Paragraph and Short Essay on Alcohol Ban

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is becoming a fashion day by day. The ban on the consumption of alcohol will greatly alter the lifestyle of addicted people. People having a habit of drinking can face serious health issues and therefore there must be some rules and regulations imposed on sale on alcohol.

Paragraph on Alcohol Ban

Consequences of Alcohol Consumption and its Ban (250 Words)


Alcohol is an ingredient which is used up in the making of alcoholic beverages. It is not hygienic to consume a heavy dose of alcohol and on regular basis. There is no prohibition on the consumption of these beverages. People enjoy alcohol during parties’ celebrations and on different occasions.

Consequences of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is becoming like a deep-rooted infection in society. The lifestyle of people has totally changed nowadays. Many people spend multiple hours in offices and are laden with workloads. They slowly develop a habit of consuming alcohol for reducing stress. Slowly and habitually this consumption becomes a habit. There are people in other sections of the society also having the habit of drinking alcohol.

The people who are working as labours, drivers etc. are mostly having the habit of consuming alcohol. They want to relieve their tiredness after working and sleep peacefully. This makes them habitual of alcohol intake on daily basis. It has been seen that there are many people who are not concerned about family conditions but they want money daily for buying a bottle of alcohol.

The consumption of alcohol is not beneficial in any way and therefore should be banned. Regular intake of alcohol will start affecting the health of a person. Apart from causing health issues, regular consumption of alcohol is also the main cause of fights in families, various cases of domestic violence, accidents, sexual abuse, etc.


I am totally in favour of prohibiting alcohol. There must be some strict rules imposed on the sale of alcohol. It should not be sold to students anywhere. The reduction in alcohol drinkers will be a great step towards the development of our nation.

Short Essay on Alcohol Ban

Alcohol Consumption: a Big Social Issue (400 Words)


Alcohol consumption is also a kind of drug abuse. There are many types of alcohol like whiskey, rum, brandy, vodka, etc. All these are termed as alcoholic beverages. The amount of alcohol in these beverages differs and therefore the names differ. The alcohol abuse is causing degradation of society and nation. If alcohol is consumed in a limited amount and occasionally then it is advantageous, but the regular intake of high doses is not beneficial in any way.

Youngsters Developing an Addiction to Alcohol Consumption

The youngsters are more attracted and are easily influenced by this intoxication. It is seen that many teenagers, college students are fond of drinking on daily basis. They steal money for getting their wishes fulfilled.

The main reason for their addiction to this drug is the entertainment industries. There are many actors who are shown taking alcohol for acting in the movies and serials. Every student is fond of celebrities. They try to copy the habit of their favourite celebs. In order to imitate and looks like the celebrity they admire, they try to develop the same habit in them. Many students acquire this habit from their family also. They also grow up to attain the same what they see in their families.

The studies and carrier both are affected due to the habit of alcohol consumption by students. Everything seems beautiful in the starting but after a few years, they realize the reality. There are many students who are admitted to the rehabilitation centres to come out of the chains of alcohol addiction.

Why should Alcohol be Banned?

The consumption of alcohol is bringing a negative effect on our family and society. The consumption of alcohol makes people be out of their senses. They could not even understand what they are saying. They commence fights, become violent and use abusive words, disturb the peace of family members and some people also commit serious crimes. There are many people consuming alcohol to get out of stress and pain, many are drinking for happiness and enjoyment.

The ban on the consumption of alcohol will be beneficial in many ways. The crime rate will be greatly reduced and families will not have to suffer the inappropriate behaviour of drinkers. The intoxication of alcohol also makes people neglect their families and loved ones. These people are one who are digging their own grave.


The consumption of alcohol is leading to different problems in society. These problems can only be controlled by making people aware of the side effects of alcohol consumption. There must be prohibition implemented on the sale of alcohol instead of selling it inappropriately.