Essay on World Nature Conservation Day

On 28 July every year, World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated to mark the importance of nature and its conservation.

Can we imagine our life without air, water, trees, plants, or animals? Obviously, not at all. Every living organism is dependent on nature for its survival. We know that we should use everything within a limit. Overusing anything will always lead to destruction. The same goes for nature. If we keep nature healthy, it will give us healthy outcomes but if we pollute and overuse natural resources, the future has to suffer. To highlight the significance of nature, many conservation days are celebrated in the world. Let us discuss one of them.

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Short and Long World Nature Conservation Day Essay in English

Here, I’m providing long and short essays on World Nature Conservation Day with different word limits. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12. However, this topic is also important from the competition point of view.

World Nature Conservation Day Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) 28th of July is observed as World Nature Conservation Day all over the world.

2) This day highlights the importance of nature and its conservation.

3) This day also sheds light on threatened species of plants and animals.

4) On this day, many events are organized by conservation organizations.

5) Many schools organize events to mark the day.

6) To keep the world healthy by keeping nature healthy is essential.

7) This day holds a special significance for environmentalists.

8) It also promotes saving nature and its resources for the future.

9) On this day, many people take pledges to protect nature.

10) This day motivates people to conserve nature to lead a happy life.

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Short Essay on World Nature Conservation Day (200 – 250 Words)

Every year World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated around the globe on 28 July. The day aims to promote the importance of nature for humans. Many activities are performed to raise awareness among the general public. Events like seminars, plays, workshops, etc are organized by the concerned authorities. Many activities are also organized in schools to promote nature conservation. In many places, people plant trees and take oaths to save nature.

Nature includes everything from soil, air, water, trees, flora, fauna, etc. each resource helps in sustaining human survival. Today nature is suffering many difficulties like deforestation, global warming, pollution, etc due to which many changes occur in climate and rainfall. Also, there will be no resources left in the future if we continue to exploit them. In order to aware people of the importance of nature, World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated. This day also asks people to do their contribution in saving nature.

The purpose of this occasion is to recognize the importance of a healthy and well-functioning environment for the improvement of human productivity and stability. Aside from this, it emphasizes the importance of preserving the environment for future generations as well. This day also reflects light on the endangered community of flora and fauna. We can also celebrate World Nature Conservation Day by helping in saving nature.

Long Essay on World Nature Conservation Day (500 – 600 Words)


We often call nature our mother but do we really treat her like a mother? We call nature a mother because all our necessities are well-fulfilled by her. Nature gives us many things without asking anything in return, just like a mother. Therefore, it is our duty to take care of her as our mother. But many people forget their responsibilities and duties towards nature and hence to remind them, World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated.

Objectives of World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated globally every year on 28th of July. Nature gives us many things, without nature and its resources life will be difficult for humans. Therefore, conserving nature is essential. The main objective of this observance is to aware people of the importance of preserving the environment and natural resources. Apart from nature, it is also important to maintain the integrity of nature’s components. A few examples include energy resources, flora, fauna, air, water, soil, etc. This day teaches people that a healthy life can only be achieved if we have a healthy environment. This day also focuses on saving endangered species of plants and animals. 

What is the Need to Conserve Nature?

Nature gives us almost all the things that are required for a healthy living. A healthy and prosperous society can only be possible if we have a healthy nature. People are using nature and its resources in such a way that the future generation is going to suffer a great loss. Due to human activities like pollution, overusing of resources, extinction of flora and fauna, deforestation, water contamination, etc nature is suffering many problems. However, this will directly impact the living of human beings. Therefore, conserving and protecting nature and its resources is very important.  

It will also affect the ecological balance of the environment. In order to maintain biodiversity, nature conservation is important. Every responsible citizen should practice sustainable living and make small changes in their everyday lives, such as how they shop, travel, eat, etc so that we don’t harm our mother Earth.

How World Nature Conservation Day is Celebrated?

World Nature Conservation Day was established by an environmentalist in order to protect the Earth’s natural resources. This day is promoted majorly by the ENVIS (Environmental Information System) center in New Delhi and is sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, the Department of Environment, and the Government of India.

This day is celebrated by many conservation organizations from all around the world. They organize many events like seminars, workshops, plays, etc. at different places. The workshops cover a wide range of topics related to natural resource conservation and aim to educate the general public about the subject. Schools also conduct many activities like poster making, debate competitions, etc to raise awareness among students at an early age. Anyone can be a part of the World Nature Conservation Day celebration by contributing their part to nature conservation.


Nature supports the existence of humans and other living organisms. Thinking of a good life without nature is near to impossible. “The world has enough for everyone’s needs but not everyone’s greed”, this saying from great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi has a deep meaning. We can satisfy our needs with the resources provided by the nature but if we are lean to satisfy our greed, nature will be exhausted. Therefore, we should take proper steps to save nature and our future.

I hope the above provided essay on World Nature Conservation Day will be helpful in understanding the importance of this day.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on World Nature Conservation Day

Q.1 What is the difference between conservation and protection?

Ans. Preservation protects the environment from harmful human activities while conservation refers to the responsible use of natural resources.

Q.2 Who established the World Nature Conservation Day?

Ans. There is no information regarding the origin of World Nature Conservation Day but still, this day holds a special significance in the world.

Q.3 What do we call a person who studies nature?

Ans. A naturalist is a word for people who studies nature.

Q.4 Who is called the “father of conservation”?

Ans. The first chief of the US Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot was entitled as the “father of conservation”.

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