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The term “relationship” refers to a close bond between two people.

Humans cannot live alone they need someone to share their feelings, enjoy the moments, or live happily. But we cannot do these things with strangers. We need someone whom we can trust and also win their trust. For this reason, we need healthy relationships in our life. From birth to death, humans are tied to several relationships. So, today we will discuss about “relationship” in detail.

Short and Long Relationship Essays in English

Here, I’m presenting short and long essays on Relationship in different word limits of 100 words, 250 words and 500-600 words. This topic is useful for students of all the classes to write creative essays and paragraphs. However, this topic is of immense importance for every individual to know the significance of a healthy relationship in life.

Relationship Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Relationshipis a bond of love and connection between two people.

2) Life is incomplete without relationships.

3) Respect is necessary in every relationship.

4) A healthy relationship makes life happier.

5) Family, friendship, romantic, and acquaintances are the four main relationships.

6) Relationship reduces stress and loneliness.

7) Relationship takes time to form.

8) Proper communication is required to maintain any relationship.

9) Without a relationship, life will become dull and boring.

10) Researches show that a good relationship helps to live longer.

Short Essay on Relationship (200-250 Words)

A relationship is a bond between two people based on mutual like, understanding, need, or love. It can be family relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, or acquaintances. The strongest relationship in which we are tied since birth is family. Friendship is another beautiful relationship that fills our life with joy. A romantic relationship mainly exists between a husband and wife. Acquaintances refer to the people who are not our relatives but we meet them often. This type of relationship can later turn into friendship.

In every sphere of life, relationships have a crucial role to play. Having a relationship is one of the most beautiful things that one could ever experience in life. Maintaining strong relationships in your life have an enormous number of benefits in the long run. However, it requires efforts to maintain a good relationship. Respect and trust are very important in every relationship. A healthy relationship generates a positive environment. It also affects our mental state. However, a bad relationship can even ruin our life. Therefore, it is necessary to play your part in a relationship with honesty.

In earlier times, relationships were very precious for people. But today, people are turning selfish and greedy. They make relationships mainly for profit. This is the major reason that people are not happy and it seems very difficult to maintain the existing relationship.

Long Essay on Relationship (500-600 Words)


Relationships are defined as the feeling of love between two people and the connection that exists between them. The best feeling in the world is to love and to be loved by someone you care about. A relationship can be with parents, friends, or others. Each type of relationship plays an essential role in our life.

Types of Relationship

The four types of relationships are as follows:

Family: A family relationship is the first step towards interacting with others. Among all forms of human relationships, it is the strongest. In difficult times, they can provide support and a sense of belonging. Family relationships play a vital role in socialization.

Friendship: Our friends are the second family whom we trust, respect, keep in touch with, and love. They are the important relationship that we make our own. Friendship is necessary to share emotions and feelings.

Romantic: It is a relation to which we attach ourselves with a great deal of commitment. Among all relationships, it is the closest and most essential. Usually, this type of relationship is seen between husbands and wives.

Acquaintances: Regularly, we come across people who aren’t our friends or relatives. The person can be a neighbor or coworker, but we show respect and politeness. Such type of relationships can develop into friendship if treated with respect and care.

Importance of Relationships in Life

A relationship is an important part of our life. It is relationships that allow us to stay connected to each other. Humans depend on it for survival and it contributes greatly to their happiness and well-being. In a relationship, emotions, attachments, love, and sincerity are present. With relationships, we can grow up well, increase our awareness, improve our talents, and do many other things necessary to lead a happy and healthy life.

Without a relationship, you won’t be able to share your thoughts and obtain respect from others. When people have relationships with one another, they are able to discover who a person is at the core. In addition to bringing us a lot of joy, they are also a source of lots of laughs. However, a healthy relationship is crucial for a positive working environment, as it leads to mental peace as well as a more energetic attitude at work.

Benefits of a Healthy Relationship

Some benefits of a healthy relationship are mentioned below:

Less stress: Relationships help us to live a stress-free life. A relationship develops good understanding and sharing capability, thus reducing the chances of stress and depression.

Support: Having a relationship gives us people with whom we can share our lives and who can support us in time of need. It gives a support system that encourages us to do our best every time.

Happy life: Relationships play a very important role in the quality of life, without which life would be dull. A happy relationship in life can influence your health in a positive way. It saves you from boredom and makes life more joyful.


Relationships are a vital part of our lives and we cannot live without them. Relationships are a part of us from the moment we are born to the day we die. However, you can’t build a relationship in a day. A constant focus and attention are needed for them to succeed. A healthy relationship gives you joy while an unhealthy one can leave you exhausted. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good and healthy relationship.

I hope the above given essay on Relationship will be helpful in understanding the importance as well as different aspects of Relationship in life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Relationship on Relationship

Q.1 What are the important things in a relationship?

Ans. Communication, respect, trust, and love are the most important things in a relationship.

Q.2 Which is the best relationship in the world?

Ans. Friendship is considered the best relationship in the world.

Q.3 What are the dangers to a relationship?

Ans. Irresponsibility, immaturity, insecurity, etc are some dangers to a healthy relationship.

Q.4 When was the word “relationship” first appeared?

Ans. The word “relationship” first appeared in 1744, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary.

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