Essay on Why Plants are so Important for us

Why Plants are so Important for us

Can you imagine what would happen if there were no plants on earth? There would be no survival of life possible without plants. Plants and animals are the two major forms of the biotic community on this planet. Almost every animal ranging from microorganisms to human beings is dependent upon the plants for their survival. We need to know much more about the importance of plants.

Short and Long Essay on Why Plants are so Important for us in English

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10 Lines Essay on Why Plants are so Important (100 – 120 Words)

1) Like many other things plants are also important for our survival.

2) The oxygen that we need to breathe is given to us by plants.

3) Some medicinal plants form the basis of Ayurveda medicines.

4) The food that we eat is obtained from plants.

5) Plants are responsible for purifying the air.

6) Plants like bonsai add beauty to our home.

7) Apart from food, plants also give us rubber, timber, paper, etc.

8) Plants play an important role in maintaining climate change.

9) Plants support us in the fight against pollution.

10) Plants and greenery reduce stress and improve our mood.

Short Essay – 250 Words


The seeds that we sow in the ground later grow to become a plant that has root, stem, and leaves. These plants grow to become trees after few years. We can notice different types of plants in our surroundings. The existence of plants is crucial for the survival of all living organisms on earth.

Plants are serving the entire plant silently and free of cost

It is the habit of human beings to boast if they do anything for others or help someone. The plants are serving us by providing us with everything that we need. The most important thing that they provide to us is oxygen that is a life-supporting gas. Moreover, they provide shelter and food to millions of species residing on the planet. Plants are living organisms but do not have the capability of speaking. They are providing us different essential things but in a silent way. We should be thankful to God that he has gifted us with such a wonderful creation on this earth.

Plants struggling for their existence

We always take care of people who are our well-wishers or think good about us. In the same way, plants are also like our well-wishers and are of immense importance for all the living organisms on this earth. We all are aware of the fact that our existence is impossible without the presence of plants. It is sad to state that in spite of knowing the importance of plants in our life we are continuously harming them. How can we harm the plants that provide us everything very generously without any charge? It is because of the excessive human activities that plants are struggling for their existence.


The presence of plants on earth is a great blessing to the entire humanity. It is our duty to plant more and more trees and save them from destruction and cutting processes.

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Long Essay – 1150 Words


There are wide varieties of plants present on this earth. Plants are the most important biotic factor on the earth. They are the precious gift that has been provided to us by Mother Nature. Plants in form of trees are home to various living organisms on this earth. The enormous destruction of this precious entity of nature is really saddening and of great concern.

Plants – A Precious Gift of Nature to the Mankind

When we are small children we never know that plants also have life. Later it is taught to us that plants are living organisms but are unable to express their feeling and emotions like human beings. They silently care for and serve the needs of entire groups of living organisms on this earth. Most of the plants are green plants and they are self-capable of manufacturing their own food by the process of photosynthesis.

Plants are living organisms that cannot move from one place to another and are fixed at one place by roots. They grow up to become large trees. Herbs, shrubs, and trees are different forms of plants on the earth. The characteristics of plants differ according to their place of origin. Plants are essential for us in every form they are present on this planet.

Importance of Plants

Plants are providing essential services to all the living organisms on this earth. It had been essential for us since the evolution of life on earth. The several importances of plants to us are enlisted below:

Food provider to all the living organisms – Green plants are called autotrophs. They can manufacture their food by themselves. Animals and human beings are totally dependent on the plants directly or indirectly for our food. Plants are also called as the producers. The varieties of plant crops are grown every year to fulfill the food requirements of human beings. The plants provide us different types of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. The various types of plant products are the food for the living organisms on earth. If we talk about the carnivores they too are indirectly dependent on the plants as they eat the animals that are dependent on plants for food.

Oxygen provider to us – Oxygen is a gas that is most important for the survival of living organisms. It is the gas that helps in respiration. There would be no life possible without the presence of oxygen. Plants are the sole providers of Oxygen to us. They produce oxygen gas as the byproduct of their food manufacturing process of photosynthesis.

Provide timber and other products – The wood that we use for making a variety of furniture that enhances our lifestyle and luxury is obtained by the timber produced from trees. Different plants and trees also provide us oils, rubber, resin, cloth fibers, etc.

Used in making medicines – There are several varieties of plants in the forms of herbs, shrubs, and trees that have medicinal properties. The parts of these plants like leaves, bark, fruits, etc. are used as active constituents in preparing medicines for curing different diseases. In ancient times people used to apply plant parts or juices directly to cure wounds or several small infections in the body.

Helps in preventing Soil Erosion – Plants helps in binding the upper layer of soil and keeps the layers of soil intact. The roots of plants and vegetation bind the soil and prevent soil erosion. Moreover, plants help in absorbing the rainwater and stopping runoff and wastage. The rainwater absorption that is fostered by the plants and trees is helpful in raising the underground water level by recharging the underground water aquifers.

Spiritually important – Many plants are worshipped as considered sacred in many religions. Plants produce flowers that are used by the people for worshipping god. Along with spiritual importance, plants add beauty to the landscape. The scene of nature full of different variety of plants gives a sense of pleasure to our body and mind.

Plants as the Natural Air Purifiers

The smoke from industries, vehicular emissions, and other gases contribute to the deterioration of the quality of air around us. These gaseous pollutants make air unsuitable for the survival of living organisms. Carbon dioxide is one of the major greenhouse gaseous pollutants responsible for global warming that is released in pollutants that are stated above. The plants use carbon dioxide for manufacturing their food. In this way, the plants consume the maximum percentage of carbon dioxide gas present in the atmosphere. They naturally clean the environment by absorbing the gaseous pollutants causing air pollution.

Plants are the regulators of the Hydrological cycle on earth

The water cycle is continued by the evaporation of water from rivers, oceans, and other water bodies directly. The plants also contribute to regulating the hydrological cycle on earth. The water that is released in form of transpiration from plants evaporates in the air. This is the water that is present inside the earth and is absorbed by the roots of the plants. In this way, the underground water inside the soil also participates in regulating the water cycle on the earth. The phenomenon of transpiration also helps in cooling the atmosphere by resulting in precipitation.

Are Human Activities leading to the Extinction of Several Species of Plants?

Human activities like industrialization, urbanization, several projects, indefinite cutting of trees for the accomplishment of buildings and projects, etc. are leading to the destruction of plants. Many of the species of plants have become extinct due to the selfishness of human beings. How can we cause harm to plants and trees that have been silently fulfilling our requirements? The desire of humans for a comfortable life has lead to excessive cutting down of trees and clearing of vegetation areas for commercial purposes. Excessive deforestation is the major cause for making homeless and hungry to millions of living organisms that depend on plants for their survival. We must not forget that the earth is the home to several living organisms and plants. We have no right to resist the existence of other living organisms because of our greed.

The conservation of plants is the utmost need of the hour and it is the best solution left for reimbursement of our carelessness towards nature. It is required that we must realize the importance of the existence of plants for us. The loss of plants by deforestation and extinction will greatly affect the survival of living organisms on the earth.


The plants are rendering multiple services to the entire living organisms of the earth. They give us everything just for free with the hope that we will take good care of them. It is very sad to state that human beings have forgotten their responsibility towards nature. The equilibrium of the ecosystem only exists when every entity is in a balanced state. We need to protect the plants from cutting them or becoming extinct and planting more and more trees.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which part of plant grows first in the seed of a plant?

Ans. The radical of the seed grows first as the root of the plant.

Q.2 Where is photosynthetic pigment located in plants?

Ans. The photosynthetic pigments are located in the thylalkoids of leaf of a plant.

Q.3 Which pigment in plants is responsible for flowering of plants?

Ans. The Florigen pigment in plants is responsible for flowering in the plants.

Q.4 Which tree flowers are used to make colors of Holi?

Ans. The flowers of Tesu tree are dried and used in making colors of Holi.

Q.5 Which group of plants does not have roots, leaves, and stems?

Ans. The Bryophytes are the group of plant having no root, stem and leaf.