Essay on Life of Soldiers


The news of clashes, riots, and terrorist activities is always telecasted. The people of the nation are still safe and spend their days and nights in a peaceful way. The credit for making our life peaceful and secure goes to the soldiers guarding the border of the nation. Immense love for the motherland makes a person be a soldier. The life of soldiers full of sacrifices and hardships but they accept all the difficulties and happily sacrifice their lives for the nation.

Short and Long Essay on Life of a Soldier in English

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Life of a Soldier Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Soldiers are the defence team that safeguards the people of the country.

2) They protect the country from every external attack.

3) We are living peacefully because they guard the borders all time.

4) The life of soldiers is full of challenges and dangers.

5) Soldiers have to remain attentive 24 hours without taking rest.

6) They experience a tough training schedule before getting selected.

7) They have to do their duty in extreme climatic conditions.

8) They get fewer chances and time to meet their loved ones and families.

9) Soldiers are always ready to sacrifice their life for their country.

10) The life of soldiers is full of responsibility that requires courage and determination.

Short Essay on Life of Soldiers (250 words)


There is a defence system to fight against pathogens and foreign particles in our bodies. In the same way, soldiers are the defence system of any of the nations in the world. Soldiers are the greatest pride of any of the nations in the world. They are the ones who courageously safeguard the people and the nation from different dangers and enemies.

How Difficult is the Life of Soldiers?

It requires great courage and bravery to be a soldier. The life of soldiers is very challenging full of difficulties. The soldiers always smile and enjoy their work despite having such a difficult life. They are on duty for 24 hours of the day even while they are sleeping. They need to remain attentive while sleeping too. The soldiers have to face tough training schedules before they join the army. They cannot waste their time or relax like us. They require living life in the most disciplined manner.

They have to survive and perform their duties even in the toughest environmental conditions without any excuse. If they will give excuses then we will not be able to live and sleep safely. Soldiers need to be mentally and physically prepared to give their duty anytime. They have to live away from their families and sometimes during wars or emergencies they might remain away from their family for months. It is the toughest job and one needs a lot of courage and patience to be a soldier.


The protection of the motherland is a priority in life soldiers. They perform their duty without any selfish desires. Soldiers are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the nation and the protection of people. Teamwork, loyalty, respect, discipline, bravery are the qualities of a soldier. Soldiers are exemplars and respected by every citizen of the nation.

Long Essay on How the Life of a Soldier Is (500 – 600 Words)


Disciplined and Determined life of a Soldier

  • The life of a soldier is much disciplined. The soldier is very punctual and is careful about time. They need to wake up early in the morning and after completing the routine work does the exercise for an hour or 40 minutes. They work, eat, and sleep on time. Thus discipline is the most important value in the life of a soldier. The responsibility of the security of the country cannot be taken by a person unless the person is disciplined.
  • The soldier is highly concerned about his respect and Country’s honor. In no condition he let the national flag to bow down. The soldier fights for protecting the dignity of the nation and never steps back in any situation. They give priority to the nation and its security.
  • The soldiers are working with firm determination. This helps them to eradicate the different troubles. The soldiers have to live away from the family. They have to spend a lot of time without their loved ones and it is not easy. The thought of serving the nation makes them determined towards their goal. This determination helps them to be focused on the goal of life i.e. service to the nation.
  • The soldier does a lot of practice and exercise to build up their body. He has to take a lot of pain for making a steel body. He prepares himself in such a way that he may be able to handle all kinds of situations and climatic conditions.

Struggles in the Life of a Soldier

  • Distance from Family Members – The soldiers are mostly posted on the borders of the nation for safeguarding national security. They are placed in such areas where they are not allowed to carry their families. Thus, they have to remain away from the family for longer durations. They can only visit their hometown during the holidays. The soldiers have to perform their work in an efficient way only with the memories of their loved ones which is really difficult.
  • Adverse Climatic Conditions – The soldiers have to survive in places like Siachen, with colder temperatures and they have to spend days in deserts of Rajasthan. The climatic conditions in these places are not suitable for living. The hot winds blowing during the day time is exhausting. The soldiers have to wear uniforms as well as carry loads of arms and bags with them in such adverse climatic conditions.
  • Scarcity of Food and Resources – The availability of food and other resources in the regions like Siachen is very difficult. The temperature is much low (maximum drops to -60 degrees) due to which fruits and vegetables become hard as ice, juice and tea freezes to form ice. The soldiers have very few options for food. They are devoid of other basic services in such places. Many soldiers have lost their life due to heavy snowfall and the collapsing of canyons and houses made for shelter. It is very difficult for the soldiers to endure and perform their duty in such conditions.
  • Rigorous Training Programmes – The tough training practices and exercise activities make the soldiers tired and are also painful. The program is most hectic for the newly enrolled soldiers. They initially find a lot of difficulty in managing the routine but slowly and habitually it comes into the habit.


The life of a soldier is tough and full of struggles on one hand but is inspiring on the other. We can learn different important values from the life of a soldier. The duties of the soldier make him the most respected person in the society and country. Soldiers are the ones who live for their country and also dies for their country.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I become a soldier?

Ans. A passion to do anything either killing or dying for sake of a nation can make a person become a soldier.

Q.2 How do the soldiers survive in Extreme conditions?

Ans. The rigorous training and exercise make the soldiers become mentally and physically strong and survive in extreme conditions.

Q.3 Why the uniform of Indian soldiers’ is always olive green?

Ans. The uniform colour of soldiers matches with that of fields and forests that help in camouflage and hence could not be easily spotted.

Q.4 How do soldiers get out of fear?

Ans. The immense love for the motherland and spirit to fight against the enemies eradicates fear from the mind of soldiers.

Q.5 Who is a true soldier?

Ans. A true soldier is one who can face numerous hardships and sacrifice his life for the sake of the nation and well being of citizens.