Speech on Growing Pollution in Rivers

Speech On Growing Pollution

Different types of pollution are affecting the lives of living beings. But it is humans who are responsible for increasing pollution on the Earth. Pollution is the addition of toxic substances in the natural resources, making it harmful for the environment. Today the world is fighting with growing pollution in rivers. However, several steps are taken worldwide to control river water pollution.

Speech on Growing Pollution in Rivers in English

Here, I’m providing a speech on growing pollution in rivers in very simple language. Students will be able to easily understand this topic and can use this speech whenever required.

Short Speech on Growing Pollution in Rivers

Respected Director Sir, Principal Sir, Teachers and my dear friends. I’m Asha from class 7thA. I would like to present a speech on the topic ‘Growing Pollution in Rivers’.

We all are well aware of the increasing pollution in the rivers. Water pollution, especially river pollution, is increasing today with a great speed. It is very heartbreaking to imagine the future of growing river pollution in the world. In ancient times, rivers played an important role in enhancing the world’s economy. In contrast to this, today the rivers themselves are affected by various human activities.

The world is moving towards industrial development which consists of large industries and factories. Wastes like oil spill from industries, garbage, sewer, chemicals, etc are directly discharged in the rivers. It is estimated that about 2 million tons of waste is discharged directly into the rivers every day, without proper treatment. Other wastes like dead bodies of animals are also thrown in the rivers. Hindu rituals like cremation, bathing in holy rivers, throwing flowers and other things are also contributing to river pollution. This results in polluting whole river water. However, the wastes need to be properly managed. Otherwise, we all have to face its bad effects.

Human life is very precious. Every year more than 3.5 million people die due to consumption of impure water. Losing lives due to dirty water is a serious issue and it may make the earth lifeless. Although aquatic lives are as important as humans. In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem, we should avoid the discharge of toxic substances into the water bodies.

Last but not the least; the government should take proper steps to control river pollution before it’s too late. Because, we are at the phase where we have only 3% of fresh water left on the Earth.

Thank you everyone for listening to me with great patience.

Long Speech on Growing Pollution in Rivers

A very good morning to all of you. Today, on the occasion of National Pollution Control Day, I’m very proud to deliver a speech in front of you all. On noticing the impact of pollution, I have chosen the topic “Growing Pollution in Rivers”, which is a matter of concern nowadays.

As we all know that the pollution in rivers is increasing day-by-day. In ancient times, the rivers were clean and pure. People were using river water directly for every purpose. But now the time has changed. Drinking river water which is polluted is injurious to health. About 2,00,000 people lose their life every year due to the use of contaminated water.

We can’t live without water. Rivers are the major sources of drinking water. A large population of the world is dependent on rivers for their livelihood. We also know that the Earth is covered with 71% water. However, the amount of freshwater is only about 3%.

The step towards technological and industrial development is really enjoyed by the world, but nobody bothers about its consequences. The development and pollution are incompatible with each other. As natural resources are damaged in the name of growth. The government has supported mass industrialization. But they ignore the fact that industries are the major sources of pollution, especially river pollution.

The increase in urbanization has changed the human way of living. Directly or indirectly, it led to growing pollution in rivers. More than half the population in India resides near rivers. They use river water for their daily activities. Thus, in some ways they are also contributing to river pollution. Other sources that are responsible for river pollution include wastes from industries, sewer from houses, garbage dumping, agriculture wastes, etc. Proper usage of various treatment plants and following the precautions can help to reduce river pollution to a great extent.

Another point to be noted is the health hazards due to increasing river pollution. Every year more than 5 million people die due to consumption of unsafe water.Various diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis A, etc. are caused due to drinking contaminated water. Growing river pollution is also a threat to marine life. Plastics are another risk to the aquatic species. In fact, over 100,000 aquatic animals die each year due to plastic consumption. It is expected that by 2050, there will be more plastics than fishes in the water bodies.

Many famous rivers are turning black due to excessive pollution. The second longest river “Rhine” of Europe, is polluted to a great extent. The famous river “Seine” of France contains bacteria and the most holy river “Ganga” in India is none other than that.

However, the government has proposed several plans and projects to clean rivers of India. The “Namami Gange” and “Namami Devi Narmade” are a few examples that were started in India with the aim to clean the rivers. Government should also initiate different ways to recycle waste. The wastes like plastics can be reused instead of throwing them into the water bodies. Industrialization is not bad in all aspects; but proper waste management must be implemented.

Therefore, I would say that rivers are an important part of our biodiversity and hence, we need to conserve its purity. Otherwise, the day is not so far when we face scarcity of fresh water globally.

Now, I would like to thank everyone for maintaining proper silence and listening to me carefully. I hope you will forgive me for my mistakes.

Thank you so much.