Paragraph and Short Essay on Life after School

Life after school can be termed as the most precious phase of life. After completion of school life, one enters into this phase of life. The students are happy to enter and enjoy the freedom of college life leaving behind the disciplined life of the school.

Paragraph on Life after School

Life after School – Explanation (250 Words)


School life is very beautiful and called as the learning phase of life. It is free of all the tension and work pressures. Life after school becomes totally different for every student.

Elucidation of Life after School

It is time to realize our responsibilities. It can also be said as the deciding phase of our life. This phase of life is mainly our career-building phase. Whatever knowledge is gained has to be applied practically to get better opportunities.

Many students dream of studying in colleges after their school life. They want to attain degrees in the various disciplines to pursue better carrier opportunities. They think of life after school to be very interesting. There are some students with a plan of earning after school to help their family financially. The ending of school life marks the beginning of the life ahead.

A student in school life is under the proper guidance of parents and a teacher, but as soon as one step out of school is no more guided regularly. They have to work independently for getting a better future. The student has to face many problems and challenges but this is only the real-time to recognize our strength and work accordingly.


The ultimate aim of our life is to excel in the field of interest. Although there are a lot of problems in the way of success, we can handle it with our capabilities. Life after completing school life is the most crucial phase of everyone’s life and must be utilized efficiently.

Short Essay on Life after School

School Life vs. Life after School (400 Words)


School life is the best part of every student’s life of an individual. The time spent in school is memorable. After the school days are over we can recall it in our memories only. Students get into an entirely different world after completing school life. Most of us define it as college life.

Life after school is also an interesting phase of life but is not simple and soothing as school life. There are more decisions to be taken by the student, more responsibilities are laden upon and very few to guide with.

School Life vs. Life after School

Pleasures of School Life – The life of a student at school is simple and carefree. Students are only bothered by the tension of studying and passing the exams. There are parents to guide at home and teachers to guide in school. They point out and punish us for our mistakes and therefore we get to learn from it. Our parents pay the fees and look after our needs. We do not require worrying about anything except studying.

Life After School – After the school life gets over, it seems as if we have been displaced from a secure place into the open field. This phase of life is totally based on carrier building. Whatever we thrive to become in future, we have to take the pain and utilize this time only to achieve success in our life. There are very few people to guide us for the future and almost no one to point out our mistakes. It is the time which brings us to the world of reality. We get into the world full of competition and by working hard we can secure our place here.

Comparison – The school life is based on working according to the pre-provided schedule. A student knows well about the different things they have to do. But life after school is not similar. There are no pre-provided schedules. One has to make a proper plan to work according to the plan. If there is anything which is difficult to understand, it requires self-learning and practising. During school life, most of the decision is taken by the only by our parents, teachers and school management. After completing school life we have the right to make the decision about our studies and future.


The end of school life is the beginning of our life in the real world. It is the phase of life that requires us to work upon our ideas, talent, and knowledge gained in school life.