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The chirping of birds, voices of cattle, lush green fields, the appearance of mud houses and huts, and overall the soothing and pure environment reminds us of the village life. The village life is purely natural and full of liveliness. There is something in the environment that stops us from going away from it. All people in villages live like a family and are always ready to help each other in their needs.

Short and Long Essays on Village Life in English

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Village Life Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) A village life is full of peace and happiness.

2) People in the village live a simple and satisfying life.

3) Village people are more hard-working and helpful.

4) Village life is free from pollution and noise.

5) The real beauty of nature can be experienced in village life.

6) Village life is less expensive than urban life.

7) Village life is good for healthy living.

8) Village life lacks many basic facilities like hospitals, transportation, etc.

9) Village life is far from many technological advantages.

10) The culture and tradition are well preserved by village life.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Village Life in India


Village life is full of simplicity and peace. Villages are blessed with greenery, purity of air, water as well as people. People in the villages live together with love and harmony. They are hard-working and believe in simple life instead of a luxurious one.

Village Life in India

India is the land of villages. More than 60% of the population is residing in villages. Therefore we can say that the strength of India lies in its villages. Life in Indian villages is very interesting and beautiful. The people in the villages are living with a feeling of brotherhood. They are ready to help each other in need. Most of the people in our villages work in their fields as a farmer and others are involved in pottery, carpentry, shop, goldsmith, etc.

The people in villages are living in between animals and nature and therefore they care for them. Women in the villages involve themselves with household and field works. The village people go for less purchasing as they grow most of the vegetable grains in their fields and eat fresh foodstuff. They are very laborious. They value the cultural aspect to a greater extent. They lead a simple life with the ultimate aim of life to be happy and satisfied. They do have many desires instead they are satisfied with what they are blessed with.


Village life is simple and beautiful than cities. People live peacefully and are not being driven in a race of success. It is a better place to give relaxation to our mind and soul, as it is free from noise and is filled with natural beauty.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Village Life: My Visit to Village


Villages are those areas that have close proximity to nature. Who will not like to enjoy the natural beauty to be observed from closer? The life of people in villages is totally different from people living in cities. People in villages are connected to each other and have a helping nature.

I Like Village Life: My Visit to Village

I am very fond of village life. Villages are blessed with natural beauty and calmness. There, the air is fresh and filled with divine essence. Everywhere we can see greenery. People are connected with each other with a bond of love. They have a better understanding and help each other with their need. People in villages have time for each other.

I used to visit my village during my vacation and enjoyed it a lot. I could get the fresh air free of pollution. Fruits and vegetables were fresh and with original taste. There were a lot of spaces to move around and play. I used to spend a lot of time in my fields and observing the activities going on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Village Life

Everything in this world is featured with both positive and negative aspects. Village life is no doubt very beautiful and interesting but there are some disadvantages too.


  • Villages have very little pollution level and therefore have access to pure air, water, and other resources.
  • People in the villages live in harmony and trust each other.
  • Village helps in maintaining the ecological balance of nature as it has more greenery and thus compensates for the reduced number of trees in urban areas.
  • There are plenty of spaces in villages which account for a healthier environment.
  • Life in villages is secure and also requires less expenditure of money.


  • Many of the villages are yet not get electrified; houses are still lacking toilets which affect sanitation.
  • Villages face a lack of basic services like good roads, hospitals, and health facilities, and educational institutes. Therefore when any serious conditions occur, the patient has to be taken to nearby cities or hospitals.
  • The transport system is also not developed in many of the villages. People have to walk miles to get transport facilities.
  • As people in villages are less educated so they do not maintain proper sanitation, thus become prone to several diseases.
  • They have a strong belief in superstition and thus easily become victims of fraudsters.


Village life has its own importance but there are some basic services and amenities which should be provided to make life easier in villages. This will improve the living condition of people.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Village Life


India is the land of villages. The majority of the population lives in villages. The real beauty lies in these villages. Villages are connecting us with the real beauty of nature. Village life is entirely unique. People living in villages are less tense and lead simple and peaceful life.

Life in a Village

The house in the villages is mainly made up of mud, clay, or bamboo. The life of villagers is signified by hard work. The people of the village entirely depend upon agriculture for money, food and are farmers by profession. They have a habit to wake up early in the morning and go to the fields for work. It is because of our farmers we are getting food every day. People of villages have good stamina and health as they work very hard and that helps them as exercise and secondly, they consume fresh vegetables and fruits.

People in villages live together and trust each other. Crime activities are very less in villages and even people leave their doors open at night. They participate in sorrows and celebrations of each other. People have a love for animals in villages. They also domesticate many animals such as cow, buffalo, hen, goat, etc the animals are also provided with shelter.

We could observe that most of the houses in villages have a large trees in outer space. People in villages are never bothered about anything. They only have the aim to lead a simple life and be happy. There are many schemes launched by the government to improve the condition of the village.

Our Culture, still alive in Villages – Villages preserve our tradition and culture. Our culture is depicted by the people in villages. They wear traditional attire and also perform rituals that are followed by generations.

Education in Villages – Many villages are having primary schools, but there is still a number of villages lacking this facility. There are no well-qualified teachers. There are no higher educational institutions in the villages and therefore children have to move out to cities for attaining higher education. Some people of villages are less educated while many are illiterate too. There are people in villages that do not support educating their children. Educating a girl child is prohibited in many of the villages.

Village Life versus City Life

Life in villages is very simple and calm. The pollution level in villages is very less as there is less technological advancement and industries to pollute the atmosphere. The air is pure to breathe. There are a lot of spaces in which one can play or roam. Villages are free from any kind of traffic or rush. People of villages accompany whenever required. There is a feeling of affinity and love.

City life is not as interesting and peaceful as village life. Life in cities is moving at a faster pace. People living in cities do not have time for people in their neighborhood and are lacking emotion too. The air is not as pure as the village air. Crime activities are also greater in cities. People living in cities when are frustrated with the stress and fast-moving life move to their village for relaxation. Although the benefits of village life are amazing, there are certain aspects where the village is lagging far behind cities. The scope of development and progress is nil in the villages and therefore it is a necessity to move to the city.

Development of Smart Villages in India

It is an initiative taken by central, state, and local governments to adopt different villages by Members of Parliament and Ministers and further work accordingly towards making the village to smart village. The major problem faced by many of the villages is lacking health and education facility, and limited access to technology. The main aim of taking this initiative is to work for the upliftment of the villages and providing a quality of life to the people of villages.


Village life is providing us a glimpse of the culture of a nation. The people of the villages are very affectionate. They give a warm welcome to their guest. An effort must be made to make our villages furnished with essential amenities.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the beauty of villages in India?

Ans. The greenery, fresh air, friendly people, less rush, and natural environment are the beauty of villages in India.

Q.2 Which village is known as India’s smartest village?

Ans. Punsari village situated in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat state is India’s smartest village.

Q.3 Which is the largest village in India?

Ans. Gahmar Village in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh state is the largest village in India.

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