Essay on Why Best Friends are so Special

I hope that we all have read about the eternal bond of friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama. Lord Krishna was the incarnation of God on earth but he was also not devoid of this beautiful relation. We all have friends in our life but having a best friend is a great pleasure. We all are not lucky to have best friends in our lives.

Short and Long Essay on Why Best Friends are so Special in English

Students in their exams or different competitions are asked to write an essay describing their best friend. So, we have provided here:

10 Lines Essay on Why Best Friends are so Special (100-120 Words)

1) Having best friends in life is a true blessing.

2) Best friends are so special because they understand us every time.

3) Their selfless love and support make them very special in our life.

4) Best friend is the one who helps in making important decisions.

5) They are the one who listens to us and even tolerate our useless talks.

6) Best friends are so special because they never leave us alone.

7) A true best friend helps us in achieving success.

8) Best friends are blessings as they are our secret keepers.

9) A best friend guides us and tells us whenever we are wrong.

10) Best friend is a special gift of god after parents that make our life happier.

Short Essay – 250 Words


The charm of loving any profession and desiring to be in the same profession makes us ambitious. Ambition brings us great zeal and enthusiasm for accomplishing our goals. It keeps us motivating to us till we achieve the goal of our life.

Passion for working in the aviation sector

My love for aircraft and my passion for working in the aviation sector from childhood attracted me to this profession. I had a great desire to fly the aircraft in reality and that could only be possible if I become a pilot. This will also enable me to feel the beauty of flying in the air like birds.

The life of a pilot is very adventurous as they get opportunities to visit different places in the world and that would be really exciting for me. The job of a pilot is full of different types of challenges. It is interesting to be in a profession that offers us different challenges. It will help me in learning new things regularly. I love traveling therefore the job of the pilot would greatly benefit me in traveling to different locations through clouds.

The elegance of the profession

I love the way the pilots along with their team goes towards the aircraft for flying it. People have great respect for them and consider it as a profession that has a good reputation. It requires hard labor and regular practice in studies to qualify for this profession. Pilots also get a very handsome salary that is desired by everyone at present. As a pilot, I would also be able to live an interesting and disciplined life.


It is important for us to see dreams and do efforts to turn those dreams into reality. This will give great pleasure to us and make our life a meaningful one for us.

I have also given a long essay that will let you know the importance of a best friend in life. Moreover, it might help you in knowing that why best friends hold a special place in our lives. I think it might be beneficial for students of all classes in getting an idea of describing this topic.

Long Essay – 1150 Words


We all can have numerous friends in our life but people having best friends in their life are the blessed ones. Everyone in this world cannot be such lucky to have this special person in their life. I also did not know the pleasure of having best friends until I had them in my life or I became for someone. The best friends in our life make our life full of joy. It is someone who always stands by you in your needs and never lets you be alone.

What is Friendship?

Friendship is the thing that we earn in our life. It is a bond that is built up by trust and love. We connect with different types of people in our lives. There are few among them who become close to us and we call them our friends. A person can have friends in larger numbers but the place of best friend is only acquired by one person. There have been many examples of friendship set by different people from the past till today. In the great epic Mahabharata, we must have read about Karna and Duryodhana. Even after knowing the truth of his birth, Karna decided to be with his friend Duryodhana. In the same way, we can state the friendship of Krishna-Draupadi, Ram-Sugreev, etc.

Attributes of a Best Friend

Friends are very important in everyone’s life. Everybody in the world can have many friends but only a few of them have best friends in their life. Best friends are ones with whom everything seems good and more interesting. There is nothing special in the physical appearance of anyone that attracts us but their behavior towards us inspires us and brings us closer. I think the qualities of a person attract us and weave us into a bond of a best friend. I will be enlisting some of the qualities of a true friend or best friend.

  • Love and support us without any selfishness – Best friends are the ones who are always ready to support us in our needs. They give us the courage and hope that make us do our best. They support us without having any motive behind it. It is because they want us to see us happy.
  • Can easily judge our problems – Best friends do not need any explanations but they can easily know about our problems by seeing into our eyes or while talking. They are well acquainted with our feelings and thus our changed behavior makes them realize easily that something is not well. I think it is the best feeling one can feel in friendship.
  • They will point you at your fault – They will not feel bad in criticizing you for your mistakes. Best friends always tend to speak the truth either it feels good to you or not. It is because they are the ones who really care for you and protects you from choosing the wrong path in life. They will never appreciate you for a wrong thing.
  • They will always give you the right decisions – Many times in our life we are confused are unable to make some important decisions of our life. Best friends make this problem easy for us by helping us in taking the correct decision.
  • Trusts you blindly – We are like open books in front of our best friends. They know about our every weakness and strength. We need not prove ourselves in front of our besties. Best friends have an inner connection with us and they know us more appropriately than we understand ourselves. They never believe in what others say about us but only believe in what they know and feel about us.
  • Helps in ending our loneliness – We all need a companion in our life with whom we can hang with and do different types of gossips and fun. A best friend makes you feel that there is someone else who is exactly like you. He/she can get you out from your boring episodes of life by making it lively. It is the one with whom you can laugh for hours and do infinite talks.
  • Listen to you – In this busy world finding someone who really wants to listen to what you say, is a great thing. A best friend is always ready for listening to anything that you say. He/she want to know everything about you either it is good or bad. When you share your feelings with someone special in your life you might feel light.
  • Help you in getting your best – Best friend is one who knows about your every weakness and failure. They can direct you in a positive way to make your dreams come true. They do so because they are not jealous of your success and never want you to be sad. Anything that hurts you makes them sad too. They are ready to help you by going out of the way.

Why are Best Friends so Special?

There are many people around you who keep on appreciating you if you are right but also when you are wrong. They are called flatterers in form of our friends. A best friend is that single person who has the courage to say that you are wrong. It is not because he/she hates you but cares about you. He/she is ready to support you by going out of the way. These attributes make them close to you in your life.

Two people unknown of each other and coming closer because of same thoughts and choices and finally are woven into a strong bond of friendship make best friends. Anyone who can love you without any expectation from you makes a special place in your life. He/she just wants a smile on your face. We can openly share our feelings and secrets with our best friends with full trust.

Best friends give love and care for us in the same way as our parents do for us. These activities can only be done by someone who is special in our life. If you really want to know how special is your bestie then close your eyes and remember the memories spent with them. A smile on your face will make you feel how special is your best friend for you.


It is tough to find true friends in life. It is just like searching for a needle in the haystack. True friends are the ones who really care for you unlike flatterers and are ready to do anything for you. These qualities of a true friend have made friendship a very precious bond in this world. I wish that everybody in this world must have one best friend in their life. This bond will increase the beauty of life to infinite times.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When do we celebrate National Friendship Day?

Ans. Every year first Sunday of August is celebrated as National Friendship Day.

Q.2 What is meant by a best friend?

Ans. A best friend is a person who is close and has a special place in one’s life.

Q.3 What are the pillars of strong and long-lasting friendship?

Ans. Trust, honesty, and equality are the pillars for a strong and long-lasting friendship.

Q.4 What happens due to a lack of friendship?

Ans. The lack of friendship in the life of a person gives rise to several mental problems.

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