Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources

The resources that are given to us by nature and are not man-made are termed as Natural Resources. It is human nature that we do not understand the value of things that we get for free. Similarly, we do not much care for the natural resources as they are provided to us without any cost. We should feel blessed to have these precious resources available to us without spending a single penny. And we should care for and save them so that the upcoming generation would also take its benefits. Today we will discuss the importance and the need to save natural resources.

Short and Long Conservation of Natural Resources Essays in English

Here, I’m presenting long and short essays on the Conservation of Natural Resources in different word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 Words and 500 – 600 words including important FAQs. This topic is of extreme use for students of classes 1 to 12 and higher classes also. The language is kept easy so that every student can understand these essays easily.

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Conservation of Natural Resources Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Air, water, minerals, soil, etc are natural resources.

2) Natural resources are limited on the Earth.

3) They can take billions of years to form again.

4) They can be renewable resources or non-renewable resources.

5) Humans are hugely dependent on natural resources for their survival.

6) Increasing pollution, population, etc are damaging natural resources.

7) Conserving natural resources is essential for sustaining life on the Earth.

8) We should conserve natural resources for our future generations.

9) By using natural resources sustainably we must conserve them.

10) Planting trees, saving water, using bio-fuels, etc habits can help in conservation.

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Short Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources (200-250 Words)

Nature gives us many things. The resources that are provided by nature without the interference of mankind are termed as natural resources. In all spheres, humans are either directly or indirectly dependent on natural resources for their living. They also support the balance of the ecosystem.

However, they are plenty to feed our needs but today they are depleting at a fast pace. The major reason behind this is humans. Due to the growing population, urbanization, technological boom, etc the world is facing a lack of natural resources.

Natural resources are of two types, renewable and non-renewable. The resources that can be formed or replenished after a certain period are termed as renewable resources. For example, solar, energy, bio-fuel, etc. However, the resources that are difficult to regenerate or may take several years to form are termed as non-renewable resources. For example, fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, etc.

If we want to live a happy life on the Earth, we should conserve natural resources. We can conserve these resources by using renewable resources instead of non-renewable ones. Planting trees will be a great help. Saving water, power, etc can also help in saving natural resources. Therefore, to give a happy life to the future generations as we are enjoying, we need to conserve natural resources.

Long Essay on Conservation of Natural Resources (500 – 600 Words)


Today humans are exploiting natural resources for their profit. Due to this the present quantity on Earth is reducing at a fast pace. After a few years, humans will suffer a great loss because this will take long years to form again. Therefore, using natural resources sustainably will be a good choice for a better today and happy tomorrow.

Natural Resources and their Types

Natural resources are the resources that are given by the nature. It is formed without the intervention of humans. However, they can take billions of years to form. Natural resources support survival on the Earth and are either used directly or indirectly by living organisms. For several years humans are taking benefit of natural resources.

Based on formation, natural resources are divided as renewable resources and non-renewable resources. The natural resources that can be replenished or renewed are termed as renewable resources. Sun, air, water, soil, etc are some examples of renewable resources. The resources that cannot be renewed or are limited on this Earth are termed as non-renewable resources. Coal, petroleum, natural gases, oil, etc are some non-renewable resources.

Why is it important to Conserve Natural Resources?

Everything in the atmosphere has a role to play, if anything gets exhausted the entire balance will be affected. If we will not conserve natural resources, the ecosystem will get harmed. Humans are directly or indirectly dependent on natural resources for their survival. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, everything comes from natural resources. Other than this, we need timber, rubber, gum, paper, furniture, medicines, etc that are available only due to natural resources.

The comfortable life that we are living today due to transportation, energy, etc involves natural resources. But today, due to human activities like pollution, these resources are getting damaged. Another issue is the increasing population which also increases human needs and desires. Now the conservation of natural resources became a subject of serious concern. Therefore, we can say that it is nearly impossible to live a healthy life on Earth without natural resources.

How to Conserve Natural Resources

As we know the importance of natural resources, conserving them is vital. There are many simple steps through which we can conserve natural resources. They are:

  • Planting trees: Planting trees have so many advantages. They not only help in purifying the air, giving us more oxygen but also help in conserving natural resources.
  • Say no to fossil fuels: Fossil fuels are limited on this earth, also they take millions of years to form. However, they also pollute the environment. Therefore, it will be better to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  • Save water: Saving water is a good alternative to saving nature. Water can be saved in many ways. A small contribution from everyone can help to save water and resources.
  • Switch to biofuels: It will be better to switch to biofuels and bio-gas as they are also environmentally friendly. They are also renewable.


Nature has blessed us with a variety of precious resources which we must protect and conserve. The rate at which we are using our natural resources today will not leave much for future generations. The future generation is going to face lots of problems. However, imagining a life without these resources is terrifying. Therefore conservation of natural resources is the need of time.

I hope the above provided essays on Conservation of Natural Resources will be helpful in understanding the need to conserve Natural Resources. So, let’s come together and contribute our part to building a better tomorrow.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Conservation of Natural Resources

Q.1 Which countries have more natural resources?

Ans. Russia, the United States, China, etc have more natural resources.

Q.2 Which are the most precious natural resources?

Ans. Today, the most precious natural resource is water.

Q.3 Which resource is mostly consumed in the world?

Ans. Fossil fuels are mostly consumed in the world.

Q.4 Which natural resource is called liquid gold?

Ans. Petroleum is called liquid gold due to its high commercial value.

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