Essay on Is Computer Really Good for Students

Is Computer Really Good for Students

There can be nothing simpler than getting information about different things that are happening in the world and the idea of any topic with just one click. A few years ago people use to keep a record of their data by noting it down. The complicated problems required more time to be solved manually. The advent of computers made these all complications simpler thus reducing our workload.

Short and Long Essay on Is Computer Really Good for Students in English

Here is a long essay covering all the aspects that might be an aid to students for writing essays and preparation of projects and assignments on this topic.

Is Computer Really Good Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Computer is now an integral part of a student’s life.

2) The advent of online schooling makes it essential for all students.

3) Computers are a good source of entertainment for students.

4) Students can obtain any information instantly using a computer.

5) Students need a computer to make several school presentations and projects.

6) Computer disconnects you from society and reality.

7) Students can suffer eye-related issues due to overusing computers.

8) Some students use computers for illegal purposes like hacking, theft, or cyberstalking.

9) Students can become addicted to computers which are bad for their health.

10) Wrong use of computers will always give you harmful results.

Short Essay on Is Computer Good for Students (250 words)


The advent of the computer was a boon for the people of the entire world. Earlier when there were no computers people used to note down every important piece of data and information. They used to do every calculation manually. There were more chances of error by doing these things manually. Moreover, it required more effort and time. The scenario has totally changed after the invention of computers. Nowadays computers are almost used in every field for performing various kinds of works.

The use of computers has become a necessity at present. We can see computers everywhere we go i.e. offices, schools, railway stations, shops, supermarkets, etc. Computers help in performing heavy works in very little time and the data and information can easily be stored in computers.

The importance of computers for students

Computers have become greatly beneficial in the teaching and learning process. Online education has become more prevalent now in different parts of the world. Computers are proving to be an aid in learning for the students. They can easily acquire any information in seconds by computers.

Is a computer good for students? The answer to this question cannot be given in yes or no. It is because it depends upon the usage of the students. Everything in this world has positive and negative aspects. In the same way, the use of computers also has positive and negative effects on students and this totally depends upon the students.

The proper use of computers for learning and getting information will never be bad for the students. The excessive and inappropriate use of computers can be bad for the students. The online learning methods have been utilized for teaching and learning since last year due to the outbreak of pandemics. The studies would not be possible in this emergency period if there were no computers.


The invention of computers great discovery of science and is a blessing of God to mankind. Students must make wise use of computers to get positive results.

Long Essay on Is Computer Good or Bad for Students (1200 Words)


It is very interesting and simple to attend online classes and make video calls. If we think about the same then we can realize that everything is only possible because of computers with an internet connection. As we all are aware of this fact that “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. It is our need that gave birth to this ultimate tool i.e. Computer.

Computer: a Smart Machine and it’s Working

Machines are required as they make our work easier. A computer is also a kind of machine which reduces the workload and helps in getting our problems solved in minutes. Different types of works like calculations, accounting, designing, controlling, research works, etc. can be performed with the help of computers. Computers are built up with intelligence. They can work like the human brain but not in every condition.

The computer works according to the instructions provided called programs. A computer is an electronic device that takes the data as input, processes the data, and gives the result as output. There are also spaces and devices like hard drives to store data and information on computers.

A Brief Account on Advent of Computers

  • The existence of the computer has its roots embedded in the 19th century when the first mechanical computer was invented called an “Analytical engine”. It was developed by Charles Babbage who is known to be the ‘Father of the Computer’. These modern computers are based on a similar design as that of an analytical engine.
  • The computers which were invented earlier were heavier and larger. They were having less speed of working. Later the advancement in technologies gave rise to improved generations of computers.
  • First-generation computers were a little improved but were single-tasking and vacuum tubes were used as processors. An example is ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer).
  • The transistor was installed instead of vacuum tubes in the Second Generation Computers. Examples are UNIVAC 1, IBM 650, and IBM 700.
  • Integrated circuits replaced the transistors in third-generation computers. They were improved by size, speed, and quality. Examples are Personal and desktop computers.

Pros and Cons of Using Computer


  • As an Aid in Online Learning for Students The use of computers and mobile phones have become a boon for students to continue their abandoned classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. It made the studies to be continued in such a situation when no one could step out of the house. Thus we can say that the learning program has not been hindered even during the pandemic because of the presence of computers and phones with the internet. Teachers used it as a platform for teaching the students.
  • Reduces Workload – The use of computers has become important for almost all sectors like teaching, research, and development, agriculture, defence, architecture, accounting, etc. They provide aid in quick working and reducing workload and also provide new ways and methods to perform different tasks.
  • Time Saver – It helps in completing the complicated work and processing of data in lesser time as compared to the time-taken manually to complete the work. The railway tickets, water and electricity bills, shopping, etc. can be made by sitting at our places. In this way, the time wasted in travelling is saved.
  • Used as a means of Recreation – We can play different games, listen to music, and watch movies to get refreshments. The computers are thus providing us with entertainment methods.
  • Provide Information – Students can search for different information and topics on computers with an internet connection. This updates our knowledge and helps us to know what is happening in the world. The computer brings the whole world information’s at your tip. Students can boost up their skills by searching for different new ideas and information by using a computer.
  • Huge Data Storage – It is difficult to remember and note down vast data. The computers are efficient at storing a large amount of data which is simple to retrieve whenever required.
  • Different Tasks at a Time – More than one task can be performed by the computers at a time which makes it a multitasking device.


  • Cybercrimes – Many types of cybercrimes are made using computers. They are a threat to personal security. Hacking, identity thefts, cyber stalking, malware creation are some of the types of cybercrime.
  • Health Problems – There are many serious health issues which have been noticed as a result of continuously working on computers. The eyesight issues, back pains, obesity, finger ache and numbness, etc.
  • Expensive – The computers are costly and it is not affordable for the common man. The increased use of computers for studies and different works is putting pressure on the pocket of the common man.
  • Reduced Working Efficiency of Older Generations – Earlier there was very less use of computers but nowadays working on computers is made compulsory. It is imposing great difficulty to the people who are not tech-savvy. They also have the risk to lose their jobs.
  • Generation of E-waste – The computer which is of no use if is not disposed off properly contributes to environmental pollution.

Computer Fosters Communication

The computer is a device that is useful in making our work easier. Communication between people requires criteria that they meet and talk with each other. In the same way for enabling communication possible between two computers is to get access to Internet connection which becomes a medium for communication. Computer communication refers to the transfer of data and information between two or more devices in connection. The messages and emails are taking a few seconds to be transferred from one computer to another. This facilitates the students to get information and text related to studies exchanged with their classmates and homework and assignments by teachers.

The people at present can connect with their family members and loved ones even if they are residing in foreign countries. Computers help people to remain in touch. It favors trades and businesses from foreign to be made easily without any hurdle. Mobile phones are also the advanced forms of computers that have made communication easier and simpler.

A Big Question – Is Computer Really Good for the Students?

Everything, in this world, is provided with both positive and negative features. If we observe we can find out that there are several advantages of using the computer. The real issue lies in its usage. It totally depends upon the students how he or she is utilizing the same. The optimized use of computers will never result in worthless. Therefore the benefit of using a computer depends upon the user how they embrace the technology and device.


The invention of the computer is like a blessing God to mankind. The development of this technology made our life simpler and interesting. Nowadays there are no sectors that are devoid of computers and its services. It is the device that never gets tired and provides the solution to every problem in seconds. But, we must be aware of its use always in our favor in order to avoid its negative impacts.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the name of the first computer?

Ans. The first computer was ENIAC, invented by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert at the University of Pennsylvania.

Q.2 Who is known as the father of computer in India?

Ans. Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar is known to be the father of computers in India.

Q.3 Do computers aid in learning?

Ans. Computers help in updating our knowledge by giving us the latest information on various topics that makes learning easier.

Q.4 What is the concept of smart classes?

Ans. The smart classes make use of digital and audio/visual techniques in classrooms that make the lectures more understanding and interactive in the classroom.

Q.5 What are the ill-effects of computers on health?

Ans. Pain in the neck, back, and fingers, eyestrain, obesity, are the ill effects of computers on health.