Essay on Indian Army

Indian Army

Indian Army makes up the greatest part of the defence system of India. The Indian Armed forces comprise of Indian army, Indian navy, and Indian air force. The word Indian army brings a picture of the soldiers all dressed with proper uniforms and marching forward with their guns towards borders. Every citizen of the country feels respect for the Indian army. The Indian army is dedicated to protecting the nation and its citizen from any kind of danger. The Indian army constitutes of the brave and courageous people who live and die for the nation.

Short and Long Essay on Indian Army in English

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Indian Army Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Indian Army is responsible for protecting the people of India.

2) Indian Army is the land-based defence team that forms the Indian Armed Forces.

3) The Indian Army is headed by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

4) The headquarter of the Indian Army resides in New Delhi, the capital of India.

5) Indian Army saves people from terrorist attacks and ensures national security.

6) Indian Army also helps in the rescue process during a disaster.

7) Indian Army has fought and won many wars for the country.

8) Indian Army ranks as the second most powerful army in the world.

9) “Service is our Creed” reads the motto of the Indian Army.

10) Indian Army is respected by every citizen for their work and contribution.

Short Essay on Indian Army (250 words)


Every country in the world has a defence system to protect its people from enemies or any type of danger. The Indian army is also a unit of the defence system of the country India. Indian army is regarded as the second-largest military force in the world after the military force of China.

Indian Army is the land-based force of the defence system of India. It constitutes the largest component of the Indian Armed forces. The soldiers in the Indian army are divided into different regiments according to their capabilities. The President is the Supreme Commander of all the three wings of the Indian Armed forces. The Army Chief is the head of the Indian Army. The present Army Chief of the Indian Army is General Manoj Mukund Narvane.

Role of Indian Army

Indian Army is a unit of the Indian Armed Forces that is meant for safeguarding the nation on land. The soldier is the smallest unit of the Indian army. Their duty is to protect the nation from any kind of problem occurring inside or outside the nation.

Soldiers undergo the toughest training procedures before becoming the soldier in the army. The security of the motherland is the priority of every soldier in the Indian army. They protect the people of the country from different types of problems. It is because of them the people in the nation are safe and live with peace and harmony.

The soldiers always try that the national unity is never disturbed in any condition. They are ready to sacrifice their life for the sake of the nation. They not only safeguard the borders of the nation but also help people during the rescue operations after the occurrence of natural disasters like floods, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, etc.


The Indian army is always ready to serve the nation even in extreme climatic conditions. There is immense respect and love in every Indian citizen for the Indian army.

Long Essay on Indian Army: History, Framework, Organization and Importance (500 – 600 Words)


The Indian armed force is basically constituted of the Indian army, Indian navy, and Indian Air Force. The Indian Army is responsible for the maintenance of peace and security inside the nation by securing the borders of the nation. Indian army is a land-based defense force and constitutes the largest portion of the Indian Armed Force.

The Indian army had fought bravely four wars from Pakistan and once from China. Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus are few other operations that have been performed by the Indian army.

History of Indian Army

The presence of today’s Indian National Army traces its routes from the military forces which were formed initially by the East India Company. Later the forces employed during the East India Company were transformed by the Britishers and there was the formation of the British Indian Army. After India gained Independence, the Colonization ended. The Indian National Army came into action after independence.

The Framework of Indian Army

  • The President is having supreme command over all the three branches of the Indian armed force namely the Indian army, Indian navy, Indian air force.
  • The co-ordination and working are monitored by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS). At present in 2020, Manoj Mukund Narvane is the Chief of army staff.
  • The Indian Army consists of seven commands. The six commands are operational and one is the training command. The headquarters of the Indian army is in New Delhi and all the commands are linked to it.
  • The seven commands are Eastern Command (Headquarter Kolkata), Central Command (Headquarter Lucknow), Northern Command (Headquarter Udhampur), Southern Command (Headquarter Pune), South-Western Command (Headquarter Jaipur), Western Command (Headquarter Chandigarh) and Training Command (Headquarter Shimla).

Organization of Indian Army

The Indian army is organized in a hierarchical manner in the Commands.

  • Corps – The corps consists of 3-4 divisions. The head of the army corps is Lieutenant General with a three-star military rank. There are two or more corps in a command. The Headquarter of the corps is the highest field formation in the army.
  • Division – There are 37 divisions in the Indian army. The Division consists of 3-4 Brigades. The head of the division is Major General with two-star military rank. The divisions can be classified as 4 Rapid Action Divisions, 18 Infantry Divisions, 10 mountain divisions, 3 Armoured Divisions, and 2 Artillery Divisions.
  • Brigade – It mainly consists of combating troops and supporting elements. The Brigade is headed by the Brigadier with one-star military rank. The army can have independent Brigades also.
  • Battalion – This is the actual fighting unit of the infantry. It is headed by Colonel. Three platoons make a battalion.
  • Company – It consists of 120 soldiers. Two or more platoons make up the Company. It is headed by the Major.
  • Platoon – A Platoon consists of 32 troops. The Platoon is headed by a lieutenant.
  • Section – It is the smallest unit of the Indian army and consists of 10-12 soldiers. It is headed by a non commissioned officer called Havaldar.

Importance of Indian Army

The Indian Army is one of the active defense branches of the Indian Armed forces. The army is providing security to the people of the nation. They are regularly working day and night without fearing for the loss of their lives. They put a check on terrorist activities, wars, foreign attacks, etc. The army also helps in the completion of rescue operations which is resulting from disasters and natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, etc.


The Indian Army is working continuously for our protection and peace and integrity. They are devoid of family life to give us a good family life and peaceful sleep. The immense effort and dedication of the army for serving the motherland of India are of great pride. The soldiers are ready for any kind of battle or attack. They never move back in fear of losing lives instead they happily sacrifice their life for the motherland. This passion of the Indian Army is subject to salutation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who heads the Indian army?

Ans. The President of India is the supreme commander and heads all three divisions of the Indian armed forces.

Q.2 Who is the father of the Indian army?

Ans. Stringer Lawrence is regarded as the father of the Indian Army.

Q.3 What is the Indian army uniform called?

Ans. The uniform of the Indian army is referred to as” Jungle Dress” as it has a forest camouflage with ranks embroidered on flaps. Jackets or sweaters are worn over them during winters.

Q.4 What is the age limit to join the Indian army?

Ans. The age limit to join the Indian army is 17-23 years.

Q.5 What is the ranking of the Indian army in the world?

Ans. India ranks in the fifth position for having the words most powerful military in the world.

Q.6 Where is the headquarter of the Indian army?

Ans. The army headquarters are in New Delhi.