Paragraph and Short Essay on Role of Science in Making India

India is a developing nation in the world. And, the technological advancements which are carried on day to day owe to the development of this nation in the field of science and technology. Get here detail information about the Roles of Science in Making India through these paragraphs and short essay.

Paragraph on Role of Science in Making India

Role of Science in Development of India (250 Words)


Science and technological development aids in the growth and progress of any nation. The enormous progress in scientific technologies has made India become one of the leading developing nations in the whole world.

Role of Science in the Development of India

Science is the root of all the inventions and discoveries. Nowadays, everything is made possible because of the development of scientific technologies. Science has helped in development in various sectors. There are many innovative techniques, machines, therapies, medicines, and industries, etc. which have been developed due to science. Science has made our daily life work easier.

There are many institutes in India which foster the scope of studying science. Every year many students complete their studies in this field. Some of the students among the total grew up to become successful scientists, engineers, doctors, etc. There are many sectors which have been aided with technological improvements because of science and innovations.

There have been a lot of changes in our lifestyle which is only possible due to the positive application of science. The agricultural sector is most benefitted due to the emergence of newer technologies and machinery. Science has opened the doors of various employments which in turn is helping in boosting the economy of our nation. The invention of various spacecraft, satellites, and missiles is a great contribution of science and technology towards the growth and progress of our nation.


Science has helped mankind in different ways. Different technological advancements have been made by our nation to date due to the application of science. Many newer innovations are still awaited.

Short Essay on Role of Science in Making India

Roles of Science in Making India (400 Words)


Science is another name for making things possible. The ideas and innovations of science lead to the development of technologies making India emerge as one of the developing nations of the world. There is a great contribution of science in agricultural, health, industrial, etc. sectors. This also helps in boosting the economy and ranking of India in the whole world.

Science has changed our lifestyle to a great extent. Earlier people cooked their food by using wood. They resided in huts for shelter and protection. The application of scientific methods have improved the living standards and made our life easier. Now there are different machines which help us in doing our daily work, which required a lot of labor in earlier days.

India’s Contribution to Science and Technology

India is a land of many inventions and discoveries. There are some discoveries which have been important and valuable for the whole world. The main credit goes to the genius and great Indian scientists like CV Raman, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Birbal Sahani, Vikram Srabhai, Shrinivasa Ramanujan, etc. These scientists have great contributions in the field of science.

Our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was also a great scientist and popularly known as a missile man of India. He also gave a lot to the field of Indian space and Research by working with India’s two major space and research organization namely DRDO and ISRO.

Recent Program for Contribution to India’s Science and Technology

The prime minister of India on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October 2020 inaugurated VAIBHAV SUMMIT (Vaishwik Bharatiya Vaigyanik Summit) for the researchers of India and worldwide. This is a great step towards making India Atmanirbhar Bharat. This step has been taken to enhance the capability of research and an integrated approach will provide a greater perspective. This will be contributing to India’s science and technology to reach a global objective. This will also result in developing newer ideas and solutions for the pre-existing problems of pollution and climate change which are a great issue at present.

Contribution of Science and Technology during Pandemic COVID-19

The whole world had been suffering from the tremors of COVID-19 from last 8-9 months. Every activity has been disturbed due to the critical pandemic situation. India has also suffered a lot during the pandemic. Education, employment, health, agriculture all were at loss. Science and technological developments have been a great help to people during this phase.

In India the classes for students of schools and colleges are held online, people are benefitted from the availability of different things without stepping out of the house. The continuous research work which is still going on in the whole world including India for the development of the vaccine is only possible due to the development of science. Although all lives could not be saved, a maximum number of people were saved due to the developed infrastructures like hospitals and skilled health professionals. It is because of science and technology whatever we could do today.


India is the fastest-growing nation in the research sector. There are many technologies that have been inherited by other nations, but today India is self-capable. There are many technological developments which are taking place in our country.

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