Essay on Work is Worship

Essay on Work is Worship

Whenever we hear of the word worship it brings in us the feeling of divinity, devotion, and concentration. It is because people belonging to any religion worship God with full devotion and concentration. Isn’t it true? ‘Work is Worship’ is a very popular proverb delivering a very important message to the entire humanity. It states that we should always give importance to our work and do it sincerely in the same way as we worship God with full devotion. In other words, it can be said that work is only the real worship for human beings. God is also helping only those people who understand the importance of work and believe in doing the same.

Work is Worship Essay in English

The topic ‘Work is Worship’ is very important for the students of all classes. They often get this proverb in their exams to write an essay or to prepare an assignment on this topic. In the same reference, I have provided a long essay on the topic ‘Work is Worship’. I hope that the long essay on this topic would be helpful to all the students in giving them an idea of writing an essay on this topic.

Work is Worship Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The proverb ‘Work is Worship’ was first mentioned by Mahatma Gandhi.

2) ‘Work is Worship’ states the importance of work in humans’ life.

3) It means that we must always do our work properly without thinking of fruitful results.

4) Doing work with full devotion is the real satisfaction of life.

5) People who don’t give importance to work are subject to failure.

6) Worshiping work is more important than God, as it is a way to achieve everything.

7) Working helps us to boost confidence and develop discipline.

8) The new technologies we are enjoying are only because of someone’s hard work.

9) Work is the way of success in a human’s life.

10) It teaches people to have a positive attitude towards their work.

Long Essay on Work is Worship – 1500 Words


The proverb ‘Work is Worship’ is a wise saying. Have you ever thought about the importance of doing work in our life? How would our life have been without work? What would we do if we have to do no work and only rest? I hope that these types of questions would also have aroused in your mind. This simple answer to these questions is that life will become a boring one without work. We will be discussing the meaning of the proverb, its importance in life, and its benefits in the essay provided below.

Meaning Of Proverb “Work Is Worship”

The proverb ‘Work is Worship’ emphasizes the importance of work in our life. It states that doing work must be only the real worship of the life of every human being. We must never run away from doing work in our life. “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana” is a famous shloka from Chapter 2 of our great epic The Bhagavad Gita. This shloka signifies the importance of work in our life. It states that we must always be ready to do our work and never care for the fruits of our actions. We will certainly be blessed with success if we perform our work with full devotion and honesty.

When we understand the importance of our work and do it sincerely we feel real satisfaction in our life. It is necessary for all of us to understand the importance of doing our work. The proverb helps us in understanding the importance of doing work and teaches us to do our work regularly without wasting our time. The purpose of our life is achieved after we work with dedication and get satisfaction.

Work Is Necessity For Existence

Human beings are considered the most important entity in this universe. It is because we are blessed with brains and intelligence. The brain that we have provides the power to think and understand about different things in the world. We all have some purpose in our lives and doing work helps in achieving the purpose of our life.

Most often people ask us what the ultimate aim of our life is. Many say that he/she wants to become successful in their lives as the response to this question. Now, the point is, what is the meaning of becoming successful? This means that achieving whatever we desire in our life by working sincerely for the same.

Work is necessary for the existence of people in society and the nation. As human beings, we all have some duties and responsibilities towards our society and nation. We can fulfill the same if we give importance to our work. Success will be certain if we do our work regularly and sincerely. The people who run away from their duty or do not understand the importance of work lose their respect in society. They also face failure in different aspects of life only because they could not understand the importance of work in their lives. Thus, doing work with full faith and understanding our duty is essential in our life.

Life Is Meaningless Without Work

Why do we eat food? We eat food to satisfy our hunger needs and to be healthy is a simple reply to this question. In the same way work in our life makes it a meaningful one. Living our life with no purpose or work makes it a meaningless one. Lazy people avoid doing work and always run from their duties. They feel good in doing these things in the beginning but regret the same when they realize their mistake. The people who understand the importance of work attain great success in their lives. It is a common saying that there are several hurdles in the way of success but it is the devotion of work that helps in clearing all the difficulties coming in our path towards success.

We all have dreams or ambitions in our life. We can make these dreams or ambitions come into reality by doing our work with full devotion as we worship God. When we perform our duty sincerely, the results will surely be sweet. The most important thing is that we must develop an interest in whatever we do. If this happens then gradually we will start loving the work that we do. The act of developing love with our work will make us devoted to doing the same. The people who do their work on time are appreciated by everyone. They also attain great heights of success in their life.

Working For Happiness

Every work that we do in our life does not mean that it should give us some result or achievement. All the work that we do in our life cannot be linked with getting profit. In other words, we can say there are some works that we love to do in our life as it is our passion. We do those things because we love and enjoy doing that work. Many of us try to do such things to get inner happiness or satisfaction. For example: loving and caring for animals, becoming a part of awareness programs, helping the old and needy people, teaching the poor children, etc. We should try to do everything in our life that provides us hope and immense pleasure. We must keep ourselves busy in doing some or the other things in our life. Moreover, we must try to be positive and spread the rays of positivity among everyone around us so that others can also understand the importance of doing work in their life.

Benefits Of Working

  • Regular Work Helps In Getting Good Results- It is important for every one of us to consider our work as worship and do it sincerely. We must develop the habit of working regularly. A student who is conscious about his/her studies and does it regularly and scores good results in the exams. Moreover, the work in this way does not become a burden. Therefore it is advised that we must inculcate the habit of doing our work regularly on time.
  • Boosts Our Confidence- The confidence in people boosts up when they have proper knowledge about anything. The people who understand the importance of their work and do it with honesty are sure to avail success. Success in life boosts the confidence of people and makes them work harder in their lives.
  • Makes Us Determined And Hopeful- We must never run away from our own duties and responsibilities. Working helps us in making us determined towards our goal. It is not necessary that we get success after the completion of our work. Sometimes we have to face failures too and thus our determination in stills hope in us. This hope saves us from giving up and doing our work again with full sincerity.
  • Inculcates Discipline- We all see dreams but they can only be fulfilled if we make effort for the same. Hard work is necessary for bringing our dreams to reality. The people who work regularly by realizing the importance of it are successful in their lives. Moreover, hard work with honesty also inculcates discipline in people.
  • To Get Satisfaction And Pleasure- Work is essential for all of us because without work there is no survival. We all would have noticed that after completion of our work we feel much pleasure and satisfaction. The feeling of satisfaction is necessary for every individual in their life.

Work Is Worship- Important For Students

It is very important for all the students to understand the importance of work.  This stage is very important in every person’s life. The habit that is developed at this age is continued till death. If the students learn to work in this stage of life they continue the same in future too. For the students, real worship is not the worshiping of god but doing their studies in a sincere way. They need to do regular studies with proper concentration every day.

The students who are attentive and do their work sincerely are rewarded with good marks. They are also obedient and good in every work. The lazy students who avoid doing their work suffer later in their lives. It is because there is no substitute for hard work. Hardworking students grow up to become good citizens of society and the nation in future. Work teaches the students to be disciplined in their life.

Great Deeds Possible Because Of The Dedication Of People- Every day we hear of new inventions and achievements made by the people in the world. It could not be possible if the people would not have done their work sincerely. Our history is shining bright because of the great deeds of some great personalities. This is also because of the people who considered their work as worship and performed it honestly. Such people never ran away from doing work. They would not be able to make their names shine in history without hard work. Thus, it can be stated that every success has a big struggle and dedication behind it. People who worship their work can only achieve great heights in their life.


‘Work is worship’ is a popular motivational quote to make people understand the importance of work in everyone’s life. The quality of work is not good if it is done without interest. The one who understands the importance of the work does it properly without thinking of the fruit. The fruit will surely be sweet if the effort is honest. Work makes our life interesting and meaningful. Therefore, we all must develop the habit of working rather than wasting our time unnecessarily.

I have provided a detailed essay explaining the meaning of the proverb ‘Work is Worship’ in an easy format. I hope that you all have loved and enjoyed reading this essay on this topic.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Work is Worship

Q.1 What does the quote ‘Work is Worship’ mean in simple words?

Ans. The quote ‘Work is Worship’ in simple words means understanding the importance and value of work.

Q.2 What is the Sanskrit word for work?

Ans. Karma is the Sanskrit word for work.

Q.3 How can we become successful?

Ans. We can become successful by utilizing our every minute to work in an honest way.

Q.4 Which great Indian leaders used the phrase ‘Work is Worship’ in their speeches?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda used the phrase ‘Work is Worship’ in their speeches several times to motivate people to work.