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We meet many people in our life. We forget many of them while some leave a life-long impact on our life. Also, we have many friends but there are only a few whom we consider our best friends. Humans being social animals need people around them. It is therefore always foremost in the mind of man to have a true and honest friend. Unlike all other relationships, friendship is the one you choose. Today I will discuss the priceless and essential person in my life that is the “My Best Friend”.

Short and Long My Best Friend Essays in English

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My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) My best friend is Mohit.

2) We study in the same class and at the same school.

3) He always helps me in my studies.

4) He supports me whenever I need help.

5) He guides me and motivates me.

6) He entertains me when I feel bored.

7) I share everything with him.

8) He is very kind and intelligent.

9) He has a helping nature.

10) We have the best friendship in the world.

Essay on My Best Friend (300 Words)


Friendship is a priceless relation that fills our life with happiness, strength, and compassion. A best friend is always there for you, through every up and down. Having a best friend is like having a blessing in life. Like many, I’m also blessed to have a helpful and supportive best friend.

My best Friend: My Support System

My best friend name is Sourabh Kumar. He is like my backbone. We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember, and I know he’ll always be there when I need him. Sourabh is someone I can talk to when I am happy, sad, confused, or lost. He always supports me and helps me to get out of any trouble. I can tell him anything and not worry about being judged or having my secrets told to other people.

What makes my best friend special?

Sourabh’s ability to listen without making judgments is one of the things that make him so unique. He is always there to listen when I have a problem and give me help without making me feel bad. His understanding and care make it easy for me to open up and talk. Another thing that makes my best friend stand out is that he is very funny. Sourabh has an amazing way of making me laugh, even when things are really bad. He has taught me to find happiness in even the smallest things.


My best friend is someone I can talk to, who is there for me when I need support, and who makes me laugh. The fact that he has a good sense of humor, and that he is loyal make him very important to me. I’m glad to have him in my life, and I value our friendship. Our friendship is rare and valuable, and I can’t imagine my life without him.

Short Essay on My Best Friend (250 Words)

Not every friend is our true friend. It is very important for each of us to have a true friendship if we want to proceed in life and get on the right track. Most people have a hard time finding and keeping true friends in life, but some are lucky enough to find them. It is rare to find a true friend in this world and is counted as one of life’s greatest achievements. I am fortunate to have a good childhood friend Rishabh.

I can share all my feelings with him because he is someone special. Each of us understands the needs of the other very well. He respects my feelings and is always there to help me. There are many things about us that are similar, such as hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. His positive qualities make him a good person. Having someone like Rishabh, as my best friend, makes me feel privileged. Whenever I need inspiration or strength, I usually turn to him.

His positive attitude motivates me all the time. In many aspects, he and I are very similar. He never argues with me and explains to me what is wrong whenever I get stuck. Every time he has a tough task to do, he takes my advice into account. We love each other’s company very much.

Long Essay on My Best Friend (500 – 600 Words)


Friendships are formed when we find an affinity with someone, and we make them a permanent part of our lives. Having a mind, taste, and temperament that match is crucial to friendship. It doesn’t matter what stage of your life you’re in, whether you’re in school, or you’re at work with colleagues or neighbors, friends are an essential part of it. Having good friends who you can express your feelings with and have a good time with is important to everyone.

My Best Friend: My Partner

My best friend is Surbhi. I first met her during our dance class. We study in the same school and also in the same class. At first, we felt shy to talk but gradually we became very close to each other. We share the same bench in class and study together. Being my best friend, she is my all-time partner. She accompanies me in dance class and also in tuition. She is one of my favorite people. She never leaves me alone. Whenever I feel sad, she entertains me with her jokes. We play together in the evening and she happily shares her toys with me.

Qualities of My Best Friend

My best friend looks very beautiful and innocent. She believes in helping others and she always respects others. All the teachers love her because she is good at studying. Whenever I have a question about my studies, she helps me and clears up all my doubts about them. I find her to be an inspiration and a guide. Whenever I feel lost, she is my source of strength. Whenever I need support, my best friend is there for me.

I consider her my best friend because she knows me so well and cares for me. When I am absent in the classroom, she helps me to complete all my left-homework and class assignments. Her open-minded nature makes her feel no guilt over my misbehavior. It is always a pleasure to talk to her because she is polite and has no argument with me or anyone else.

Importance of a Best Friend in Life

Having a best friend can enrich your life in many ways. You will be happier and less stressed if you have a best friend. Your mental health and happiness are hugely influenced by your friendship. Friends are sources of comfort and joy, prevent loneliness, and reduce stress. A whole lot of memories will be made as you share laughs, snacks, tears, and a whole lot of irreplaceable moments. In tough times as well as in the good times, a best friend is always there to support you.

The relationship of friendship is one of the most important aspects of life, without which life would be dull. It is impossible to find anyone who can match the unconditional love and honesty that a friend can offer. An honest friend is one of life’s greatest treasures. Time ends up quickly when we are with our best friends. Also, life becomes easy and happier.


Friendships are important in this world, and true ones are priceless. There is no doubt that the best gifts of God are the best friends. There is nothing better than having a real best friend in your life with whom you can share your most important life experiences and seek support at any time of the day. I always pray to God that our friendship will last a long time.

I hope the above given essay on My Best Friend will be helpful in understanding the importance of best friends in our life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Best Friend

Q.1 What qualities does a best friend have?

Ans. A best friend must be helpful, understanding, supportive, encouraging, etc.

Q.2 When Best Friend Day is celebrated?

Ans. Every year 8 June is observed as National Best Friend Day in the United States.

Q.3 What is harmful in friendship?

Ans. Misunderstanding, loss of trust, and loss of respect are harmful to friendship.

Q.4 Is there any age to make friends?

Ans. No, friendship is beyond any age. There is no age limit for making friends.

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