Essay on Conservation of Environment

Conservation of the environment means protecting the environment from human hazards and saving them for the upcoming generation. When we go outside, we see many things like trees, birds, flowers, animals, etc. All these things make nature beautiful. Also, we love seeing them. Then why we are harming their existence? Other than that, we want fresh air, fresh water, proper rainfall, a good climate, etc to carry out our living. But is this possible if we will continue to harm nature? To find the answer and the solution to the rising problem, today, we will discuss the growing concern for the conservation of environment.

Short and Long Conservation of Environment Essay in English

Here, I’m providing short and longessays on conservation of environment in three different word limits: 100-120 words, 250 words, and 600 words. You will also get interesting FAQs related to this topic. It will be helpful for students of all the classes as well as for every responsible citizen.

Conservation of Environment Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Environment protection means saving natural resources.

2) It supports the life of all the species on the earth.

3) Environment also balances the ecosystem.

4) Human activities are degrading the environment.

5) Environment should be protected for the future.

6) Pollution, population, modern lifestyle, etc are harming the environment.

7) We can conserve the environment by practicing Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

8) Public awareness plays an important role in environmental conservation.

9) Conservation of the environment is essential to living happily.

10) We should use natural resources wisely and save them for the future.

Short Essay on Conservation of Environment (200 – 250 Words)

The act of conserving and saving our natural resources is known as the conservation of the environment. It is necessary to protect the environment for promoting healthy living. It will also help in maintaining the proper balance of the ecosystem.

The consequences of growing environmental threats include global warming, ocean acidification, acid rain, unfavorable climate change, inappropriate rainfall, etc. Natural resources have been negatively impacted by modern lifestyles and technological advances. Due to human activities, the condition of the environment is getting terrible day by day.

It is high time to reflect some light on the importance of conservation of the environment. Firstly, we need to control growing pollution. We should rely more on environment-friendly resources.

Reducing pollution will help in creating a healthy environment. Many people are unaware of certain environmental issues due to a lack of exposure and education. Improper knowledge of environmental conservation is the major cause of its degradation.

Individuals should also be made aware of their impact on the environment and how they can take steps to conserve it. A healthy environment will help us to live happily. It will also help all the other living creatures to live peacefully together. By using resources responsibly and wisely, we can conserve the environment.

Long Essay on Conservation of Environment (500-600 Words)


Environment conservation refers to the protection of the natural environment in order to ensure the health and well-being of all living organisms on the planet. Our environment consists of everything that is present around us. Therefore, it is our duty to keep it clean and protected.

Need for Environment Conservation

There are many reasons that reflect the need to conserve the environment. Some of them are mentioned below:

To balance the ecosystem: To avoid future consequences, it is necessary to balance the ecosystem. Forests are the major supporter of life on the earth. However, they play a major role in maintaining the climate and rainfall. If the ecosystem gets disturbed, the lives of the species on the earth will also be disturbed.

Prevent natural disasters: Human activities are responsible for causing many death-like hazards. These activities also lead to provoke natural disasters. Natural disasters often have a negative impact on human well-being, causing climate change, prolonged rainfall, and sea-level rise.

Reducing the effect of global warming: Global warming has a number of side effects, like glacier melt, acid rain, greenhouse effect, ocean acidification, etc. Increasing population and irresponsible activities are the reasons to increase the global temperature. We can save the world from upcoming, unexpected disasters due to global warming if we understand the importance of environmental conservation.

Factors Affecting the Environment

There are many factors that are affecting the environment majorly. The prime and superior cause is human activities, which leads to increasing pollution. Pollution is the biggest hazard that the environment is facing today.  With the greed of earning more profit and making life more luxurious, people are degrading the environment.

The newer technology makes excessive use of electricity. Natural resources like petroleum, coal, natural gas, etc are depleting at a high rate. The growing population is another factor affecting the environment. As the population increases, the demand for natural resources is also doubling. Therefore, it became very important to use resources sustainably.

Methods of Environment Conservation

On seeing the importance of the environment, it is necessary to take proper steps for its conservation. Some methods of environment conservation are discussed below:

Adopting 3Rs: It stands for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. There are certain things that can be reused many times in order to reduce waste. In the same manner, we can use the things that can be reduced in their simpler form or can be recycled.

Reducing Pollution: Environmentally sustainable methods should be adopted to reduce multiple forms of emissions. It includes eliminating waste, saving electricity, limiting excessive fertilizer, insecticide, and pesticide usage, using energy-efficient appliances, etc.

Public Awareness: People need to be made aware of the dangers of pollution and degradation of the environment. Public awareness relating to environmental conservation can potentially be enhanced by the boom in information technology and the advent of digital media.

Waste Management: Waste is thrown away recklessly on streets and roads daily, especially in developing countries and congested areas. Various dreadful diseases, as well as soil pollution, can result from improper waste management. This is not only harming the environment but also indirectly the humans.


Currently, our planet is suffering from a severe environmental crisis. We are polluting our environment irresponsibly and indiscriminately, which threatens the upcoming generation. If this continues, the future generation is going to suffer a great loss. Therefore, without wasting time we should take care of this serious issue and take proper steps to conserve the environment.

I hope the above provided essay on Environment Conservation were helpful in understanding the importance of the environment and its conservation for the life in future.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Conservation of Environment

Q.1 What are some Environmental Protection Acts in India?

Ans. The Environmental Act (1986), the Forest Act (1980), the Wildlife Protection Act (1972), the Indian Forest Act (1927), etc. are some Environmental Protection acts in India. 

Q.2 How many trees are cut to make 1 ton of paper?

Ans. 17 trees are cut to make 1 ton of paper.

Q.3 Which country generates the highest waste?

Ans. Canada generates the highest waste in the world.

Q.4 Which countries are environmentally friendly?

Ans. Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, etc are some environmentally friendly countries.

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