Welcome Speech on Children’s Day

Children’s Day Welcome Speech

Good Morning everyone! Today on the occasion of Children’s Day I welcome all of you in our beautiful community Garden. I welcome the budding future of India and their parents. It is a day to celebrate your childhood and to inspire the innovators sitting between us. I wish all of you a very happy Children’s day.

As a society secretary, I organized this event to tell you some of my plans for the better future of your children. Today I want to tell you my views and then we will bring it into action. Now let me bring the history first for elaborating my plan.

As we know we celebrate this occasion on the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru Ji. He was one of the most important pillars of Indian history and the first Prime Minister of India. He was born on 14th November 1889. His love for children was not hidden from anyone as a result when he left us people decided to celebrate his birth anniversary as Children’s day.

In the year 1857 US declared to celebrate world children’s day on the 20th of November but the leaders in India found 14th more suitable to celebrate this occasion. From 1964 when Nehru Ji died people started celebrating Children’s Day on the 14th of November.

When India got its freedom, most of the population was illiterate and education was limited up to school-going children. So, our leaders found that these budding talents can only change the scenario of our nation. Nehru Ji believed that a child has the potential to change his nation as well as the world. So, he focused on them but today the scenario has changed. The door of educational institutions is open for everyone. Carrier growth is not limited up to a child, it can be his parents too.

I believe that there is a child in everyone and I believe that age is not a barrier to learning new things. Today I would like to encourage children as well as their parents to come forward. I know most of you are working still there is a lot to learn in this world.

I have organised this meet to introduce some of my plans. As a parent, I have observed that nowadays children have very little time for physical activities and apart from studies good health is also a part of development. A good and healthy body carries a fresh mind so, encourage your child to spend at least an hour in the ground. I am planning to arrange some new games in our society kit. Apart from this, I have also planned to conduct some skill development programs like Abacus classes, Coding, etc. I hope it will be beneficial in many ways.

After children, I am also planning some yoga classes for parents and wish to appoint a society physical trainer. He will take care of our health and I want to know from our ladies what extra they want to learn? Let’s make this children’s day special and different for everyone.

Dear parents I would also like to highlight some government schemes for children:

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan: It has been introduced in the year 2001 it advocates free education for every child up to 14 years.
  • Right to Education Act: This act also advocates education for every child. It also encourages the overalldevelopment of a child. It ensures to make a child multi-talented and this is the reason schools have introduced many other extra circular activities in their syllabus. Although the education system is going to change still few things will remain constant like overall development.
  • Scheme for Infrastructure Development in Minority Institutes: This scheme was launched for schools and other educational institutions to provide quality education in small educational intuitions.
  • Apart from these schemes, child labour is totally an illegal act in India especially up to age 14. So, if you see any child working in hotels or somewhere else please informs the authorities.
  • There are different laws made for a child if he/she faces any kind of abuse either it is physical or mental.
  • As per Article 15, a child should never be discriminated against as per his religion, caste, sex. It is also implemented on any citizen of India.

There are thousands of schemes and rules for children in our country but very of us know about it. I told you some of them because you should know. We see small children begging on the roadside so as a good citizen you should not give them money you should take them to NGOs or government schools. A small step from our side can bring a big change. The literacy rate of India is just 74.04% which indicates that still there are certain groups uneducated in our country.

Dear Society members and children I want you to become strong and help people for a better India. I want each and every part of India to become beautiful. Most of us feel sad when we see a beggar and give a rupee but we should think about some permanent solution.

Nehru Ji wanted to educate our children so he developed various educational institutions and they are still one of the best in our country. IIT, AIIMS, etc are some of the examples of these institutions. He encouraged children because he believed that they can only learn and acquire knowledge but today I would also like to encourage each and every society member to learn new skills and develop new opportunities not only for you but also for others.

There is no age of learning and thinking about your carrier, ladies who left their job, the dream just for their family now it is time to come forward and become a child again. Learn and also help others and make your family, society, city, as well as country, feel proud. The government has also launched many schemes for developing your own business you can get through them.

At last, I would like to end my speech with a famous line of Nehru Ji;

“Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.”

Thank You!