Essay on Why being on Time is Important

Why being on Time is Important

I think every one of us in our lives would have faced the trauma of being late once in our school, coaching classes, or at different places. What answer do you expect from a person who has missed his train because of arriving late by just 5 minutes? The person would be heard saying that – If I had reached 5 minutes earlier then this would not happen. A small delay while taking patients to the hospital results in their death. These types of activities are normal things that keep on happening around us. I hope you all must have noticed that in all the above examples the fault was of not being on time.

Short and Long Essay on Why being on Time is Important in English

Students are mostly asked to write an essay on the importance of being on time in exams or competitions. In the same reference, I have provided essays on this topic that might be beneficial to the students. I hope it might provide them with an idea to write an essay on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on Why being on Time is Important (100-120 Words)

1) Time is important as it goes very fast and never waits for anyone.

2) Being on time makes you a responsive person.

3) Always being on time depicts your reliability.

4) People respect the person who is always on time.

5) Being on time leaves a good impression on others.

6) Respecting time will make you successful in the future.

7) Completing things on time gives you good results.

8) Being on time saves you from missing important deals.

9) Many times it saves you from being punished.

10) Being punctual develops good habits that help in achieving goals.

Short Essay – 250 Words


The act of being on time is the most important factor in our life. The people who do not consider the importance of time are destroyed by the time itself while those who understand its importance and work on time attain success in their life. There is no meaning in doing any work if it is not done on time.

Valuing time more than money makes us wealthy in the real sense

It is commonly observed that people value money more than time. Time is more powerful than money. When we understand the importance of time we can perform or work in a systematic way. This way of working in an organized manner will help us in getting greater efficiency in our work. It is evident that good work always directs us towards earning a good payment. Time can be utilized by us to make money but we can never bring back the lost time or buy time by using money.

The trauma of not valuing the importance of time

The habit of valuing time must be inculcated in the children from the very beginning. It is because if they understand the importance of time they will utilize every second of their life in an efficient way. The same habit will be continued in the future too. The people who do not understand the importance of time initially feel the trauma of the same at some of the other phases in their life. They can do nothing rather than wishing for the past time to come again and that is impossible. The people who perform their work on time live a more successful and healthy life than the people who are lazy and waste their precious moments of life.


The wastage of time is like wasting the important moments of our life. It is therefore advised to us that we should understand the importance of time and never ruin it.

Long Essay on Why Being on Time is Important for Students (1000 Words)


We have heard many people saying that- I had the potential to do that thing. There is a famous quote that “Time and tide wait for none”. It states that nothing can happen when the time meant for doing that thing has passed away. They understand later that it was their fault that they could not do it on time. These people get nothing left rather than to regret the same. The people who have understood the value of time are successful people in today’s date.

What is time?

Time is the most powerful as well as precious for human beings. It is determined by the successive happening of events. Time always moves in the forward direction and cannot be reversed back. The events that have happened earlier become a past for us and only remain in our memories. The people who do not understand the importance of time are themselves destroyed by time. The effective utilization of time makes us achieve everything that we desire in our life. Every successful person in this world has considered the importance of time and utilized it in an efficient manner.

Consequences of Being on Time

Everyone in this world dreams of a good carrier, good reputation, and luxurious life. These things cannot be merely attained by dreaming. It requires time management of every schedule of our life. Here are some of the benefits enlisted that one can only be attained by being on time.

  • Responsible Behavior – If you reach on time to your workplace it depicts your responsible behavior. It shows that you care for your work and others too. It is always said that the first impression is the last impression. If suppose you arrive late on your first working day in office. Your first impression becomes negative because of an excuse on the very first day.
  • Makes you a Reliable Person – When you are working somewhere there are people at higher positions and some working at lower positions than yours. The people at your workplace and society can easily rely on you because of your punctuality. You can be an inspiration to others. Nobody wants to take risks by giving any task to a person who is always irregular. Moreover, In other words, it can be said that being on time helps us in excelling in our carrier as well as in life.
  • Shows your respect for others – The habit of being on time shows that you understand the importance of time and also value others’ time. This develops the feeling of respect in others for you. Being late shows that you are already wasting your time but on other hand, you are wasting the time of others too. Punctual people might inspire others who are lazy or irregular at the workplace.
  • Saves you from being punished – The act of not being on time makes us repent in several ways. When we do not pay our fee on time we have to pay penalty charges that is a kind of punishment. The army soldiers not reaching on time have to struggle with several types of punishments. People arriving late in offices every day lose their dignity in eyes of their seniors and one day their job is also at stake. Being on time will save us from all these types of risks and punishments.
  • Saves you from missing the important lectures – The students reaching on time or before the said time for an interview of the lecture are always benefitted. They do not miss any point that is discussed during the class or instruction given in an interview. The students reaching late are not able to get appropriate information and hence this creates a problem for them.
  • Make you efficient in your work – It is said that practice makes a man perfect. In the same way, doing everything on time on a regular basis makes you more sharp and efficient. In this way, you may give better results than expected. In schools, we have noticed that disciplined and punctual students are always loved by all.
  • Make you successful – A person who understands the importance of time will never waste any moment of his/her life. They have their set goals in life and know that they can give results only when done on time. This punctuality makes them successful in their life. The person who just dreams big instead of doing things on time will have nothing left rather regret after the time has passed.

Why is Being on Time is Important for Students?

As a matter of fact, we all know that youth are nation builders. They are only the ones who can give our nation a shining future. Students as the youth of the nation are the future of the nation. The period of student life in every individual is a crucial time and must be utilized in an effective manner. Every student has some goal in his/her life. They can accomplish their goal only when they are on time for everything in their life.

For example, the students who are not punctual in their classes are lacking in knowledge from the punctual students. These types of students cannot do very well in their exams as well as competitive exams. This may ruin their goal as well as the future. Therefore it is very essential for students to value the importance of time and learn to be on time from childhood onwards.

The students who are punctual in their routine have good academic records and are able to accomplish their goals. Being on time makes them more efficient in their work and practice. This makes them successful in their life. In the future, they can also become role models for the other students in society.


It is very important to be on time and understand the value of time in every sphere of life. The act of wasting time is just equivalent to waste the precious moments of your life. Parents must inculcate the habit of punctuality in their children from childhood onwards. Time management is very essential for everyone to climb the ladder of success.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which time zone is observed in India?

Ans. The time zone observed throughout the nation is Indian Standard Time (IST).

Q.2 What do people do when they are late at the workplace?

Ans. People often make excuses when they are late at the workplace.

Q.3 Why is being on time important for everyone?

Ans. Being on time makes us disciplined and successful in our life.

Q.4 What is the meaning of being punctual?

Ans. Being punctual means accomplishing each and every task on time.

Q.5 What does being on time depict about a person?

Ans. It depicts that he is a responsible person and people can rely on him.