Role of Science and Technology in our Daily Life Essay

Role of Science and Technology in our Daily Life

The whole world is hit by a pandemic in 2020. Many people died because of the severe symptoms of the deadly virus COVID-19. At a time it appeared as if there is no solution to this problem and the situation was continuously deteriorating. This is the contribution of science and technology that numerous lives have been saved. The rigorous research for developing a vaccine against the deadly virus is on large scale. There are many preventive measures such as masks, sanitizers, and medicine which are the result of science and technology.

Short and Long Essay on Importance of Science and Technology in our Daily Life in English

I am writing here an informative essay on science and technology in daily life. I hope that it might be helpful to students in writing essays and completing projects and assignments.

Role of Science and Technology in our Daily Life Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Today science and technology is our daily need.

2) With the help of technology, cooking is a minute job.

3) Technologies helped to reduce our daily traveling time.

4) The necessity and usefulness of smartphones are speechless.

5) Technology is providing us with safe, secure, and comfortable living.

6) With science and technology, communication to the world end became possible.

7) Education from home is introduced by science and technology.

8) We can order our daily needs without going outside.

9) The trend of online payment saves our time and effort.

10) The newer gadgets made our daily tasks easier and more pleasurable.

Essay 1 (250 words) – How has Science and Technology made our Life Convenient


We all are living in the scientific era that is a modernized era and totally different from the past era. This change in our lives has been possible due to the miracle of science and technology. Science and technology are the backbones of new inventions and development.

Science is defined as knowledge, fact, or information. When this knowledge is put into practicality it turns out to be a technology or new innovation. Science enhances our curiosity after observation and technology is the result of working on this idea or curiosity by creativity. We cannot imagine our life without science and technology as it is involved in everything we do.

How Science and Technology has made our Life Convenient?

  • Science and technology have given rise to a number of machinery and tools in different fields. These tools and machinery have made our work easier than doing it manually. The use of these tools and machinery has helped in reducing the time, effort, and energy required in doing different works. Example- The invention of computers and the internet is a blessing for mankind. Today the use of computers has made work simple and less time taking for people.
  • Science and technology have brought specific changes in the education sector. The availability of online books, online classes, e-library has greatly helped the students and teachers. At present any type of information can be obtained with just one click.
  • Science and technology have boosted research and development in different fields. The result of these researches gives rise to new discoveries and innovations. It also helps in increasing the economy of the nation. In total the technological advancements in different sectors have led to the progress and development of different nations in the world.


Science and technology is no doubt the greatest blessing of God to humans. It must be used wisely so that there is no chance of any problem with the existence of other species on earth.

Essay 2 (1000 Words) – Role of Science and Technology in our Daily Life


Many of us do not have pictures of our grandparents. The camera and mobiles were not used by the people in those days. There were only options of studios to get our photos clicked. The scenario has abruptly changed and today there is at least one smartphone in every house. The advancement in technology gave birth to reduce this complexity. The things around us that make our life easier like refrigerators, television, mobile, computer, geysers, ovens, electricity, clothing, food, etc. are possible by science and technology. Smartphones have reduced the complexities up to great extent. We can pay online anywhere, make calls and video calls, get information about anything, and click our pictures whenever required.

Technology as an Application of Science

Science is the curiosity or thinking which comes into our mind after observation. The basic need is of working on the idea striking to mind. This gives rise to the invention of new technology. Therefore technology can be termed as the practical application of science. The terms science and technology are interrelated and dependent on each other. For a new technology to be evolved, thinking and working on an idea and knowledge is necessary. Science is the collection of facts and technology aids in verifying these facts and knowledge.

Application of Science and Technologies in Various Sectors of Life

  • In Daily Life – Everything we use in our daily life is a major contribution of science and technology. It has made our life easier up to a great extent. Earlier the works which required more time is made simpler and gets finished in small time. Starting from brushing, cooking, washing, bathing, travelling, communication, etc. involves less time to be finished.
  • In Teaching and Learning – The old method of studies involving the use of board, chalk, and duster have been replaced by the smart class system. The pictures are also shown along with an explanation which makes the study more understanding. Students can also attend online classes especially students of remote areas who are unable to attend classes. They have been benefitted from the advent of computers and the internet as a technology which is the gift of science.
  • In Agriculture – The old farming practices have been replaced by newer technologies. These technologies have reduced the workloads of farmers. There are new methods of farming that can boost the yield. The machines like harvesters, threshers, irrigation pumps, etc. have reduced work on the fields.

Genetically modified crops such as BT Cotton, BT Brinjal, and Golden rice, etc. designed to increase the quality and productivity of the crops. The fields are monitored by GIS technologies. Some recent technological developments in agriculture include sensors used in sensing moisture and temperature, photos generated by GIS, artificial Intelligence by using Robots, etc.

  • In the Medical sector – Science and technology are boon for the sector of medicine. It has lead to the development of cure and medicine for incurable diseases and increases the life span of human beings. During earlier times there were no facilities for diagnosis and treatment leading to the death of many people. Nowadays there are machines for detecting the disease and a cure is available to get the disease treated.

The biggest example is the deadly disease Cancer which has been a cause of many deaths but now there is an availability of medicine to get relief from the trauma of the disease. There are different methods developed to treat cancer in the early stages. The research for developing the cure for this deadly disease is still going on.

  • In Communication – Technologies like mobile phones, laptops, fax, telephones, microphones, have been invented by applying science. These advancements have made communication much smoother and faster. The messages and mails require seconds to be transferred from one person to another. A person can contact overseas and continue trade and development. The communication between our close ones and family members can be continued without worrying about the distance.
  • In Transportation – The days have flown when there were very few means of transportation and people used to travel for days to reach their destination. Nowadays there are several trains, buses, cars, bikes, air craft’s for travelling and making our journeys shorter and interesting. Science and technology lead to the invention of different means of transportation. Today we can reach any destination in India or the world securely without any tension.
  • In Defence – Science and technological advancements have led to the development of numerous missiles, aircraft, weapons used by a nation for protection. The DRDO (Defence Research and Development organization) is an agency working under the ministry of defence involving 52 research laboratories. The research work and development of new weapon technologies arise from here. Recently developed weapons like torpedo Varunastra a water weapon have been designed by Naval Science and Technological Laboratory, DRDO on 21 November 2020.

Science and Technology is Fostering Development in Space Too at the Fast Pace

The advent of science and technology in our daily life has made our life simpler and interesting. The advancement of human beings from an early man and leading a nomadic life to the modern man of the present is made possible by science. Today man is heading towards inhabiting the moon.

The unrevealed fact of space is resolving by the use of science and the development of technologies. Spacecrafts, satellites, space stations have been invented which gives us a clear picture of space. Researchers and scientists are continuously working to unwind more facts about space. Chandrayaan-2, Mangalyaan, satellite launching missions (PSLV-C40), etc are some great achievements of India.


Science and technologies have the utmost importance in the life of human beings. It has reduced the complexities and improved our living standards. The main issue lies in using these technologies in a negative way, which may lead to the destruction of the world. The best use of it will surely be a blessing for the human race and development.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How has science helped human beings?

Ans. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. It has helped in reducing our effort, money, and time.

Q.2 How technology relates to science?

Ans. Technology is said as the practical application of science, thinking, and ideas converted to invention.

Q.3 How has travelling become easier?

Ans. The credit goes to the invention of the wheel which progressed into modern means of transportation like bullet trains and air crafts.

Q.4 How has early man changed to civilized?

Ans. The advent of science and technologies led to the transformation of early man into civilized citizens.

Q.5 Who can be considered as the first scientist on earth?

Ans. The ‘early man’ started observing things and did many inventions that led to a change. Thus can be said the first scientist on earth.

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