Paragraph and Short Essay on Democracy in India

Democracy is the form of government which is the result of decision and discussion of the people of a nation. It is a system which gives freedom to its citizens to elect their own representative which is necessary for the better functioning of the government.

Paragraph on Democracy in India

About Indian Democracy (250 Words)


Democratic government is the best form of the government in the whole world. In this type of government, the real powers are vested in the citizens of the country. The people of the country are enjoying all the fundamental rights and freedom.

About Indian Democracy

India is also a democratic nation. The people of India are free to present their opinions. There is no discrimination on basis of caste, creed, and religion of the people. The citizens of India have the right to vote and elect the representative of their choice. There are various political parties at the national and state level. People can elect directly by themselves or indirectly by the means of elected representatives.

India got its independence in 1947, and since then there exists a democratic government. Democracy gives the power to its people. The government is formed according to the opinion of the people. The elections are held and everybody possessing the eligibility for the respective posts in government can fight for the election. People give votes to according to their own choice. The candidate receiving the majority of votes is the winner.

The constitution is the foundation of Indian Democracy. Every citizen of India having attained the age of 18 years are eligible to vote. Indian democracy is based on five basic principles which can be denoted as rule of law, freedom of press, respect of human rights, free and fair elections, and active participation of citizens.


Indian democracy is known for its features worldwide. Democracy is the best way to know about the opinion and views of the citizen of a nation. There are many challenges which are faced by Indian democracy and therefore the proper functioning is affected.

Short Essay on Democracy in India

Democracy: Need, Aspects and Basic Values (400 Words)


Democracy is about respecting the opinions of masses. It is the structure of government which is formed by elections. It is necessary that every citizen participate in the decision-making process of the country and also respect others decision.

The Need for Democracy in India

India is best suited for an example of unity in diversity. There are different kinds of language spoken by the people of different states. The dresses worn are different according to culture and tradition. People follow different religions. Being a country full of diversity in every aspect, it is difficult to follow any other type of government. Democracy is the need for a country like India. It gives freedom to each and every citizen irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion.

Aspects of Democracy

As we know, our country is the largest democracy in the world where democracy has successfully been carried out from years. The political party complete its period of ruling and is successfully taken by others. Democracy in India is not only about the formation of the government. As a matter of fact a democratic nation is one where people choose government by having the right to vote.

It is also about the equality of people on social and economic background. There must be equal rights of people on resources and opportunities. The expressions and opinions of people must be emphasized. The press and media would be helpful to put up the ideas and views of different people. The elections organized must be fair elections. Every vote is valuable and carries the decision and view of the person. The real meaning of democracy is proved when all these factors are taken into account.

Basic Values of Democracy

  • Liberty – It can be denoted as one can do things according to their choice, but in a responsible way by not disturbing the freedom of others and following all the rights. It involves liberty of thought, expression, belief and worship.
  • Fraternity – This signifies promoting the feeling of brotherhood among all the people of India. As India is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious country, so it is necessary to promote unity among several groups.
  • Secular – It can be defined as the freedom to follow any religion without any restriction. There is no provision of practising any single religion.
  • Justice – This denotes that every citizen of the country must have social, economic and political justice. Everyone must be granted with what one deserves.
  • Equality – This signifies that every citizen of the country must be given equality of opportunities and rights to excel in their life. Any kind of inequality must not be practised inside the nation.


Democracy is the best form of government as it is concerned with the ideas and opinions of the citizens of the nation. Social and economic equality and upliftment are also considered along with political equality in India.