Essay on Value and Importance of Punctuality in Students Life


The importance of being on time is best realized when somebody misses the train just by a delay of few minutes. It is despairing to hear that train has already departed and just because of the two-minute late arrival at the railway station. Punctuality is about taking the right decision by being on time. A microsecond can cause a lot of difference. Every one of us needs to be punctual in our life.

Short and Long Essay on Value and Importance of Punctuality in Students Life in English

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Value and Importance of Punctuality Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Punctuality is an important part of a student’s life.

2) For students punctuality is important to attain success.

3) Punctuality makes you trustworthy.

4) Punctual people are respected everywhere by others.

5) Punctuality helps to make us disciplined.

6) It saves us from unwanted insults and punishments.

7) It is also helpful in generating self-confidence.

8) Punctuality reflects your good habits and personality.

9) It helps students to complete their tasks on time.

10) Students can fulfill their ambition only by being punctual.

Short Essay on Value and Importance of being Punctual in Students Life (250 words)


“Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, Pal mein parlaya hoegi, bahuri karega kab”, these beautiful lines are of the great poet Sant Kabir Das. These lines explain the value of time and the importance of being punctual in our life. We must try to do things timely and never leave it for tomorrow. We don’t know that tomorrow will arrive or not.

Time is a very important factor in everyone’s life. The time that passes away cannot be brought back. The meaning of punctuality is to be on time and do our every work on time. Every work gives the best result if it is done on time. The person who values time is always punctual in his life.

Benefits of being Punctual in the Life of Students

Punctuality helps in getting successful – Punctuality enables us to do our work timely without any delay. The punctual students attend their classes regularly and timely. This saves them from missing any of the important lessons and finally they become successful by scoring good marks in the examination. The employees who are punctual in the office get a good name, position and they get respect from the other employees of the office.

Inculcates discipline – The students who are punctual understand the importance of time and do not like to waste even a single minute of their life. They learn to live a disciplined life and thus are happy and successful.

Saves from punishments of being late – The people or students who arrive late to their destined place are often criticized for being late. The act of being punctual saves us from these types of criticizations. Moreover, punctual people are respected and are exemplars for others in society.


Punctuality is not gifted to us by birth but we have to bring it into our habit. Punctuality is the most important factor for students to accomplish the goal of their life.

Long Essay on Necessity of Punctuality in Student’s Life (1000 Words)


Life is more beautiful and full of achievements if we are embracing punctuality. Students reaching late in classes are missing some of the important lectures as well as opportunities. Punctuality is a habit that needs to be attained slowly and gradually. A child does not become punctual right from birth, but requires learning and bringing the importance of completing the work on time. Being punctual shows your concern for your work.

Life of Great Personalities Illustrating Punctuality

Mahatma Gandhi also called the “Father of the Nation” was the symbol of punctuality. He was very much conscious of doing all his works on time without any sort of delay. He used to start his day by waking up early in the morning at 4 o’clock. He kept his watch always with him as it reminded him of the time. He disliked wasting a single minute. It is surprising to know that his watch stopped working at the moment he perished and stopped breathing.

George Washington the first president of the United States of America was a man of Punctuality. He did all his works on time, for example eating, working, meetings, etc. He did not appreciate the delay of a single minute. He arrived at the exact time to have his meal. He started eating without waiting for anyone else to arrive. The quality of being punctual in his daily routine and for every work made him a leader.

Importance of Punctuality

  • Makes People Reliable – A person following punctuality intends to complete all the tasks and responsibilities within the time frame. They are easily trusted by other people that will not be late and will be responsible. They easily complete their work and give their best result which helps them to get success.
  • Helps in Becoming Planned and Systematized – The people understanding and following punctuality is never a latecomer. It helps in developing time management, completing tasks before deadline, arriving a bit earlier than the reporting time, ready with all the requirements. The people bearing all these qualities are considered to be planned and systematized. They are the performers and all these results by punctuality.
  • Punctuality Inculcates Discipline – People who are punctual in their life are also disciplined. Their punctual nature makes them complete their work on time despite various hindrances. This actual meaning of discipline is realizing the importance of work and completing it in a given time which can be only attained by being punctual.
  • Helps in Fulfilling Our Ambition – It is always said that one right step in the right direction along with considering the importance of time can make us achieve our ambition. We need to understand the importance of time and work within the time frame to achieve our target.
  • Make People to be Admired by Others – The people with a habit of doing all their works on time are mostly successful in their life. They are also enriched with moral antiquates and culture. They are admired by other people and children. This will help others, especially children to develop the values of Punctuality within themselves.
  • Success at Workplace – The employees who are punctual and responsible for their work is regarded by their superiors. Such people get promoted to higher positions and achieve success in their life.

Punctuality is Crucial for Success

“Winners are not born differently, instead, they work distinctively”

The leaders or winners are people among us. They work in such a way that makes them different from others. Punctuality is one of the greatest qualities which they possess. A person can never reach heights if he does not understand valuing time and is determined for achieving the goal. Being Punctual is necessary for attaining success whether we are in student life or working as professionals.

Students need to wake up early in the morning and complete all the tasks assigned by managing time. Rising early in the morning provides plenty of time to carry out other important activities like exercising which makes the body fit and healthy. The students should have a maximum concentration on their aim. The students who are late in attending the lectures, lazy attitude, and take life in an easy way are left out with no option at last rather than repenting for their deeds.

Value of Punctuality in the Life of a Student

A child grows to become a student. The children are not born with the quality of punctuality. It is a virtue and it needs to be acquired. The child learns it in their life as they grow. Punctuality is most important in the life of a student.

Student life is said to be full of struggles. They need to strive hard to achieve the goal of their life. Every student must be punctual and disciplined in their life. Punctuality rewards us with success. The path of success is always full of thorns but a student by his intellect, punctuality, and discipline can cross the path and achieve their goal. Time management is most important as students are required to complete all the tasks in a given time and give priority to the important tasks.

Students not understanding the importance of punctuality are always at loss. Reaching late to attend the classes and missing lectures will never be a benefit. They will miss important learning and good opportunities too.


Punctuality inculcates integrity, discipline, and manners in us. These qualities enrich the personality of a person. Punctuality helps us in boosting our confidence. We can rely on ourselves and will develop the feeling that ‘I can do it’. It is essential for every human being to learn to be punctual from the initial stage of life. This will make our life worth living.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is punctuality?

Ans. Punctuality is about being on time and completing the task within the given time limit.

Q.2 Which country in the world considers punctuality as very important?

Ans. Japan is a country where punctuality is of great importance.

Q.3 How is punctuality important to students?

Ans. Students reaching their classrooms on time will not miss any instruction or lesson and this will help in getting good results and success in life.

Q.4 Does Punctuality lead us to success?

Ans. Yes, as we can see that all successful people were punctual in their life.

Q.5 Are punctuality and regularity the same?

Ans. No, regularity is something that takes place every day and punctuality is a virtue of being on time.