Essay on Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater for different purposes.

Can you imagine a life without water? No, you don’t because it is not possible. Water is the basic requirement for being alive. Every single drop of water is precious and needed to be conserved. Due to increasing pollution as well as population, it is predicted that soon the world will lack water. The groundwater level of the Earth is also decreasing. In this serious situation, the only helpful thing is water conservation. Today we will discuss one of the most famous methods of water conservation that is rainwater harvesting.

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Short and Long Rainwater Harvesting Essay in English

Here I’m providing an essay on Rainwater Harvesting with different word limits. This topic is useful for students in all the classes. However, this topic is also helpful for people who don’t know about this process.

Rainwater Harvesting Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Collecting rainwater in tanks or natural reservoirs is called rainwater harvesting.

2) Rainwater harvesting plays an important role in water conservation.

3) The collected rainwater can be used for irrigation or other domestic purposes.

4) Rainwater harvesting will save us from the future threat of water scarcity.

5) It is a good way to increase the groundwater level.

6) Surface runoff and Rooftop are the two methods of rainwater harvesting.

7) It is also useful in sustaining ecological water balance.

8) It is a cost-saving and effective method of saving rainwater.

9) This process requires proper maintenance.

10) Sometimes, insufficient storage capacity is unable to store a high amount of rain.

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Short Essay on Rainwater Harvesting (200 – 250 Words)

Rainwater harvesting is the method of storing and utilizing rainwater for further purposes. It is a good method of water management. This method is very essential in arid and desert areas where people usually face a shortage of water. Rainwater harvesting is a method with low capital and high benefits. It is also helpful in preserving the groundwater level.

Rainwater harvesting helps in fulfilling the water requirement of the society. Using this method, no water from the rain gets wasted. People can perform rainwater harvesting either by collecting water on the rooftop and then transferring it into underground tanks or by collecting surface runoff water in the ponds. Both methods are highly effective to collect rainwater. It also saves us from soil erosion, drought, and floods. Rainwater harvesting is an eco-friendly method of saving water that also controls the water cycle in the environment.

However, rainwater harvesting does have some limiting points. This method is only applicable to areas that receive a good amount of rain. Rainwater harvesting remains of no use in areas with low rain. Another thing is maintenance. Due to continuous water storage, there can be a chance of the production of algae and dangerous insects. Therefore, proper maintenance is necessary. Sometimes, rainwater harvesting can suffer a storage problem. Limiting storage can fail to store high rainfall.

Long Essay on Rainwater Harvesting (500 – 600 Words)


There are number of countries that are facing water scarcity. Water scarcity is a global problem that the world is fighting. In some places, people don’t have any water resources they are mainly dependent on rain as the source of water. But rains are not permanent, and hence they made a technique to store them. Using this technique they can store water and later can use it for different purposes.

Rainwater Harvesting – a solution to water shortage

Rainwater harvesting is a technique through which water from rain is collected and stored. Through rainwater harvesting, water can be collected in man-made tanks or natural resources like ponds and reservoirs. The collected water can later be used for activities like irrigation, toilet purpose, gardening, etc. This method prevents rainwater from runoff. This method is very useful in places with a lack of water supply.

Rainwater is fresh and can be stored to perform small household activities. This process also helps in maintaining the ground level of water. This easy to perform method is not a new concept. People are practicing rainwater harvesting since ancient times.

Importance of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting helps to collect water for a different purposes without any cost. There are many advantages of rainwater harvesting. Some of them are:

  • Cost-free: We can get water without paying any cost just by practicing rainwater harvesting.
  • Effortless method: This method does not involve any hectic procedure to save water. Just by building tanks, we can collect water.
  • Good solution: This method helps us to save water and fight the problem of arising water shortage.
  • Maintains the balance: Rainwater harvesting removes the dependency of people on the groundwater. It also helps in maintaining the ecological balance.
  • Reduces floods: Performing rainwater harvesting in every house can reduce the chances of natural disasters like floods. 
  • Reduces soil erosion: The threat of soil erosion can be removed by performing rainwater harvesting. This method improves the water quality and balances the water cycle.

Rainwater Harvesting Methods

Rainwater harvesting is a successful method of collecting water that is performed in many places. There are two basic methods of carrying out this process. They are:

  • Rooftop harvesting: This is the easiest and most convenient method of performing rainwater harvesting. In this method, the roofs of the houses are made in such a way that the rainwater gets collected. This water is then transferred to the underground tanks through pipes. Roofs of some houses are made slope and the edge is then connected to the tank where water gets collected. This stored water can now be used for many household purposes. Many people prefer this method of rainwater harvesting.
  • Surface runoff: Another method of rainwater harvesting is to collect surface runoff water which gets lost in the environment if not collected. In this method, certain arrangements are made that provide a path to collect rainwater from parks, roads, small cities, etc to the tanks or ponds. Gallons of rainwater can be collected through this method. However, water collected through this method contains impurities and needed to filter before use.


Every single drop of water is precious still every year fresh rainwater goes wasted due to a lack of proper knowledge. There are many places where people are not aware of methods like water harvesting. Government should raise awareness and educate people regarding rainwater harvesting in the locality with water problems. This would really help them to fight the problem of water shortage and live life happily.

I hope the above given essay on rainwater harvesting will be helpful for you to understand the importance and procedure of this method.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Rainwater Harvesting

Q.1 Which countries face water shortages?

Ans. Many countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, India, Pakistan, etc are some countries with water shortages.

Q.2 Can we directly drink rainwater?

Ans. Rainwater is the purest form of water that can be drunk directly but due to surface pollutants, it gets polluted and needed to be purified before use.

Q.3 In which state of India rainwater harvesting is mandatory?

Ans. The only state of India where rooftop rainwater harvesting is declared compulsory is Tamil Nadu.

Q.4 What are the traditional methods of rainwater harvesting in India?

Ans. Taanka, Khadins, Eris, Kul, etc are some traditional methods of rainwater harvesting in India.

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