Paragraph and Short Essay on Life of Soldiers

Soldiers are the subject of glory and pride to a nation. They are the unit of the military forces. They are the ultimate protective shield for the people of a country. The life of a soldier is very complicated and inspirational. The soldiers are accomplishing their duties despite several hardships. We have prepared here variety of essays for students and mentioned all the related information about the life of soldiers so that you can get a detail view about the topic in one click.

Paragraph on Life of Soldiers

Soldier’s Life (250 Words)


Soldiers are the real superheroes for any of the nation. They are inculcated with a high spirit of sacrifice and love for the motherland. They make boundless efforts and are dedicated to protecting the dignity and integrity of the nation.

Soldier’s Life: Full of Dedication, Discipline and Patriotism

The life of a soldier always becomes full of difficulties. They have to face a lot of traumas but do not become anxious. They are ready to accept every kind of trouble and difficulty to protect their motherland. A soldier never let the flag of his country to be down. He does not have the fear of losing life and is always ready to die for the sake of the nation.

A soldier leads a disciplined life. He starts up his day by waking up early in the morning at about 4-5 am. After finishing all the routine works he completes the schedule of exercise. Exercising daily is most necessary for a soldier as he has to be fit always. A soldier is away from family life, but it is due to their sacrifice we are leading a good life with our family. They visit their family only during the holidays.

Soldiers are also having a family like us and therefore they too have a different kind of problems and responsibilities. Despite all the problems they have to concentrate first on their duty. They have to be alert always. An emergency or war can be expected at any time. They have to face adverse climatic conditions and situations. They are not leading a life full of comforts instead their life is full of challenges.


The soldiers protect the country even after facing several challenges. They are brave warriors of the nation and protect the country with true instinct. Thus, they are the real heroes of the nation.

Short Essay on Life of Soldiers

Soldier’s Life: as a Symbol of Bravery (400 Words)


Soldiers are the treasure of the nation. It is because of their presence no enemy can gather the courage to cause any kind of harm to the nation. They guard the nation in such a way that peace is curtailed throughout the nation. Every year a lot of soldiers lose their lives in different terrorist attacks, wars on the border, etc.

Soldier’s Life as a Symbol of Bravery

A soldier is very honestly serving the motherland. He protects the nation from any kind of destruction or disturbances. During wars when the enemies are continuously firing on the borders, our soldiers fight fearlessly with them. They fight until their last breath. Many of them lose their life during these situations.

The soldiers are immersed in love for the motherland. A soldier protects the country without any selfishness. All the deeds which a soldier does in his life are full of courage and bravery. It is not very easy to be happy and perform all the duties In spite of several challenges.

Role of the Soldier

  • The duty of a soldier is to safeguard the nation. He protects the nation from different kinds of foreign attacks, wars, terrorist activities, and internal problems. They ensure that the peace, national integrity, and dignity of the nation are maintained.
  • The soldiers are along keeping the check on the borders also actively help in the rescue operation after the occurrence of natural disasters or calamities like floods, earthquakes, Cyclones, etc. Recent example that can be quoted is the occurrence of Amphan Cyclone that crashed West Bengal during May 2020. The Cyclone had a devastating effect on the state. The Indian army was involved in the restoration to restore different hindered services in the state.
  • A soldier has the duty to serve the nation without being afraid of losing life. They have a lot of love for the motherland embedded in their heart. They are ready to face all the difficulties without moving back. They are full of patriotic feelings and live as well as die for the country.
  • They are alert all 24 hours a day. Anytime a call can come and the soldier’s duty is to be present whenever called. They keep themselves prepared always to combat with any kind of situation. They are waking and therefore we are sleeping peacefully.
  • The soldiers have to complete the curriculum of training for getting prepared as a trained soldier of the country. The training is very harsh and painful but is necessary for everyone who chose this service. It makes the soldier ready to tackle different situations including emergencies.


The citizens of the nation must be grateful and owe their gratitude to the soldiers. They are fearlessly involved in providing security to the nation. They ensure harmony and peace in the nation.