Speech on Children’s Day for Teachers

Children’s Day Speech for Teachers

Honorable Principal Sir, colleague, and my dear children. I wish you all a very happy children’s day. It is a very special occasion and I really wish success, happiness, and love to all my dear children. It is a special day for the blossoming future of our country. I feel proud and forget my pain and worries when I see these smiling faces. You give me energy and fill new hope to bring a change in our country.

Do you know, you are not only special for your parents but also for your teachers, your school and for your nation. I know sometimes you feel upset if a teacher scolds you but believe me your teacher is the person who feels happy when you get good marks or achieve something in your life.

Our love is selfless because we don’t need anything from you, parents care for your future and want to see to at top positions but when it is a teacher, he feels proud to see you successful because we proudly say see, he or she is my student.

All of us know Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla, etc. how proud their teachers would be when they saw their students in such a high position. We only want to see you progressing and I wish very good health to all of you.

Every child has some abilities, some are good in maths whereas some are good in literature so, never feel underestimated when you try your best and fail to achieve good marks some times. If something matters is the hard work you do. Dear students’ life is full of competition so nourish yourself in at least one stream and develop yourself so strong that no one could beat you.

Apart from studies nowadays you have many carrier opportunities like sports, dance, music, good YouTuber, etc. So, try to find that X factor within you and work on it. We support creative talents and you also know some of your famous brothers and sisters who passed our school in some previous batches.

All I want to say is, as a student you will face many difficulties but never get demotivated if you fail because there is always a new day in the book of life. Try hard and the world will look small for your achievements.

I also want my students to never forget our leaders who brought freedom for us and also the person who gifted you this auspicious day. Yes, it was Chacha Nehru who wished to celebrate his birthday as Children’s day. He was a visionary leader who visited many countries and planed the same kind of education system in India. Thanks to Nehru ji that you are blessed with the Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT), Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), the National Institutes of Technology (NIT), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, etc.

The concept of UGC was also suggested by Nehru Ji and our education minister Abul Kalam Azad brought this into action. It was 1956 when the University Grants Commission of India was established. Although it was recommended before, it was Nehru Ji who worked on it. Some state and central Universities were developed under the department naming Union Human Resource Development Ministry which is today known as Ministry of Education.

Nehru Ji was well-educated and completed his studies from foreign countries and came back to serve his nation. When he used to visit a foreign land, he used to observe things keenly and tried his best to develop his nation in the same way. He was a true patriot and took many major steps for the development of the nation. He believed that education is one of the best ways to develop a nation.

He was our first Prime Minister and served the nation for more than 15 continuous years. Although he was from a reputed family, he was a very kind and down to earth person. He contributed a lot to developing India and also addressed children as the future of India.

Nehru Ji had 1 daughter but when she was born, he was in Jail and he remained there for many years and this kept him away from his child. People believe that this is also one of the reasons behind his love for children. He was fond of children and was always available for them and this is the reason we celebrate his birthday as Children’s day.

World Children’s day is celebrated on the 20th of November whereas in India we celebrate this occasion on the 14th of November. It was 1954 when it was announced to celebrate this occasion but in India when Nehru Ji left us in 1964, all the leaders consensually wished to celebrate this occasion on Nehru’s birth anniversary.

He was a great leader who felt that children are the future of a country and they should be given extra care and love. They have the ability to create history and are also very innocent at the same time. He unconditionally loved them and after independence, India needed some change and he believed that it is the children of our country who can bring this change. This is the reason our entire nation celebrates this day every year with great enthusiasm.

Dear children, I also see the future of our country in you and I try my best to give you the best of my knowledge. You are free to learn anything and everything here and all the teachers are always available to help you in every situation.

A teacher always wants his student to learn more than him and we really feel proud when you cross-question and ask new things because it shows that you are getting the topic. You will not believe but we discuss in our staff room about students and try to understand them because some perform well in a subject whereas some in another. I am glad that our new government has introduced a new education policy and it allows students to choose their own subject.

I would really like to say that don’t take studies as a burden, enjoy it and we will try our best to make school a fun place for you. Dear students, you are like my own kids and as a parent, I know how to guide you. Adopt a learning nature and this will help you in your entire life.

I know now my speech is getting long and I would like to wish all of you this special day again with the hope that you will try your best to serve your nation from your knowledge. I will end my speech with a famous quote from Nehru Ji; he especially addresses this for children.

“Failure comes only when we forget our ideals and objectives and principles.”

Thank You and have a good day!