Diwakar Sharma

Diwakar Sharma has been a blogger for many years. As he knows well that readers behold the beauty of perception, so he writes to deliver the knowledge in an interesting, informative, and creative manner. He loves traveling and spending time with nature to enhance his creativity and consciousness. He loves Indian Culture and always keen to explore the depth of it.

Indian Army

Essay on Indian Army

Indian Army makes up the greatest part of the defence system of India. The Indian Armed forces comprise of Indian army, Indian navy, and Indian air force. The word Indian army brings a picture of the soldiers all dressed with proper uniforms and marching forward with their guns towards borders. Every citizen of the country …

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Indian Economy

Essay on Indian Economy

The economy of any country is directly dependent on the productivity of the nation. Agriculture is the base of the Indian economy as a large population is deployed in this sector to earn their living. India is a developing nation that is mentioned among the fast-growing economies. The economy of India boosts up in the …

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