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The word friend automatically brings a smile on our face. All of us have a friend circle and some of them are our best friends. There is quite a difference between being a good friend and a normal one. We should always select our friends carefully. We share all our stuff with them. So, a friend should really be trustworthy.

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Friend’s Ordeal in Problem Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) We have many friends but finding a true friend is difficult.

2) A true friend is one who never leaves us in our difficult times.

3) A friend’s loyalty can be checked when we need help.

4) A good friend always stands with us and guides us.

5) A good friend always helps you to achieve your goals.

6) A supportive and trustworthy friend is a true friend.

7) A true friend motivates you to work hard.

8) A good friend has a good heart not only good words.

9) A true friend trusts you and motivates you.

10) Difficulties show the real face of people and help us to choose the right friend.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – True Friends are Rare to Find


The first thing we learn when we visit our school is making friends. Really it feels amazing to have friends in our life. Friendship is a bonding of trust and happiness but it also troubles a lot when we are with the wrong person. Nowadays it is really very tough to have a loyal friend in our life. Life is all about the journey between life and death and it becomes more beautiful when we have good friends.

What is True Friendship?

Normally we don’t need a certain place like school or college, to make a friend but sometimes we luckily find people while traveling, attending any function, etc. Sometimes people choose our company just for some personal benefit but it is our duty to test a person before trusting them.

True friendship never ends and remains the same whatever our future be. There is a story in Indian mythology, the story of Krishna and Sudama. Both studied in the same ashram but one became the King and the other a poor priest. Still, the King treated him in the same way as they were at their ashram. This also shows that a true friend will never leave you.

We should not blindly trust others until and unless we check them. So, if you are confused and want to check your friend, just have patience. Sometimes we need help in our life and at that time you can check your friend’s loyalty.


Always try to become a good friend and set an example of true friendship, this will also inspire others to be like you. We have some students in our school or class who are called best friends and they share all the hard and soft parts of their life and help each other at every stage of life.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Friend’s Ordeal in Problem


Friendship is a never-ending bonding and distance does not matter if the bond is true. There are many people who have some best buddies, and also those who had a very bad experience with their friends. A good friend is a person who will be always present for you in every situation. All we need is an equal sense of understanding and support. One should be loyal and supportive. You can’t expect loyalty without being loyal at your own end. Always choose your friends carefully because they can either change your life or can also destroy you.

Some Qualities of Good Friends

  • Good friends are those who never allow you to do anything wrong, they will always poke you or will try to become a barrier if you take a wrong step.
  • Those who always encourage you to perform well are your good buddies, because your friends know your abilities and will always encourage you. They will not even hide your faults; actually, they will make so much fun of you that you will automatically change.
  • A true friend will never leave you alone, whatever the situation will be. He will always help you. Many of us call our friends when we are in trouble, rather calling our family. Because we know that these buddies will definitely help us and they are real friends.
  • Trust is something very rarer these days and a true friend will never disappoint you and will not even ditch you. They will not leave you at any cost and if you have someone like alike, you are the lucky one.
  • They are always supportive, trust me either we feel sad or happy; we just rush to tell our friends. They are the people who abuse us but also support the most if needed.
  • He will not be a person who always speaks sweet words to you, he can also be rude and aggressive sometimes. He will try his best to stop you from doing something wrong.
  • A true friend provides correct guidance and can also be your mentor.


God has given just one responsibility and that is to choose our friends, because he has already selected the other characters like our family, children, our life partner, etc. So, take some time and test your friend then trust them otherwise you can be in trouble and you can’t even complain to God about getting a bad friend.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed          


Friends are one of the most important pillars of our life. We cannot choose our parents, siblings, relatives, etc. If there is someone of our own choice than it is our friends. And all of us have friends and we have categorized them in different categories. Some of them are close friends and some are just friends, we simply categorize them on the basis of their personal qualities. But I can say that life seems meaningless without our best buddies.

What is Friendship?

It is a bond or relationship where all of us travel on the same boat and don’t ever let anyone fall, it does not matter how much space it has. We blindly trust one other and share all our stuff with them. It can be anyone, our colleagues, our school friends, batchmates, roommates, siblings, etc. It is rare to have a good friend and if you have one, you are the luckiest one.

Some Facts about Friendship

  • Most of us have more than 100 friends in our contact list or on the Social Media friend list, but there are very few who really know us and the reimaging is just a showpiece.
  • In research, it has been found that after meeting thousands of people we have only one or two close friends who last forever.
  • Lack of friends or having no friends can make a person depressed and many people also suffer from suicidal thoughts.
  • Normally people of the same IQ become good friends.
  • In research, it has been found that many successful people had supportive friends with them, who continuously encouraged them.
  • A physiologically proven fact tells that if a friendship lasts for 7 years, it will last forever.

Who is a Good Friend?

We have many friends but how we categorize them as a best friend or just a friend? All of us have a different point of view and I have discussed some common points.

  • A good friend is someone who always inspires us to do good. Actually, we cannot judge ourselves but others can easily find what is good or bad in us. A true friend always finds good and bad both things and inspires us to improve.
  • It is a good friend who will always trust you and will never leave you alone. Whatever the situation is, if someone stays with you then he is the best person and just doesn’t let him go. It is very rare when people stay because nowadays no one likes to be with failure. It doesn’t matter where you failed it can be your career, relationship, etc. If someone stays with you then he is the best person.
  • A good friend believes in sharing, if you have not bought your lunch they will definitely offer and will also help you in many ways. It is all about giving, they teach us how we should be. We should also follow the same actions for them and then only we can also prove the same title for them.
  • They are trustworthy and will never ditch you. Suppose two friends started a business and they started gaining profit and one of them cleverly earned more money without telling his friend. This is a case of fraud. A true friend will never do something like that, he will share things equally and are trustworthy.


There are many qualities of a good friend and we can only check them when we are in trouble. A true friend will always help you and really, they justify the title a “friend in need is a friend indeed”. All you have to do is just keep your eyes open and test your friend before believing them and this will never disappoint you in life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the necessary factor in friendship?

Ans. Trust is the necessary factor in friendship.

Q.2 Who is called true friends?

Ans. The friends who help you in times of need are called true friends.

Q.3 What do we call a person with no friends?

Ans. A person with no friends is called ‘Friendless’.

Q.4 What happens to people who have no friends in life?

Ans. The people who have no friends in life become socially isolated which is not good for health.

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