Essay on Role of Science in Making India

Role of Science in Making India

Science is involved in everything we do in our life. The development of scientific research and technologies is the reason for the advancement of India. The newly developed defense techniques, medical equipment, medicines, developed infrastructure, etc in the country owe its gratitude to science. Every day we hear some of the other news related to new discoveries and inventions in the country. The pen and paper mode of life has been replaced by the advent of computers in the era of science.

Short and Long Essay on Role of Science in Making India in English

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Role of Science in Making India Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) All the sectors of India are benefitted from the emergence of science.

2) The advancement of tools and machines made the agricultural process easy.

3) Medical field is doing a great job with the emergence of science and technology.

4) People of India are now connected with the advent of science.

5) Science is helping in the development of space and research fields.

6) New applications of science are making our daily life easy and comfortable.

7) We can also see the advancement of the Industrial sector using science and its application.

8) Science is majorly contributing to the upliftment of the country’s economy.

9) New job opportunities helped in making India.

10) Science plays an important role in the development of India.

Short Essay on Role of Science in Making India (250 words)


Science has a major role in shaping the world as it is today. Science enables us to know more and more about the things that exist around us. It is because of science that we have been able to make use of the resources present in nature. If we compare the present with five years back period, we will certainly notice the change in the discoveries and technological inventions. This could be impossible without science in our life.

There is an immense contribution of science in the progress and development of India. India is on the way to becoming a digitalized nation at present that is a notable contribution of science and technology in the nation.

Contribution of Science in the Development of India

Science has lead to numerous inventions and technological advancements in different sectors of the nation. The agricultural sector has been gifted with enormous tools and machines that had greatly helped in reducing the labour of people in fields. Science has given rise to the invention of high-yielding crop varieties and newer techniques of crop production. In this way, science is a boon for the agricultural sector in India.

Medical science has greatly improved because of the development of science and technology. At present there are different machines to detect diseases and cure is also available for untreatable diseases. The industrial sector in the nation has also progressed because of the innovation in science and technology. This has led to the creation of several new employment opportunities for the people of India. Science has helped in making the life of people more easy and comfortable. The invention of scientific tools and machinery has contributed to reducing the time and energy in doing different works.


There is a very important role of science in making India as it is today. Science has enormously helped in uplifting the economy of India. There have been various inventions from the early man era to this science era that have been possible because of science and technology.

Long Essay on Role of Science and Technology in National Development (500 – 600 Words)


Science is the backbone for the growth and development of India. There is an immense contribution of science and technology in our daily lives. The application of the different technologies which resulted due to scientific methods has made our life easier.

Role of Science and Technology in Various Sectors

The growth and progress of a nation are only possible when all the sectors are flourishing. Science and innovative technologies have helped in reducing the work-oriented labor. There are different sectors in India which had made a lot of growth and progress due to scientific Inventions.

Development in Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is the basic strength of India. More than 60% of people are dependent on agriculture. Earlier there were no facilities in this field. People have to work for a longer duration and agricultural practices required intensive labor. The application of scientific methods leads to the development of machines; new methods of farming, irrigation facilities, different tools of farming, etc replaced the older farming practices requiring more labor with lesser yield.

 The new farming practices and technologies favor different methods and techniques of farming. This also helps in increasing the yield of the crops. The developed technology for farming helps in practicing sustainable agricultural practices. The higher yields of different crops benefit the farmer financially. The scope of trade will also enhance due to better production. It will also boost India’s economy as the agricultural sector is helping in the economic development of India.

Development in Medical Field

Science has emerged as a great weapon in the field of medical science. It has helped in developing newer methods to combat various incurable diseases. There are different machines and instruments developed because of science and technological developments. These instruments have made the diagnosis easier. In older days there were insufficient machinery and methods to diagnose the medical conditions of a person. People would die at their earlier ages as there was no cure available. Chronic diseases sometimes would spread in larger areas due to less knowledge and cure availability.

The present scenario has changed a lot. There are good hospitals, better techniques, and specialized doctors available in India. The researches and innovations are carried on regularly in our country for developing medicines and cures to incurable diseases.

Development in Communication

The development of mobile phones, computers, and the internet is of utmost importance to mankind. During the older times, there were no means of communication. People used to convey messages by hanging letters on pigeon’s necks and sending them or would send them by some person. The message which has to be delivered immediately would not happen. It would reach after a week or month depending upon the distance.

The development of means of communication helps us getting information about different things happening worldwide. This has helped in conveying messages anywhere in India and outside our nation too.

Development of Industries in India

India before independence was lacking in industrial development. After independence, there was a great innovation in the industrial sector. The old cotton mills and handicraft businesses were transformed into better industrial units with effective machinery. These machines made the work of the industries easier. The greater yield of finished goods also increases the export business of India. This also helped in enhancing the Indian economy.

Development of Space and Research Technologies

India has been excelling in space and research due to several inventions and discoveries which had been made possible by the research and development in science. The country has made greater achievements in developing chandrayaan-2 a successful to the moon in October 2008 and has launched different satellites like PSLV, Rohini, etc. India along with its own progress in this field is also providing space facilities availability to several other countries.


India is making progress in different sectors and this has been made possible due to the contribution of science and technology.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What position in the world did India hold in Science researches?

Ans. India is ranked at the fifth position in the world for scientific research.

Q.2 Who is known to be the first scientist of India?

Ans. CV Raman was the first scientist of India and he was the first Asian to receive the Noble Prize in Physics in 1930.

Q.3 What changes the Mangalyaan invention did to the science and research of India?

Ans. It gave a new height to space technology in India and inculcated the ideas of scientific research in minds of youths.

Q.4 How much GDP is invested by India in Scientific research?

Ans. India spends 0.7% of its GDP on science research and development.

Q.5 What is the meaning of the word ‘science’?

Ans. The word science is derived from the Latin word Scientia which means knowledge, about knowing. It is the study of facts with explanations.