stuff and things but fashion is something that keeps on changing. It helps us to try new colours as well as styles. Change is good and we like changing our wardrobe, interior decors, etc as per fashion, and we feel refreshed.
  • In the old days, people use to wear the same dress everywhere either they have to attend a wedding or a normal function. Because they had very fewer options and there was no internet or other medium to know the latest trend. Nowadays it does not matter where you live; the quick access to the internet had made things easy.
  • The textile industries were not very developed and very few designs were available in the market but nowadays there are various designers and the textile industry has reached a different level. The growth in the textile industry also developed the other sectors of fashion.
  • The fashion industry has changed a lot and also developed simultaneously in terms of accessories, footwear, etc.
  • The development of fashion also gathers lots of interest and as a result, many fashion designing colleges came into existence, and nowadays Fashion designing is one of the most popular carrier options.


There is nothing bad in following a trend or fashion; in fact, it is a part of life. All of us want to live a wonderful life and fashion is something that adds interest in our life. Many of us prefer looking simple but if you choose a retro style in the modern era, you will definitely be a matter of mockery. Fashion is something that binds you with society.

Essay on Is Fashion Important

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Fashion: an Important Part of Life


There are different traditions and cultures in the entire world. All of them have their own food, dressing, and many other things that make them different. When people came into contact with each other, they started adopting other cultures, ways of dressing, etc. This bought some change in society and the term fashion came into existence.

What basically Fashion is?

‘Bill Cunningham’ a famous fashion photographer once stated that “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”.

  • We can say that fashion is something that keeps us updated with our surroundings and one should really know it.
  • You would have noticed a certain pattern in trend sometimes and most of the dresses follow the same pattern. This is a fashion and not only a dress, but nowadays we also get curtains or cushion covers following the same pattern and this is something called a trending fashion.
  • It is not necessary that every time we get something new in fashion, sometimes it repeats like a season.
  • Fashion develops a sense of self-esteem, when we look good, we automatically feel good and happy. So, I can say that there is nothing wrong in flowing fashion.
  • Fashion and clothing are two different things; fashion can be a pattern, a colour, a way of stitching a cloth, etc. But cloth is simply a piece of cloth of any fabric.
  • Fashion is something that helps you to know the difference between how and when to wear a dress. Suppose you can wear the same salwar kurta in your collage and can also wear it in a function just by adding some accessories like bangles, earrings, etc.

Importance of Fashion

  • Fashion helps us to choose our comfort and dress accordingly. For example, the traditional dress of India is Sari, but it is very tough to wear. So, some fashion experts made saree as a dress which comes in a stitched form, with a pallo as well as plits. Fashion experts made it easy and now people can easily wear a sari. And I can also say that fashion helped people to know others culture.
  • All of us want to look good and decent and it is fashion that makes us look glamorous. Sometimes we don’t have to say more because our outfit speaks a lot about us.
  • It is the fashion industry which bought various categories of dressing, like party wear, ethnic, casuals, formals, etc. It looks quite awkward if you wear a shiny dress in an interview. So, dressing is discriminated into different categories. This got only possible because of the growth of the fashion industry.
  • Nowadays it really matters what fabrics you wear, what colour you choose and what accessories you carry. All these show your status and also make you look attractive. People can’t see your bank balance they can only see your belongings or what you wear.
  • The growth in the fashion industry has developed new employment options and different colleges facilitating fashion studies has been developed, which opens new career opportunities.


Life is a package of happiness and sorrow and we can’t choose happiness or pains. But if we can do something then it is choosing the right stuff like entertainment, adventure, fashion, etc. All these things can make us happy and are also an important part of life. Fashion always attracts and it is available for all, either you are a child or an old one. Don’t stop whatever your age is; just live your life fullest up to the last breath.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When did the word fashion come into existence?

Ans. The word fashion came into existence around the 14th century.

Q.2 What is fashion in simple words?

Ans. Fashion is the style of dressing or behavior that keeps on changing with time.

Q.3 Why is fashion important?

Ans. Fashion is important as it makes us look different and instills confidence in us.

Q.4 Is fashion only about dressing?

Ans. No, it is also about our behavior, education, way of speaking, and carrying accessories.

Q.5 Who is known as the father of fashio

Ans. Charles Frederick worth an English fashion designer is known as the father of fashion.

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