Paragraph and Short Essay on Make in India

Make in India as can be simply stated as ‘Come and manufacture in India and sell the products wherever it is required in the whole world’ as said by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is an initiative taken by the government to enhance the country’s economy and ranking in the whole world.

Paragraph on Make in India Scheme

About Make in India Scheme (250 Words)


Our country India is a developing Nation. We can observe a lot of technological advancements and achievements being made in various disciplines. The country is still lagging behind in some aspects. There are many things which are yet not manufactured in our country and are imported from other countries.

About the Scheme “Make in India”

The Make in India scheme was launched by the Government of India on 25 September 2014. It was launched in order to lessen our dependency on other countries for the products and their manufacturing. It is an effort to make India the manufacturing hub in the whole world. The Government of India focused on accomplishing it by motivating our own industries and foreign investors to start manufacturing the products in our country.

The main objective was to improve our economy, employment status and enhance manufacturing process. The vision behind this initiative is to make India capable of supplying the products to the whole world. This also aims to provide employment to masses as this also contributes to foster country’s economy.

The ideas implemented to foster the scheme include the industry innovation, foreign investments, new policies, skill development, innovative ideas and plans. These all are needed to work upon to get the desired result. There were 25 different sectors recognized by the government where growth is required to make these sectors self-reliant. These sectors are having a major role in building the economy of India. Making these sectors to excel and capable of manufacturing for the whole world will help in boosting our economy and also the success of the scheme.


The scheme “Made in India” has been a successful attempt towards the development and growth of the country.

Short Essay on Make in India Scheme

What is Make in India Scheme and How It Helps us (400 Words)


India is the seventh-largest nation in the whole world in terms of area and second-largest according to population. Due to the high population index, there are fewer employment opportunities. This is leading to rising of poverty and hunger, illiteracy, health issues.

What is “Make in India”?

Make in India is about manufacturing the products in our own country. It will help in the growth of our country’s economy and also create several employment opportunities for the people of India.

The better implementation of the scheme requires focusing on the different parameters. It requires ease of business to reduce challenges in business and attract investors to invest in doing business in our country. The rules and regulations related to the business need to be relaxed. The setting of new industries i.e. Infrastructure is the priority of this scheme. This will only help in fostering the manufacturing process. The new ideas and technologies will help as an aid in this scheme.

The workers and professionals working in the industries require undergoing training processes so that they may become friendly to the new techniques. This will make them work in a more efficient way.

Why shall we Depend on other Nations if we are Blessed with Immense Capabilities?

The people of India are bestowed with different talent. There are many people possessing excellent skills in working but never get an opportunity. Make in India scheme is laying stress on manufacturing the products in our own country. It also focused on setting up new industrial units by the help of foreign investments.

Earlier we were dependent on other countries for getting the finished products. Our country would provide raw materials to foreign countries. They after manufacturing the product imported the finished goods to us. Due to less expertise and skills, the product could not be manufactured in our own country. The scheme is focusing on harnessing the potential of our own people and industry.

How will ‘Make in India’ Policy Help the People?

New industrial units are required to set up to enhance production and manufacturing. These units when formed will require a huge number of skilled and unskilled workers and professionals. This will open up the doors of employment. Various job opportunities will be opened up for the people. The economy of the country will itself be fostered if major sections are employed. This will also help the people who want to set up business in India fostering entrepreneurship.

The foreign investment will provide an opportunity for the investor’s word wide to directly invest in India for initiating the business. This will lead to the development and growth of the manufacturing sector.

Conclusion The imports of products in our country exceed exports. The initiation of this policy in 2014 has brought many changes. It requires proper implementation to make this policy more successful.