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God has made nature and then he created human beings as a man and a woman; both with different abilities and power. But this power dominated and males started thinking themselves superior. As a result, women had to suffer a lot for ages. The crime ratio also shows increased criminal activities against women. But the time has changed and people have developed but the women safety is still a big issue in big cities.

Short and Long Essays on Safety of Women in Big Cities

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Safety of Women in Big Cities Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)


All of us love to live in a big city and most of us are its part. We love these cities because we get all the required things nearby. Our basic needs like good hospitals, schools, the workplace, and one of the most important things is security. Either it a child or a woman we want to ensure security first. Although these big cities are developing day by day; but it is also necessary to focus on safety majors.

Women Safety in Big Cities

People believe that they can have everything in big cities, and these cities are full of rush and people around us. You never feel lonely and the thought of gender inequality will never bother you. It is genuine that we think we will be safe in these cities, but the question is are we really safe?

Although these cities follow security majors, still it is not sure that a woman is safe in the city or not. There are CCTV cameras all over, many helpline numbers available, still the crime rates are more as compared to a small city.

Many journals released different reports which show that women are not safe especially in big cities. Although they get more facilities and quick access to security services, they are not safe.


A woman needs is equality because our society had a special mindset for women and this makes provokes people for criminal activities. When a woman can do all the duties what a man can, then why she should feel inferior.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Is Women Really Safe in Big Cities?


India is the only country in the world where a woman is worshiped like a goddess and it is also the same nation where a girl child is killed as soon as she takes birth. How paradox it is, to have such tradition and belief. Sometimes girls are treated as Goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, etc. but the same girl becomes so unloving and many of us kill her. Can you imagine, if a girl is so unsafe in her mother’s womb then how she will be safe in society? Really women safety is something we should really have to think about and big cities should have this on their priority list.

Women Safety Features in Big Cities

India is a developing nation and we have developed a lot in every stream still there are some sectors like women’s safety that should be included in our topmost priority. Many families don’t allow girls to go out and work as free as boys, just because of their safety issues.

The time has changed and women are equally educated but many parents do not allow them to work. Can you imagine how many brilliant girls are not allowed to step out of their homes just because of safety majors? It is time and we should take some action and neutralize gender inequality.

Although there are some groups of females who work, but they won’t feel safe to travel alone late-night. Our government should develop some special safety features for females so that they can work with the same confidence which boys have.

Big cities are continuously working on the security of women. There have developed different helpline numbers for females and they provide 24×7 facilities. The control rooms are always active with all-female staff so that they can feel safe.

Apart from helpline numbers, there have been various apps developed to share their location and are really very helpful. When a girl travels alone she can share her location and, in this way, her family and friends can easily track her.


It will take some time to demolish the social and cultural hierarchies in the nation, but the nation is changing and the sex ratio has also increased. Women are given equal opportunities and they are performing well in every field. The government is continuously working on various women’s safety scheme and I am sure that the day is not far behind when each and every woman in the nation will feel safe and secure.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Women Safety in Metropolitan Cities


A rapidly developing city where you can find good infrastructure, opportunity to do something, all kinds of health facilities, hope, fun activities, good education, etc. is a metropolitan city. But there is something most of us are worried about. It is safe for our children and women? Although these cities are fully equipped with many latest technologies, it is very tough to ensure the safety of a woman. Safety is something that cannot be neglected and it is sad that very few cities focus on it. People talk about gender equality but reports clear that women face more crime in comparison to a man.

Crime in Metropolitan Cities

A crime is not only about killing someone but it also something that effects mentally. A woman faces different types of tortures; some of them are physical whereas some of them are mental like sexual abuse, harassment at the workplace or anywhere, rape, gender biases, etc.

Reports from different cities have proved that women need more security. There are different reasons behind and a city should not be called developed or a metropolitan until and unless it also has the safety measures.

Some Security Majors that should be taken

Rather than crying over spilled milk one should take certain majors to avoid any kind of mishap. Some basic women safety majors should be definitely opted by big cities, I have discussed some of them below:

  • CCTV Facilities

It is very necessary to have CCTV on the main roads and some crime-oriented areas. It is really helpful. The presence of CCTV automatically develops fear and people avoid doing anything wrong. It is really one of the most important majors in the term of security. It is not only helpful for females but is also helpful in preventing robbery, or any kind of loot.

  • Safe Transportation

Cities should have safe transportation facilities and public transports should have a GPS chip on them so that a customer can easily share their location and can safely reach home. Sometimes it is really tough for females to travel alone at night. This will be really helpful.

  • Patrolling Facilities

The police of the city should always be on the round of some sensitive areas. Every city has some criminal areas. So, police should always visit such places and have a special eye on such spots. In this way, crime rates can be easily reduced.

  • Proper Helpline Number

There are many helpline numbers made in different states but very few of us know that, so there should be a proper advertisement for helpline numbers. These helpline numbers should work properly and should be available 24×7.

  • Self-Defence Training

Nowadays it is very necessary for a woman to learn self-defencing techniques like karate. It can help her and it makes a woman strong and helps her to deal with her problems alone. A developing city should definitely have proper self-defense training institutes.

Government Initiatives for Women Safety

There are many laws made by the Women and Child Development Ministry in India for ensuring the safety of women in the nation.

  • Nirbhaya Fund: An amount raised by the government for ensuring the safety of women and girls in the nation. This fund was started from the year 2013 and every year the government provides some funds to the NGOs and helping societies who work for the betterment of women.
  • Emergency Response Support System: An emergency response system used to facilitate help instantly, with a helpline no. 112. This service is available in the entire nation.
  • Safe City Projects: This program has been specially started in the metropolitan cities to ensure safety with the smart police system, inbuilt with the latest technology and tech support. They will especially ensure women’s safety in the city.


A very famous saying ‘Be the change to change society’. We cannot change the world but we can change ourselves and also be the initiator. Gender discrimination is the major reason behind crime against women. Become a good citizen and don’t promote such type of thoughts and activities.

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