Essay on Science is boon or a Curse

Science is boon or a Curse

Can you imagine life without electricity, television, mobile phones, bike, etc? It was not very easy earlier to travel miles without any means of transportation. The people could not easily communicate with their close ones and relatives as there were no options other than sending letters. It is only because of science we have been facilitated with enormous technologies.

Short and Long Essay on Science as a Boon or a Curse in English

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Science as a Boon or a Curse Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Science and its applications are used by us every day.

2) Science has made our daily work easier.

3) With the help of science, we are living a luxurious and comfortable life.

4) The medical field has developed a lot with the help of science and technology.

5) Communication with distant people is now a few-minute job.

6) Development in the field of education is possible with science.

7) Science is helping in the development of the country.

8) Apart from comfort, science is responsible for increasing pollution.

9) With science people are developing harmful gadgets and machinery.

10) Science can be a boon or curse depending on how people use them.

Short Essay on Science a Boon or Curse (250 words)


The early men were the first human beings to live on this earth. They did not have any kind of tools or machinery. They spent most of their time gathering food for them and ate raw fruits and flesh. Slowly and gradually the invention of tools, fire, the wheel, fabrics, etc. took place. These all were possible because of science and technology. The advancement of science has helped in transforming the early man era to the scientific era.

Science is a wonder for human beings. It has contributed to various inventions and discoveries in the entire world. Science is involved in everything that we do in our life. It has helped human beings to understand the different processes that are taking place around us.

Science – A Boon or Curse

Science has brought a magical advancement in different fields like learning, teaching, medicine, agriculture, defence, commerce, industrial, etc. It has been possible because of scientific innovations and technological developments. The survival of human beings is not possible without science. Science in real terms is a blessing for mankind, but on the other hand, it can become a bane if used in a negative way. There are people who use scientific knowledge for destruction and bloodshed.

The invention of different types of weapons used for destruction and loss of life is the negative use of scientific knowledge and technology. It is always that overuse of anything becomes a poison and the same is applicable in science. The practical use of scientific knowledge must be done when required or excessive use will result in causing environmental problems. Science is a blessing if used for the betterment of humanity but can be a curse if used inappropriately by destructive minds.


The real meaning of science is knowledge. Knowledge is always useful until and unless we make wrong use of the same.

Long Essay on Is Science a Blessing or a Curse (1050 Words)


Human beings have transformed from early nomads to civilized citizens which owe their gratitude to science. Science is involved in every phenomenon in our life. From our daily routine works to the invention of satellite and space technologies there is an important role of science. Life was very hard to live before these developments. Every work was time taking as there were no developments. Intelligent minds converted these necessities into facilities and this is called science.

Science is an Undulating Curiosity

Every day different thoughts and ideas strike in our minds. The sparklies in the conversion of these ideas into an invention. The basic meaning of science is adhering to curiosity. This is the keen desire to know about different happenings that are taking place around us. The conversion of ideas into discovery is termed as science which provides an answer to our curiosity.

Curiosity and innovations lead to the development of several technologies which have made our life easier. Science has solved the major complexities of our life. Science exists in nature and its phenomenon, variations of weather and climatic conditions, activities happening in space, etc. The basic explanation to every question which arises in our mind is possible because of science.

Computer: A Great Contribution of Science

The development of computers in this era which is denoted as the science age is of utmost importance. Computers have become a necessity in every sector like medicine, agriculture, architecture, Industrial, teaching, research, and development. We can clear all our doubts about using computers. It is due to the development of this tool which has made communication and access to information about what is happening all around the world.

Mobile phones are smart computers which are nowadays seen in every hand. Development in technological advancements gave birth to mobile phones. They are handy and can be easily carried. Most of the works like browsing, sending messages, or mails take a few seconds to be performed. It could not be possible without science and its perspectives.

Advantages of Science as a Technology

  • Improved Our Living Standard – Science has made our living standard to raise from a normal level to a luxurious one. Today we have been provided with a lot of facilities. Earlier there were limited means of transportation and today we have a bike or car in every house. The time of radio has been transformed by televisions, home theatres, laptops, mobiles, etc.
  • Involved in Our Daily Routines – The use of television, geysers, refrigerators, fan, telephone, gas stove, etc. are brought into the use of human beings which are incredible discoveries of science. Without these technologies, we cannot imagine our life. They have become our necessities.
  • Useful in Medical Science and Treatment – There are cures and medicines available for different incurable diseases. Different machines are developed for diagnosing various diseases that could not be easily diagnosed earlier. Science has made such things possible that were considered impossible at a time. It is because of science that there are medicines and cures available for chronic diseases.
  • Facilitated Communication – People can easily send messages and emails. The technology has enhanced in such a way that a person sitting in one country can easily contact people in other countries. This also has been a boon for trade and businesses which in turn helps in boosting the economy of the nation.
  • Aid in Learning and Teaching – The science era has brought various changes. There are smart classes instead of a board, chalk, and duster. The distance learning program is an aid for the students of remote areas who are unable to attend classes physically.

Disadvantages of Science as a Technology

  • Environmental Degradation – The gaseous pollutants like smoke, dust, NOx, SOx, generated from industrial areas and vehicles, effluents discharged from the factories are posing a great threat to our environment. They are degrading the quality of air, water, soil. These developed inventions are a gift of science but are totally a curse if they are causing harm to our environment.
  • Development of Life Ending Weapons – Science and its technologies utilized in a negative way can create biological weapons that can cause the destruction of the whole world. Technologies can also be used to develop modern weapons that may be dangerous for human existence. The atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2 has its devastating effects existing till date. The atom bomb was also the invention of science.

Is Science a Boon or a Curse?

Science is a blessing for human beings. It has made many impossible things to become possible. Today there are different technologies, space crafts, satellites, and nuclear developments. The man had been to the moon and mars. The Stone Age man has been transformed into the man of the modern era. There are new types of defense technologies to protect the country from any kind of danger.

Science has led to various developments and invention which is of great benefit to mankind but on the other hand, it is bane as, it has been observed that the developments have made man become lazy and full of health issues. Man can use science and technology to benefit him and can cause the destruction of others by making bombs and destructive weapons which can cause violence and death of many innocent people. The use of science can be made in a good way to benefit mankind along with keeping the care of the environment at the same time. The good use of science will yield better results while negative use will result in destruction and the end of life.


Science should be used as an aid in the development of mankind. It must provide assistance for development. It should not overpower us. This will lead to the negative impacts and destruction of nature as well as mankind. Human beings have become selfish and are only thinking for their betterment which is only the cause of environmental degradation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is Modern Science?

Ans. The new advancements and specialization of science into different braches is called modern science.

Q.2 Why is science a curse?

Ans. The misuse of science and technology by man leads to destruction and thus becomes a curse. Example – Deadly weapons and bombs.

Q.3 How is science helpful in saving time, money, and effort?

Ans. The development of new machines, means of transportation and communication reduces our workload and is helpful in saving time, effort, and money.

Q.4 What is science-based upon?

Ans. Science is totally based upon facts.

Q.5 What is the role of experiments in science?

Ans. Experiments in science are performed to prove the theoretical concepts.

Q.6 How is science a miracle in Health and medicine?

Ans. The development of medicine and treatments by science for incurable diseases prove to be a miracle in this area.

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