Essay on Suicide Machine

Essay on Suicide Machine

A machine that promises a pain less way of suicide is legalized recently and is known as Sarco or Suicide machine. In the era of modernization, machines play a very important role in society. However, machines are capable of performing an efficient job when compared to humans. Due to which, we humans are totally dependent on machines for every work. In return, machines provide us with a satisfying life. But have you ever thought that one day, we will depend on machines to die also? Yes!! Humans have invented a machine that will help you die quietly.

So, come on let’s discuss suicide machine, an invention that will increase your curiosity level.

Suicide Machine Essay in English

Here I’m providing essay on Sarco, a Suicide Machine in very easy language. This is a trending topic which is useful for everyone to know about the working of this machine.

10 Lines Essay on Suicide Machine – Short Essay (100 – 150 Words)

1) Suicide machine will help you to achieve peaceful and smooth death.

2) Dr. Philip Nitschke is responsible for inventing this suicide machine.

3) In Switzerland, the Sarco machine is legalized and expected to be operated by 2022.

4) The machine will start working by pressing a button or even blinking your eyes.

5) This machine promises peaceful death within 5-10 minutes.

6) As soon as it is activated, the oxygen level decreases to a great extent.

7) Hypoxia and Hypocapnia are the causes of death using this machine.

8) Many people criticized this machine by referring to it as terrible ‘gas chamber’ and ‘glamorized death’.  

9) At present, two Sarco machines exist and one is under development.

10) This machine is basically made for people who are suffering unbearable pain and want to die.

Long Essay – Suicide Machine: Painless Death in 1 Minute (1000 Words)


Doesn’t it sound weird that a machine promises satisfying death instead of satisfying life? Attempting suicide requires lots of courage. Using different means to attempt suicide is painful. There are many people in the world who are fighting some serious illness. The prolonged illness is very painful and dying is the better option for them. But not everyone is able to take their own life means suicide. In this case, the suicide machine will be a good choice. It will help you to attain peace of mind and soul very quietly.

What Is Suicide Machine?

As the name suggests, the machine promises you a death free from pain. It is a euthanasia device. It means a device that is engineered in such a way that will allow you to die in a short period of time without suffering any pain.

Sarco provides a different kind of death without using any controlled substance. The machine was developed in 2017 but legalized in 2021 and expected to be operated by 2022.

It is basically manufactured for people suffering from prolonged disease and pain. Especially for the people who are unable to move, and eagerly want to die.

Who Is The Man Behind The Sarco Machine?

The man who is responsible for developing this unusual and strange machine is one who is also considered as the ‘Dr. Death’. Dr. Philip Nitschke, is the man behind the development of Sarco, short for Sarcophagus. He is director of the Exit International which is a non-profit organization offering assisted death. According to Exit International, about 1300 people in Switzerland died through assisted death in 2020.

Structure Of The Suicide Machine

It is a coffin shaped 3-D capsule. The machine can be operated by the person inside the capsule by clicking a button. The machine also has an ability to start working on blinking the eyes, this would be helpful for people who are suffering from certain diseases in which they are unable to move.

The design of the Sarco machine is the collaboration between Alexander Bannink and Philip Nitschke. The 3-d capsule measures 500 by 500 millimeters. The software is designed in such a way that it can be developed according to the client’s dimension.

The machine can be taken to the place according to the intended person’s will. It also gives you two options; you can put a transparent glass which will help you to see the vista that they had chosen for their death or they can use the dark view of the capsule. The machine contains a biodegradable capsule that can act as a coffin. It also has an exit button inside, that would be helpful at the time of emergency.

Mechanism Of The Suicide Machine

The person who is willing to die has to go inside the capsule. Lying in the capsule is very comfortable. The person who is going to use the machine will have to answer some questions. He has to pass an online mental test which is taken to test the mental fitness after which a code is given which is active for 24 hours through which the Sarco device will be accessed.

After answering the questions, the person will be allowed to start the mechanism at any time. The process starts by pressing a button inside the capsule.

The capsule is situated at the place which has the capacity to reduce the oxygen level from 21 percent to 1 percent in a few seconds. Soon the capsule will be filled with nitrogen due to which the person can feel a little bit of discomfort. However, the person will become unconscious after that. The death in this machine is mainly due to the reduced level of oxygen and carbon dioxide leading to hypoxia and hypocapnia respectively.

This process will make the person dizzy for a few seconds and then soon he will become unconscious and die.  It will take 5 to 10 minutes to die in the machines through this process.

Legality Of Sarco Machine

According to the maker of this machine Dr. Philip, the machine did not face any legal issues in the origin country. The review of the assisted dying machine was passed successfully in Switzerland. Experts mentioned that this machine does not break any law in the country.

The two prototype models of this machine have been existed whereas the third one is under process which will be printed soon in the Netherlands. The first Sarco machine is kept in the museum of Kassel, Germany. It will be displayed from September 2021 to August 2022. The second prototype does not show satisfying results and hence not considered good to use.

According to Dr. Nitschke, if things go in the correct way, the third Sarco machine is expected to be operated by 2022 in Switzerland. Further development is expected to be done in this machine, like setting a camera which will help the person inside the tube to communicate with the outside people. A recording of persons consent will be required which will be manufactured. The project is very expensive but developers are close enough to the success.

Criticism Of Suicide Machine

Apart from being legally approved, the machine is being criticized by many people in many ways. People criticized the way of working of the suicide machine. Some critics referred to this machine as a ‘dangerous Gas Chamber’. However, later it showed that the machine would not violate any laws related to the use of nitrogen.

Fighting the criticism was more difficult than gaining legal approval. People said that the Sarco machine ‘glamorized and glorified death’ which can provoke the process of suicide. People also criticized by saying that it can encourage unnecessary suicide.


Assisted suicide is legalized in some countries whereas some countries consider this as an illegal act. This high-tech world promises you a better life as well as better death. This 21st century invention will blow your mind. However, some people claim that the machine is setting a negative impact on society. All the doubts related to the machine will be cleared when it comes into operation.

I hope the above given essay on Suicide Machine will be helpful to understand all the aspects of this topic easily and quickly.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Suicide Machine

Q.1 Who is known as the ‘Elon Musk of Assisted Suicide’?

Ans. Dr. Philip Nitschke is referred as Dr. Suicide and ‘Elon Musk of Assisted Suicide’.

Q.2 Is euthanasia legal in India?

Ans. Under strict restrictions, euthanasia is legal in India since 2018.

Q.3 What is euthanasia?

Ans. The process of ending life intentionally due to some serious suffering is known as euthanasia.

Q.4 In which countries passive euthanasia is legal?

Ans. Passive euthanasia is legal in countries like Colombia, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, etc.